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1 You enjoy all your classes exept band, PE, and adventure Ed

This list should have been merged with my Top Ten Signs You Are a Boring Individual... - Britgirl

Oh wow, that describes me so perfectly!

Is Adventure Ed this a country school thing? I've never heard of that - Songsta41

How can a person live without these periods in school! - rbjetc2001

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2 You read a book with 1000 pages in less than 12 hours

I choose not to read books. - saturatedsunrise

Some books just happen to be very interesting. - SamuiNeko

Guys... Calm down.. It's a list - FerrariDude64

Better... I can read 200 books with 1000 pages in one hour!

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3 You never play any sports

But I hate those worthless wastes of time.

Nateawesomeness, in the nicest possible way, you couldn't post enough of this bullcrap on my lists, and now you're just obscene. Sport is not the only way into getting a respectable life, in fact, it's one way humanity is getting dumber. Maybe read a book about a subject you didn't know you'd find interesting, and it could turn your life around. And if you don't, at least don't tell me that my dislike for sports and commitment to academia makes me, like anyone else, any less of a person to you. - PositronWildhawk

I also despise you for blatantly attacking another user for something he added to his own list. And then shoving a bunch of bull down my throat right afterward. - SwagFlicks

Watch it. I may be crap at sport, but I plan on building the next Death Star in my cellar.

Oh wait, there's spiders down there. - IronSabbathPriest

Really, all of this junk is subjective, and this guy seems to think boring people don't play sport. I don't play sport, but that don't mean I'm a boring person.

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4 You do nothing creative

Oh... - saturatedsunrise

I can’t help my uncreativeness.

5 You think the dictionary is more enjoyful to read than big nate

I prefer Big Nate, because I actually like that! - saturatedsunrise

I love big nate - FerrariDude64

Big nate rules but don't judge people

You think that "enjoyful" is an actual word? Hahaaa.

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6 You haven't told a single joke in your life
7 You think learning is a sport

I think this because learning and sports are both equally boring!

It is science Olympiad, battle of the books, skills USA, chess, all sports - lbelle0527

If you think learning is a sport then you're not boring but just plain retarded. - Mcgillacuddy

Well, that's just not a thing - Songsta41

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8 You put your friend to sleep when you tell a joke

Sounds like one of those scams you see on the sides of dodgy websites...
"Seven EASY ways to put anyone to sleep - no. 3 will shock you! " - Rocko

I probably would! - saturatedsunrise

This is probably the only logical sign in the entire list - Mcgillacuddy

This list offends people more than it helps them this one is the only realistic one like Mcgillacuddy said.

9 You think an educational game is a funner game then minecraft


This is what Minecraft does to you. - Puga

Very few games are worse than Minecraft. - Therandom

Minecraft sucks haha

*more fun - RiverClanRocks

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10 You reaserch everything you come across

Ahem, You'll find that my history is FILLED with random things which I've searched for. Some people may find me boring, but intelligence isn't boring. It's mere perspective. - Merilille

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11 You can't keep a conversation without repeating subjects

Okay,I'm done!

... This list disgusts me :(

12 You drink alcohol too much

I don't drink (alcohol) but I'm still boring as hell.
Like seriously, I almost have a Medusa-like relationship with people in the fact that they fall asleep if they just think about me. - Rocko

I happen to drink Irish whiskey but not a lot - bobbythebrony

13 You are on this website

I'm on this site because I'm BORED.

14 You watch SpongeBob SquarePants

Oh dear...
I think they're on to me... - Rocko

15 You like Paper Mario Sticker Star over classic Paper Mario games

Well I do but I'm not boring,also,everyone stop voting on this list,because I know this list sukzz - Nateawesomeness

16 You like war games
17 You watch the entire Star Wars series

This means you are awesome - lbelle0527

18 You say pop music is stupid
19 You hate the Twilight Saga
20 You obsess over the 90s
21 You hate Justin Bieber
22 You hate One Direction
23 You're a brony
24 You hate most TV shows
25 You watch Bob's Burgers
26 You watch South Park
27 You watch Family Guy
28 You watch American Dad!
29 You claim Futurama is better than The Simpsons
30 You think The Simpsons should be cancelled
31 You don't understand the target age of preschool shows
32 You hate preschool shows but are older than 5
33 You are addicted to games such as Candy Crush and Disney Tsum Tsum

My parents re addicted to these games and they are boring

34 You would rather stay at home during the summer than go on vacation
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