Top Ten Best Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants Season 6

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1 Sand Castles In the Sand

This episode is not only the best Season 6 episodes, it's one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes ever. The fact that the same group that made Atlantis SquarePantis made this shows that these new writers can make great episodes if they try. Is there hope for the show? Most say no, but this episode gives me a tiny sliver of hope. The episode really uses animation to its advantage, with epic action and an advanced storyline for a new SpongeBob episode. The fact that this was made in the same season as Toy Store of Doom is odd, as this episode is TSoD done well. Writers, take notes from this episode, I speak for many people when I say this.

Wow One Question How Did This Come Out Season 6 This Seems Way More Like Something You'd Find In Seasons 1 - 3 The Plot Is Simple Just Like SpongeBob Episode Should But What They Do With It Is Just Amazing First Of Next To SB129 This Is Probably One Of The Most Creative Episodes Of SpongeBob Ever I Love All That The Writers Came Up With It Also Is one Of The Only Episodes That Does Gross Out Right Sheer I Didn't Laugh But It Was Decent And Similar To Enchanted Tiki Dreams It Seems Like At Begging It's Going To Be A Really Annoying Episode But Once We Get To The Third Acted All Of That Annoyance Feels Worth It.

Voting just to comment again, WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO HIGH? It's good, but it's not funny, it's mostly good because of its visuals. Episodes that are good because they are funny are better than episodes that are good because of their visuals. That automatically makes The Slumber Party and Komputer Overload MUCH better than this. Komputer Overload is the best of the season, while The Slumber Party is #2.

Trying to pick the best episode of SpongeBob season six is like trying to pick your favorite 2chainz song. Luckily there was a decently enjoyable episode that came out this season (even though almost every other episode of S6 was terrible) that had real action, a good plotline, and jokes that DIDN'T make me want to puke.

2 House Fancy House Fancy is the first season 6 episode from the TV series “Spongebob Squarepants”. In this episode, Squidward tries to make his house fancy so he could beat his rival at making a fancy house and Spongebob comes along to help. This episode is infamous for "the toenail scene" where Squidward gets his toenail ripped out while SpongeBob is moving his couch.

This episode is the reverse The Splinter. The Splinter is full of gross-out, with shoehorned Squidward Torture. This episode is full of Squidward Torture, with shoehorned gross-out. Both have one thing in common: If you don't care about gross-out, both of these episodes are boring.

The toenail scene was brutal and very disgusting. Don't watch this episode ever. Also this episode is boring besides toenail scene. Also the doorknob fetish thing. This should be number one not sandcastles in the sand which is a good episodes

This one at #2? REALLY? I mean, Suction cup symphony was similar, but didn't have a severe gross-out scene. And there are even- oh, I don't know- GOOD episodes like Overbooked, Chum Bucket Supreme, and No Hat for Pat THAT ARE WAY BETTER THAN THIS, PERIOD!

U guys are so soft, if you think the toenail scene was disgusting, watch Ren and stimpy, in one episode of Ren and stimpy someone cut their arm with a cheese grater than poured salt on the cut (the guys arm was like cut off)

3 Not Normal

This is a amazing episode. My Favorite part is the live action Squidward. Its creepy, but in a good way. I have one question to you guys,
" Hi how are you? " Nice weather were having ". I feel " Not normal " Just Posting this comment.
This should be number 1.

In this episode, Squidward tells him to be normal, which he takes very literally.

This episode is actually pretty good! Should be in the top 3.

This episode is my favourite! It should be higher!

4 Suction Cup Symphony

Best from 6 in my opinion! The music Squidward composes is great and even though SpongeBob and Patrick are annoying as hell they become good at the end! Very funny!

This episode PROVES that the new writers do have potential to revive SpongeBob's going downhill.

This episode is great! Its hilarious, has a good story, and squidward actually wins in the end!

I loved the creative things Spongebob and Patrick did in the symphony.

5 No Hat for Pat

This episode was horrible. Heh, because mutilating yourself is funny. I honestly don't see why you guys like the episode. The gag in this episode gets old very quickly and is not funny, the hypocrisy of the townspeople was completely unfunny, and to top it all off, they made Krabs completely unlikeable. But compared to episodes like One Coarse Meal, this is one of his least bad schemes in the post-movie era.

