Top Ten South African Serial Killers

South African serial killers by victim count, brutality, and infamy

The Top Ten

1 Moses Sithole Moses Sithole Moses Sithole is a South African serial killer and rapist who committed the "ABC Murders", so named because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and finished in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg.
2 Cedric Maake Cedric Maake

Raped and killed 27 people - bobbythebrony

3 Norman Afzal Simons Norman Afzal Simons

Raped and killed 22 children - bobbythebrony

4 Bulelani Mabhayi Bulelani Mabhayi

Killed 20 women and children - bobbythebrony

5 Sipho Thwala Sipho Thwala

Raped and killed 19 women - bobbythebrony

6 Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode
7 Jimmy Maketta Jimmy Maketta

Raped and killed 16 people - bobbythebrony

8 Jack Mogale Jack Mogale

Raped and murdered 16 women - bobbythebrony

9 Elias Xitavhudzi Elias Xitavhudzi
10 Elifasi Msomi Elifasi Msomi

Killed 15 people with an axe - bobbythebrony

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