Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Characters

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1 Count Olaf

He is so funny and the greatest villain of all time! My favorite character of the books and Netflix Shows

Stupid how people hate the movie. Its supposed to be dark comedy. Do you take every line serious.

Greatest villain ever following Bill Cipher

Hello, my name is Stephano. - TheDarkOne_221b

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2 Sunny Baudelaire

So cute! I just love her so much! And the way that she talks in "baby talk" yet everyone can understand her! Love it!

Baby talk is what everyone should be speaking

Always sunny

3 Violet Baudelaire

Always getting the three out of the situation. Sunny has no brain, and Klaus is smart but useless lol

Smart and clever.

4 Klaus Baudelaire

I'm so in love with Klaus baudelaire I even made a necklace with him in it

Love this series. The Quagmires were always my favourite characters, but Klaus was the one I identifed most with. - PetSounds

5 Dr Montgomery Montgomery

He seemed like the only guardian who really cared about the children.

He's the only character who's death affected me.
I actually cried, which is crazy considering the books and T.V. series weren't focused on character dwelling.

I wish he'd lived for longer, and he seemed to be the nicest and most caring guardian.
He's the family member I wish I had in my life, to be honest.

Monty was by far the best one.

He was really very interestinh. I was so shocked at definitely sad when he had died.

R.I.P Monty - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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6 Esmé Squalor

I am Esme Gigi Genive Squalor the cities 6th most important financial advisor

Esmé is a riot and in my opinion the most memorable of the Baudelaire’s guardians, she also is the most terrifying as she has so much power over the general public and is completely insane. She even goes as far as adopting Carmelita and dating Count Olaf. She is a nutty and addicted to being “in.” She is an elitist villain done right.

7 Aunt Josephine
8 Justice Strauss

Omigosh, Justice was so kind to the children! She let them work in her backyard, be at her house, and read in her wonderful library that helped them figure out terrible Count Olaf's plan. And she was just so sweet, and allowed the children to stay in her house (Poe does not matter cause he is too absentminded) and even offered to take care of them. She was so, so kind and caring and quite smart. She worked as a judge and in the first books confirmed Count Olaf that he was wrong. Also she collected all those books, and only a smart person would do that. Justice Strauss should be higher up the list.

9 Duncan Quagmire
10 Kit Snicket

A straight-up Badass

yes - benjigoo

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11 Mr Poe

WHAT! He is the worst

12 Hooked man

He likes pizza damn it he just rules

13 Isadora Quagmire
14 Quigley Quagmire

I love how he's in love with Violet - MaxAurelius

definitely - Lukerower


15 Dewey Denouement

He was so nice!
He went too soon!
Oh well, R.I.P. Dewey

16 Bald man
17 Jacques Snicket
18 Lemony Snicket
19 Jacquelyn Scieszka
20 Hal
21 Fiona Widdershins

Quirky. Charming. Intelligant. All Around Awesome.

22 Vice Principal Nero
23 Carmelita Spats
24 Hector

He was one of the first guardians to actually believe the Baudelaire children that Count Olaf was in disguise and he believed that they weren't murderers - VeranAsh

25 The Two Powdered Faced Women
26 The Person That Looks Like Neither A Man Nor A Woman
27 V.F.D. Crows

Best crows ever

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