Everyone here doesn't understand this episode. They think that it's supposed to be funny that Patrick is being tortured but it's not supposed to be, it's supposed to make you sympathetic for the character

This episode is amazing! You feel sorry for Patrick, because, well the first time he fell, it was pretty funny, but now that Patrick is badly injured, you feel like a jerk, luckily Mr Kaaba gets his comeuppance at the end. This is a really strong episode

The starfish gets a krusty krab hat and he can only fall onto the floor when he has the krusty krab hat on his head. Ha, Ha very funny episode.

6 Krabby Road

This episode was defiantly not bad for a season 6 episode

This Was Pretty Good For Season 6

I play a mean belly

Has a crazy bus reference

7 To Squarepants or not to Squarepants

This episode was boring!

This episode was pretty good...

This episode was stupid.

I love this one

8 OverBooked

I don't understand how House Fancy, Suction Cup Symphony, To Squarepants or not to Squarepants and Single Cell Anniversary are above this one. Although I think this is the best S6 episode, I can understand why are the rest of the episodes above this one actually above this one. Also, I think Krusty Krushers, Slumber Party, Chum Bucket Supreme, Grandpappy the Pirate and Komputer Overload should be higher.

This is the best season 6 episode! It's so funny, and the concept is really cool, how SpongeBob has to be in three places at once. The ending is amazing, how sands invention could make SpongeBob at three places at once, This episode is really funny and should definitely be higher

In this season, it's hard to decide. All the good episodes here are GREAT, but in my opinion this is the best. It's great when Patrick asks Spongebob why is his clothes invisible. This episode is hilarious and should be #1.

THIS IS THE BEST SPONGEBOB SEASON 6 EPISODE! AND WHO THE HELL PUT HOUSE FANCY ON 2? Also, I hate To Squarepants Or Not To Squarepants and Suction Cup Symphony.

9 Single Cell Anniversary

This has decent humor. Like the part when Plankton calls SpongeBob a porous kitchen utensil. And when Karen's mother says:she could have married an ATM or someone with money!

This one is my favorite season 6 episode

Oh my karen oh my karen pretty funny

"Oh no! You unplugged the coffeemaker"


10 The Slumber Party

I really love this episode. "umm this is girly teen girl" classic. Y is house fancy on here don't you remember the unbearable toe nail coming off I had to change the channel.

It's really funny one of my Top 20 SpongeBob episodes probably 17th or something. I should make a List.

This episode is my second favorite

I loved this episode.

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11 The Krusty Krushers

This episode should be #1!

12 Chum Bucket Supreme

Patrick is really funny in this episode he is acting like in most pre movie spongebob

Patrick: Them words make my head sad Patrick's head: I do not get it Patrick : I don't get it either

Krabby patties are fum

3 words: Chum is Fum

13 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

I thought season 6 is the best in my opinion and this episode should've been at the top of this list because Johnny Depp is awesome as JKL!

Talk about that reference to the hoaxed doomsday prophecy.

14 Toy Store Of Doom

Extremely overhated.
"I can't hear you it's too dark in here! "
"Where we going now boys? "
"Are you ready to sing" "Oh no" "La-" "Several Annoying song filled hours later"
"Dad I don't wanna go" *kid literally flies away while his dad runs after him*
"The store is empty, so go ahead and lock 'er up, Frank." "My name is Steve."
"Remember that flashlight I shoved up my ear? "
"Are we going to the ladies’ room again? "
"It was nice knowin' ya, pal." "I know. I'm an interesting guy."
*Spongebob awkwardly wipes here hand"

Actually, I found this episode stupid. The first half of the episode was pretty much filler showing Spongebob and Patrick's immatureness, and when the store closed (aka the second half), the humor isn't that good. I will respect that people like it, but it doesn't have any of the memorable humor like what was in Prehibernation Week and The Krusty Krab Training Video.

Some of these episodes I can handle. I mean, new SpongeBob isn't so bad. But One Coarse Meal is bad. But it's told a story. A Pal for Gary would not be on my top ten though because Gary is not my favorite character. But season 7 is the worst but has my favorite episode, SpongeBob's Last Stand.

One of the best, especially hilarious when the dad tackles his son to the ground and walks off peeved.

15 Spongicus

I liked the title card soundtrack. This episode is not bad.

