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141 Dear!

Do not get it confused with other ones that are 'Dear boys' 'Dears'... It is Dear by FUJIWARA COCOA. Great artwork. Cute romance. I know it isn't popular but still...

142 Papillon - Hana To Chou
143 Rhapsody In Heaven
144 Kyou No Kira - Kun

It is a tragedy but has a great love story!

Really pure! Reall cute!

145 Bara to Juudan
146 Kirarin Revolution V 1 Comment
147 Sugar Soldier

Makoto and Iriya are the best couple ever! The artist is so good drawing the manga!

148 Rockin' Heaven

Why isn't rocking' Heaven higher up on this list? I mean, it's a really really great manga. It has more than one romance in focus, and it's dramatic, cute and funny. It even made me cry.

149 Katakoi Triangle V 1 Comment
150 Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Just got into it because of the anime... I'm so glad! The plot is so creative and the characters ae all lovable, you should read right away!

151 The Familiar of Zero

It's really good, but jeez, the size of that harem!

The romance between Louise x Saito is very cute but I agree with the person that also commented.

152 Arisa

It's about twins who live apart. And about secret the other twin. Not really about love. But more into mystery.

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153 Kokoro Botan

I love the characters especially the female lead. The story is too cute...

154 MairuNoVich

It's about a girl who change to find love. What's different about this manga is the man main lead is change. Because there's no way you will find your true love with first love, right?

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155 Air Koi
156 Cutie Cutie Kid Cupids

This not a REAL manga. It's a fake manga from that game Comic Jumper

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