Top Ten Reasons Spongebob Is Better Than Fairly Oddparents

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1 It is more funny

The joy and story on SpongeBob all way new and easy to understand. The fairly odd parent are have new story but still use same joy and old so it make the sick.

SpongeBob has a more funny and humorous feeling when SpongeBob is annoying Squidward than when Cosmo is annoying Wanda.

Some people do not like seasons 4-7 of SpongeBob and I did not have a problem

Both Shows Have been Funny in the own way Until the both reached season 6.

2 SpongeBob has lasted longer

Spongebob has been created first than Farily Oddparents.

Yeah but I liked the Carrión before the movie. After the movie it went downhill

3 SpongeBob has been getting better since 2011

I'm a fanatic of both of them, and I can still agreed both shows have gotten awful...
SpongeBob: Chanching Personalities
Fairly Odd Parents: Adding Poof/Sparky

Hahaa is this serious?

Well I gots better from 2010 but no where the early and late 200’s good

Wrong the old SpongeBob episodes were way better but SpongeBob is still my second favorite cartoon character and second favorite show

4 SpongeBob has more fans

Yeah, when Spongebob first started airing everyone loved it, but for Fairly Odd Parents, it didn't start out very well because it had to compete with Spongebob, and let's face it, comparing the first season of Fairly Odd Parents to the first season of Spongebob is like comparing Madagascar 3 to The Avengers, it was obvious who was more successful. So yeah Spongebob is a lot better than Fairly Odd Parents. I was a litte kid when I saw these cartoon for the first time, but if I saw the Fairly Odd Parents old episodes at this age for the first time, I wouldn't like Fairly Odd Parents at all.

Fairly Odd Parents has more fans actually. Its by far better than SpongeBob.

SpongeBob won the best cartoon the's how you can tell it has more fans

Who ever said fairly odd parents has more fans is a dum dum

5 Fairly OddParents been going bad since 2009

Spongebob was good during the season 1-5 episodes. Than he went downhill but than he got better on it's tenth season. Fairy odd parents was never good and it got worse on after 2009 so spongebob wins. Oh and the loud house is not the only good show on nick. It's another one of those childish shows that have gross-out humor done horribly like sanjay and craig and breadwinners. I don't understand why people like this rubbish

Well Spongebob has gone downhill since 2004,so how do you think it's still the best show. Don't tell me you like episodes like a pal for Gray,The splinter,face freeze,and One course meal because if you do then you definitely need to see a doctor. These episodes make me wonder on why Spongebob is still making new episodes. I mean it should of ended in November 2004. I sorry fans,but it needs to end now along with The Fairly oddparents. The Loud House is the best Nickelodeon show now. Not Spongebob or The Fairly oddparents anymore because they suck now.

Fairly odd parents should change there name to way bother

Ni way it's not gone bad since 2009 Sponge Bob is still my second favorite show And cartoon character but fairly odd parents are my ten

6 Fairly OddParents is SO Irritating!

Especially because all the voices in the old Fairly Odd Parents episodes sucked. Timmy's voice was to raspy, and so were Chester and AJ's voices, Wanda sounded to sophisticated, Trixie and Veronica sounded like 6 year olds, and what I hated most of all, Cosmo's voice was to dark and serious, I like his high squeaky voice better because it actually makes him seem like he's dumb. And the sound effects were terrible. And the thing that irritates me all the time is that Timmy's parents don't even care about him, they always make him do chores and they sometimes just straight up say it's because they don't want to. In the fly boy episode they think Timmy is digging through the trash and Timmy's mom says maybe I should start making dinner for 3, they're so cruel to him. And they always go out dancing or doing something fun and leave Timmy to suffer with Vicky. The new episodes are so much better.P. S Timmy's Parents: World's worst parents

Toy the person who made this sucks! This show is the bomb! Toy sucks! Lets kill toy!

I love both of them, but I like SpongeBob just a smidge more.

Fairly odd parents is the worst show in history

7 SpongeBob's characters are more likeable

I know! I mean, look at Mr. Krabs! You know, the guy who drove someone to attempt suicide and is greedy? And what about Patrick? Somebody who is selfish and uncaring of others? Let's not forget Spongebob, the guy that broke into Squidward's house multiple times and stalked him? How about Pearl, the whiny teenager? Or Squilliam, the stuck up jerk? Or Puffy Fluffy? Or Karen? Or...yeah you get my point.

Fairly Odd Parents characters are more likeable. But I still love SpongeBob.

Sparky just drops the ball. Except for his special, he's a just there character. He just appears and says a random line that doesn't help at all. Compared with Patrick's attitude and idioticness in stuck with the wringer, Sparky is as dumb as him. BUT PATRICK ONLY DID THAT FOR ONLY THAT ONE EPISODE, IF I COULD REMEMBER. Sparky acts like that all the time.

No fairly odd parents are not more likable they are equale

8 SpongeBob has a good movie

I have never seen the first movie, I remember people said it sucked, but I looked at the trailer of the movie who will come out in 2015 AWESOME DUDE!

What about Abracatastrophe? School's Out? Channel Chasers? I know the live-action movies suck, but these three are some of my favorite nickelodeon movies.

Some of the best movies I've seen ever

2 great movies to be exact

9 Fairly Oddparents never got an animated 2d theatrical movie
10 SpongeBob came out first
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11 Sparky

The creators of FOP really wanted to give their 25-year old unemployed nephew a job, so they made sparky to do absolutely nothing but give one more person a downhill job on a downhil- no, rock-bottom show.

Sparky is so ignoring they should just make an episode were Sparky dies

Gary the snail was great Sparky the dog was haribble Sparky should have never came to the show

What's wrong with sparky

12 Better theme song

So why if I told is just a theme song I never ever heard the F.O.P theme song

Is so cathing why this was not fun

13 Patrick is dumber than Cosmo

Patrick is worse than Cosmo.

Are you people sure?

14 Better voice actors

Have you even heard the voice acting in the newer episodes of FOP? Most of the characters are just basically yelling instead of just talking! It’s so grating! The actors don’t even sound like they care anymore.

I think FOP Has better voice actors

15 Anything in the Post-Sequel era of SpongeBob is significantly better to watch than anything from Seasons 9 and 10 onward of The Fairly OddParents
16 SpongeBob is more fun

Yeah! It's not cruel at all! Let's think of the WONDERFUL episodes like "Demolition Doofus" an episode where Mrs. Puff tried to murder Spongebob, "One Coarse Meal" an episode where Krabs drives Plankton to attempt suicide and is rewarded for it. What about "Are You Happy Now" where they make Squidward looking like he's attempting suicide a running gag?

Yeah, you're wrong.

17 Better emotional songs
18 Better plot
19 SpongeBob didn’t need to add pointless new characters to the main cast
20 Stephen Hillenburg was a better person than Butch Hartman

This is the best case of either dying a hero (Stephen) or living long enough to see yourself become the villain (Butch).

21 SpongeBob never changed the theme song

At least modern SpongeBob TRIES to be funny. Modern FOP's humor mostly relies on yelling, characters either being too stupid or too mean-spirited, forced pop culture references (see Certifiable Super Sitter if you dare), immature toilet jokes, and repeating certain gags multiple times (because they thought it was so funny the first time). It's literally the equivalent of jingling keys in toddlers' faces.

22 More action
23 Episodes are less scary
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