Second best episode of season 6 next to Sandcastles in the sand

This episode is alright, but nothing really happens, it's just SB and Patrick running away from a sea lion at one point. Also, I don't like the end, and it feels like they needed to fill up the run time.

Creative concept for a Spongebob episode.

16 A Life In a Day

The underrated episodes get paired with underhated sister episodes, don't you agree?

17 Sun Bleached


This is honestly not as bad as I used to think. Sure, the implications sorta bring it down, but I can see the attempt at a good episode here, and a good message about not caring about how you look in a comical way, but it is boring, and the implications make it kinda frustrating to see Spongebob and Patrick being laughed at for how their skin looks.

Sun Bleached isn’t amazing but for seasons 6, 7, and 8 the bar was set incredibly low and at least this episode doesn’t rely on any gross out jokes or torturing squidward what the writers are trying to say can also be interpreted in many different ways they could either be making fun of people that get spray tans or it could be about how the tanner you are the more places you can get into and if that is what they’re saying then I regret voting for this episode.

This episode sucks. People who like it are stupid

18 Chum Caverns

This episode is amazing in my opinion. The caverns are beautiful (even though it's a cartoon) and I think planktons new restaurant and gift shop are really cool, I would want to go there if they didn't serve chum!

I like this episode. Great plot! This is another episode when Plankton doesn't just focus on the secret formula.

Why the (dolphin noise) is choir boys higher than this

The ending was hilarious

19 Grandpappy the Pirate

I love this episode. It's one of my favorites from season 6.

Very Funny, an Good Ending

I love the pirate boat

20 Komputer Overload

#20? What? This is the best episode of this horrible season. It's very funny, Plankton apologizes to Karen in the end, and it's really enjoyable. This should be #1, not Sand Castles in the Sand, a very overrated episode (good, but overrated). The Slumber Party should be #2, those two episodes are the only episodes of the season that are REALLY funny.

Well, Not Bad, Just Kinda Filler

Very nice plot, very funny, & the ending was cute. Just wish it didn't make plankton look so dependent & stupid.

Very heartwarming episode.

21 The Krabby Kronicle

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I really loved this episode (minus the ending). I'm not sure why, though. Everything just works in that episode. It's just so...good. It's also one of the last episodes before the dark ages began (in my humble opinion, the dark ages began after the "SpongeBob vs The Big One" special).

Oh gosh, this episode. Considering the fact that Mr. Krabs doesn't give a crap about his employees, and still comes out on top, through counterfeiting, by the way, I found this episode a bit unlikeable

Actually no. This proves Mr. Krabs cares about money more than life and would ruin others lives just to be rich. It flanderized him further.

This episode was torture.

22 Giant Squidward

Great episode! I love it when SpongeBob and patrick are kind enough to make squidward a clarinet for him! It made him happy.

Even though this was a Squidward Torture Porn, it was just okay. Still wasn't good though.

That is one of the worsest SpongeBob Square Pants episode I've ever watched. Discusting!

Are you kidding me this epiosiode and the thing are awful they practaicly ruin squidwards life also cephlopod lodge is also like this

23 Nautical Novice

Just for the writers to screw our expectations over Spongebob finally getting his license, but he doesn't, same as Bumper to Bumper.

Should be in the top ten. Hilarious episode. Just had a bad ending.

Favorite episode on season 6

24 Gone

It was well made and funny, and had a reason why SpongeBob was talking to inanimate objects (i'm talking to you, to love a patty). This was a solid episode, aside from the ending. I would've made SpongeBob wake up from a dream instead, because even if that would be cliche, it would be less cruel to SpongeBob.

It was a good episode besides the ending. The ending was mean spirited. I mean everyone left because of no spongebob day. Even patrick went. What is wrong with the writers

This episode was a well-made, funny, and creepily good horror story. It could be one of post-movie's finest if the ending didn't kill it. I'm voting for it anyways, though.

I actually like this episode. I especially like the build-up as Spongebob realises no-one is in Bikini Bottom.

25 No Nose Knows

I actually thought the funeral for Patrick's nose was really disturbing. It was a very awkward episode, with a stupid plot. I would have this switch with Gone. Don't judge me because I liked Gone, please!

This one is underhated. This is an honorable mention for worst. Patrick's being a jerk and it involves plastic surgery

I thought this one was kind of gross and overdone.

I thought this one was hilarious

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