Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Characters

The Top Ten

1 Count Olaf

Greatest villain ever following Bill Cipher

He is so funny and rechless when he tries to get the fortune. IT IS SO FUNNY!

Count Olaf was, in my opinion, the best designed villain in fiction. His hair, his brow, his eyes and his tattooed ankle gave me haunting visions. He was a perfect mix of dark with humor and is a fantastic villain with a heavy backstory. In 2004, Jim Carrey played him, which really pissed me off. Perhaps a controversial decision, but hear me out. Count Olaf rivals Toby Jones' character in Sherlock in despicably cruel demeanor. He was the most austere, vile, hostile, grim, horrible, disgusting, revolting, disturbing, vomit-inducing greedy hungry foul evil villainous wretch in the world. His feud against the Baudelaires is legendarily ridiculous. If you don't know, Lemony, Beatrice's first husband before remarrying to Bertrand Baudelaire, Violet, Klaus and Sunny's mother, was involved with the killing of his parents as a part of the feud between the two sides of VFD, arsonists and firemen. He is a murdering thief that makes most want to kill him. This, is not Jim Carrey. You like his ...more

Because he’s awesome

2 Sunny Baudelaire

So cute! I just love her so much! And the way that she talks in "baby talk" yet everyone can understand her! Love it!

Baby talk is what everyone should be speaking

Always sunny

3 Violet Baudelaire

Always getting the three out of the situation. Sunny has no brain, and Klaus is smart but useless lol

Smart and clever.

4 Klaus Baudelaire

Love this series. The Quagmires were always my favourite characters, but Klaus was the one I identifed most with. - PetSounds

5 Dr Montgomery Montgomery

He was really very interestinh. I was so shocked at definitely sad when he had died.

He seemed like a suitable gaurdian for the children. It made me sad to see him go.

R.I.P Monty - HufflepuffGeekGirl

6 Esmé Squalor

I am Esme Gigi Genive Squalor the cities 6th most important financial advisor

Esmé is a riot and in my opinion the most memorable of the Baudelaire’s guardians, she also is the most terrifying as she has so much power over the general public and is completely insane. She even goes as far as adopting Carmelita and dating Count Olaf. She is a nutty and addicted to being “in.” She is an elitist villain done right.

7 Aunt Josephine
8 Justice Strauss
9 Mr Poe
10 Duncan Quagmire

The Contenders

11 Kit Snicket

A straight-up Badass

yes - benjigoo

12 Isadora Quagmire
13 Hooked man
14 Bald man
15 Quigley Quagmire

definitely - Lukerower

16 Dewey Denouement
17 Hal
18 Fiona Widdershins

Quirky. Charming. Intelligant. All Around Awesome.

19 Jacques Snicket
20 Jack Snicket
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