Best Teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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1 Germany

Well-rounded team with strong players, not just 1 or 2. Other teams can't win if they can't score and Germany has the best Keeper in the world.

Germany is at the moment the most complete team in the world from attack to the goalkeeper is compact with world class players... They have the power to win if the right players like reus gotze and schurrle is given a chance

Germany has a great defense and an awesome goal keeper. They work well together and have good strategy.

2 Argentina

They have messi, they are an awesome team, and their goalie is amazing.

Argentina is the best one they have Messi. Two they have a great team.

Think they will win! Got such a great attack!

3 Brazil

Neymar, Fred, Oscar, Paulinho, Marcelo, Dante, Thiago Silva, Julio Cesar etc.
Home advantage
Confederations cup winner
Used to the conditions
Because... Well, they're Brazil
Please don't tell me you voted for Costa Rica, US or Bosnja there no competition for Brazil

They have home field advantage.
They have Neymar.
They have more World Cup experience than any other team.

Brazil has an amazing team with the advantage of playing in their own country.

4 Netherlands

They haven't lost a game in the qualifiers and the world cup groupstage, now there in the quarterfinals against Costa Rica, I predict the final will be Germany vs. Holland. with Germany as world champions after the match :(

5 Spain

All are experienced players the main key is
They play for win. There passes are good and there understanding in playground is very good. I wish for their win again.

They will definitely make it out of the group stage only a retard could deny that...

Spain has an excellent chance of winning according to my.9 year old son!

6 England

Even know england always lost on penalties, but england never give up and they always find the goal. And I hope england can make their way to the semi final.

My country, my winner. They have superstars like Joe Hart, Wayne Rooney & Steven Gerrard.

I want England to win is time so come on England.

7 Italy

Italy is one of the best teams and has experienced players like Buffon and Pirlo and young players like Balotelli. Cesare Prandelli is one of the best coaches. This is my prediction:
Semifinal: Italy 2-1 Spain, Brazil 3-2 Uruguay.
Final: Italy 3-2 Brazil.
Champion of World Cup 2014: Italy!
I hope Italy wins World Cup 2014!

I purchased an Italy soccer Jersey outfit for my baby. I don't know much about soccer, I am an American, but since I purchased the outfit, Italy better win. I chose Italy because the outfit was green and it brings out my childs eyes nicely. if Italy doesn't win it'd be a waste of an outfit.

8 Portugal

Come on POR.. Time to make a new history

Ronaldo (best player of the world), Pepe, Coentrao, Meireles, Nani, Moutinho,... All experienced players that play really well together

9 Chile

We comfortably sent packing #11 and now #3. So far, we are doing better than many other favorites

10 Uruguay

Uruguay is Uruguay and there's not one team out thereto chalange us for the cup Uruguaywill WIN the 2014 Worldcup no doubt, it's the best all around team, Uruguay arriva no ma carajo!

Uruguay beat Brazil in Brazil for the 1950 cup... And they're going to do it again in 2014

1950 they won when played in Brazil and I think they will agains. They're looking good

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11 France

France has Mbappe and Griezmann. What does this team want more?

12 Colombia
13 United States

The USA soccer team sucks, and the dumb redneck who siad that Germany is full of Nazis must be such an idiot, Germans are not Nazis anymore, they are cool! This is coming from a Pole!

Germany is the team by blessing of God. They have a good attitude in the fields... Go Panzer... Do your best...

USA is kinda better on the women's team. I still like usa though.

14 Japan
15 Costa Rica

Why is Costa Rica #18? They have some awesome players such as Campbell and Diaz. And they beat Italy 1-0, Uruguay 3-1, and drew with england 0-0. And all 3 of them have won the world cup before.
Costa Rica ALL THE WAY!

Costa Rica should be better than Uruguay because Costa Rica beat them and they made it to the quarter finals and Uruguay did not.

Suck it up!
Costa Rica is the best!

16 Belgium

This Belgium team is for real! Hit the deck and batton down the hatches... No matter what happens... This team is awesome to watch!

They have some fantastic players and an all around good team.

How is the US above Belgium? I'm pretty sure they lost against Belgium, are team keeps getting better. We have Courtois, Hazard, Fellaini, De Bruynen, Vermaelen,...

17 Mexico

They are proving themselves this year!

Go East Go West, Mexico is the best! Dame una M dame una E dame una X dame una I dame una C dame una O, que dije Mexico

18 Australia

We are the best because we never give up! We are going to win this year!

Come on, that's way to low for the best team in the world.

19 Nigeria

Probably best team put together with structure and organisation. Hungry and determined players compared with previous outings.

Assuredly, they'll surprise the best in 2014 wold cup. Predicted to reach the last 8 in the tournament.

I believe in the Nigerian squad. They enjoy a team-spirit and have a determined and hardworking coach.

Nigerian team will pull surprises. The players are hungry for goal, I can see team play

20 Iran
21 Croatia
22 Greece
23 Russia
24 Ecuador
25 Ghana

Ghana will reach semi final and even make it to the final to be on the world heroic teams and put smile on the face of African citizens. Ghana is you turn because it they time.

Best team Africa has had in any world cup so far they will make it to the semi finals even go on to win it and make history for the first time.

African most miraculous team in world cup. Always under rated but prove those wrong.

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