Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Characters

The Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Characters

1 Count Olaf

Stupid how people hate the movie. Its supposed to be dark comedy. Do you take every line serious.

He is so funny and the greatest villain of all time! My favorite character of the books and Netflix Shows

Greatest villain ever following Bill Cipher

Hello, my name is Stephano.

2 Violet Baudelaire

She's a nice young women with so many wonderful ideas and creativity

She is so smart and she can be sassy at times but is such a good inventor.💜

Always getting the three out of the situation. Sunny has no brain, and Klaus is smart but useless lol

Smart and clever.

3 Sunny Baudelaire

I love that the show made her so sassy, her comments are so funny

So cute! I just love her so much! And the way that she talks in "baby talk" yet everyone can understand her! Love it!

She is so cute and so understandable. She is so smart for a baby. I love her! 💚

She cut wood with her teeth

4 Klaus Baudelaire

He is smart, witty and creative overall a very good character should be number 3

Love this series. The Quagmires were always my favourite characters, but Klaus was the one I identifed most with. - PetSounds

I'm so in love with Klaus baudelaire I even made a necklace with him in it

5 Dr Montgomery Montgomery

He is such a great guardian! He seemed like the only guardian who actually helped the Bauderailes! ❤

He seemed like the only guardian who really cared about the children.

He's the only character who's death affected me.
I actually cried, which is crazy considering the books and T.V. series weren't focused on character dwelling.

I wish he'd lived for longer, and he seemed to be the nicest and most caring guardian.
He's the family member I wish I had in my life, to be honest.

Monty was by far the best one.

He was really very interestinh. I was so shocked at definitely sad when he had died.

6 Esmé Squalor

Esme's constant outfit changes always make me laugh, and how she only cares about the sugarbowl and starts screaming in joy when they see that its"supposedly," located at the Gorganian Grotto. The scene in the Library of Records is one of the best scenes in Season 2, especially how they transformed this "fashion-obsessed," arrogant person into a flat-out scary and evil one. Honestly surprised why she isn't lower down on this list, since she succeeds where Count Olaf Fails.

Easily the best-dressed villain.

I am Esme Gigi Genive Squalor the cities 6th most important financial advisor

Esmé is a riot and in my opinion the most memorable of the Baudelaire’s guardians, she also is the most terrifying as she has so much power over the general public and is completely insane. She even goes as far as adopting Carmelita and dating Count Olaf. She is a nutty and addicted to being “in.” She is an elitist villain done right.

7 Kit Snicket

she is so pretty, and I love how she named her daughter after Beatrice

A straight-up Badass

yes - benjigoo

8 Aunt Josephine

She was just so funny when she wanted to have a look in the mirror. ahh!

I don't know why I like her... I just like her! 🤩

9 Quigley Quagmire

I love how he's in love with Violet - MaxAurelius

definitely - Lukerower

Definitely my crush wish he was real

he is so cute

10 Duncan Quagmire

I have a crush on him


The Contenders

11 Mr Poe

He's funny, because he is so unaware of absolutely everything. Plus, his cough. Need I say more?

Mr. Poe is the absolute worst. He always gives the children such incompetent guardians! He shouldn't be on this list.

Best character. Very complex and one of the most interesting characters in history, really stood out in the series. He was also the smartest and most observant character ever, like Sherlock Holmes but 10 times the genius.

I have a theory that he is evil. Obviously he gives the kids terrible guardians, but he also asks for evidence to see if Count Olaf is in a disguise only in Reptile Room, when Count Olaf has covered up his tattoo, and his coughing is probably the result of some V.F.D affair.

12 Justice Strauss

Omigosh, Justice was so kind to the children! She let them work in her backyard, be at her house, and read in her wonderful library that helped them figure out terrible Count Olaf's plan. And she was just so sweet, and allowed the children to stay in her house (Poe does not matter cause he is too absentminded) and even offered to take care of them. She was so, so kind and caring and quite smart. She worked as a judge and in the first books confirmed Count Olaf that he was wrong. Also she collected all those books, and only a smart person would do that. Justice Strauss should be higher up the list.

I wish they had gotten to live with her

13 Lemony Snicket

I don't really understand him. He's just a very good person. And, he's very smart. I just don't understand his full background story.

Lemony Snicket is the invisible man!

Best. Series. EVER.

14 Hooked man

He likes pizza damn it he just rules

he actually wasn't bad...sometimes...he did become friends with sunny

I like

In a show that has a protocol saying that “if a character is good, they must either die or be casted to the side within the first two episodes they’re in,” it’s good to see that at least Fernald remains (sort of). In seasons 1 and 2, he is easily the funniest character (maybe next to Sunny), and in season 3, we find out about his interesting backstory working for VFD and attempting to purge to medusiod mycelium, only to lose everything and end up working for Olaf. Of course, protocol says that he must be kicked out of the show right afterwards, but he was good while he lasted.

15 Olivia Caliban

My favorite character, I dressed up like her for Halloween. She should be higher!

I love this character so much she is such a amazing actress

Favorite charectar tots agree

16 Isadora Quagmire

Love love love Isa! She's so kind, caring, loyal, and smart! I totally ship her and Klaus, they make the perfect pair! Go, Isadora! I love her so much, that I will name my daughter Isadora! And my son Duncan, he's my personal crush!

17 Carmelita Spats

Someone just shoot her. All she does is whine.

I hate her!

18 Jacques Snicket

Shame he died though - ReleaseTheAdam




19 The Person That Looks Like Neither A Man Nor A Woman

Most people should probably disagree with me but he's my favorite character!

He just ruins everything!

20 Larry Your-Waiter

I love is guy

21 Dewey Denouement

so good sad he got shot with a harpoon gun

He was so nice!
He went too soon!
Oh well, R.I.P. Dewey

22 Jacquelyn Scieszka

This character should be higher she was amazing

she is the best character in the entire show

23 Vice Principal Nero

He is so funny. He thinks he is a genius, but he is an idiot.

Emperor Nero became a vice principal - Marella

24 Bald man
25 Fiona Widdershins

Quirky. Charming. Intelligant. All Around Awesome.

26 Hector

He was one of the first guardians to actually believe the Baudelaire children that Count Olaf was in disguise and he believed that they weren't murderers - VeranAsh

27 The Two Powdered Faced Women

They look like twins.

28 V.F.D. Crows

No fiona was an unlikable, rude, hypocritical and I would've preferred Captain Widdershins, instead of her, like in the books. And no I'm not complaining about the changes from book to Netflix. In fact Fioana was one of the few changes I hated.

Best crows ever

29 Mrs. Poe

She is so annoying not everything is about the daily punctilio

30 Hal
31 Jerome Squalor

I like sleeping too

32 Madame Lulu

Yes, I know that its Olivia, but their completely different in their characteristics. Who doesn't love her accent?

33 Coach Genghis

Even though it was Count Olaf, he was my fave of the disguise.

34 Stephano
35 Gustav
36 Captain Widdershins

I don't know how he didn't die WHAT

37 Captain Sham

He's funny! "Every boat has it's own sail! "

38 Georgina Orwell
39 Ishmael
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