Best Songs from All Time Low's Album Nothing Personal

The best songs from All Time Low's Album Nothing Personal. Don't agree? Vote for your favourites below:

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1 Weightless

Weightless is what you think of when someone says All Time Low, it has a brilliant music video (cameo from Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus )

2 Break Your Little Heart

This song is AMAZING like it's not as well known as songs like Weightless but it has a great tune and funny message.

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3 Therapy

Wow, this song... this song makes me cry. It's so upsetting and sad but also really relatable put to a great tune with really deep lyrics

This is my all time favourite, with remembering Sunday coming close behind it, weightless, and then dear Maria count me in

I cry every time I listen to this song... it's so emotional and true

4 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) V 3 Comments
5 Stella

"Feels like I'm falling in love when I'm falling to the bathroom floor," this song is so funny and so perfect, it's not that well known but that doesn't make it any less amazing!

Yes yes yes. stella is perfect. most people don't know its actually about a beer, not a girl.

6 Lost In Stereo

Head banging will be hard to resist! The bass on this is amazing like seriously

7 Sick Little Games

Great song with great lyrics, and Alex's voice just soars it's so good!

8 A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)

A fun, upbeat song hard not to sing along to!

Very dirty, but an awesome awesome song

9 Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal
10 Walls

A great, catchy and clever love song, it's brilliant!

The Contenders

11 Poison
12 Too Much

Easy to fall asleep to, pretty song with great, true lyrics.

13 Hello, Brooklyn
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