Silly But Funny Things We Can't Help But Laugh At.

We are ALL guily of laughing at other peoples' misfortunes. Don't deny it, buster! You're as guilty as I am!

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A long queue that everyone but you is in.

Disney World Fast Passes in a nutshell. - Cyri

I present the sea of long faces with a smug grin. I love it! Haha! - Britgirl

When someone runs for but still misses the bus / train

It's certainly not funny after it's happened to me a lot! One time this guy just pointed at me and went "Ha ha! " Am I on The Simpsons?!? - PositronWildhawk

This is funny. When someone wildly flaps their arms about but gets nowhere. Come on. It's funny! - Britgirl

When someone other than you steps in dog poo
Whe someone claps in an audience but no one else does

Embarrassing for them but so funny for you. - Britgirl

When someone sings the wrong words to a song

I once saw a Beach Boys concert video where a drunk Mike Love forgot the words to I Get Around. "We always take my car, 'cause it's never been..." He paused and then said "stolen"! Even better if it's The Star-Spangled Banner! (Sorry, Americans, we Canadians don't hate you. We just feel that you're sort of, well, competition. ) - beatles

Someone walks into a glass door

I walked into a screen door at a condo in Ocean City MD once. I thought it was open.

Of course all of these are funny when they aren't happening to you... - Andromeda

Once I ran into one once. It was really painful. The fact that it is on the list really hurts.

Funny as can be, especially if the person gets scared, then runs into it out of fear.

When someone trips up the kerb
When someone walks from the toilet with toilet paper stuck to their shoe

It's just hilarious that they have no idea it trailing behind them. - Britgirl

When someone misses the bottom step and stumbles
When someone pronounces words incorrectly

I pernounce everything krectly. - Cyri

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When someone farts loudly

Whenever little kids fart all of the grownups laugh. We're Asian.

Haha! Who added this? Thank you! You're funny! - Britgirl

A kick in the nuts

I saw a girl do that to a boy once. - MaxTheBorderCollie

I laugh because most of the time They Deserve it for being stupid! - Curti2594

Awful, hurtful, but still HILARIOUS! (I'm a girl, obviously! ).

Oh I know! Awful isn't it. Hate it when mine are kicked. Haha! - Britgirl

When somebody is trying not to laugh in church

That actually would be quite funny

When somebody screams in pain in a quiet place

It seems weird to do this, but I did this anyway. - funnyuser

When somebody accidentally insults themselves.

Tina! You utter, idiotic, brainless, total clot and arsefaced bint.
Oops! Sorry, me, didn't mean to say that to you. - Britgirl

Cyri, you idiotic, cruel beast! You are a miserable excuse for a human/dragon/interdimensional entity!

Darn. - Cyri

When someone tries to say something funny in front of a lot of people and it isn't
Donald Trump's campaign
When someone slips on a banana peel
When fat people are picked last playing football at school.

Excuse me I am not fat but I do have a fat friend and she is extremly fast so watch what u say

When your sibling gets into trouble
When someone trips up their own feet
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Someone who steps in chewing gum
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