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1 Melbourne, Australia

Very great city is history of sports like cricket football, etc and this city people is real spot spirits

Brilliant venues, exiting generous supporters of all sports and athletes. Huge variety of sports. Unbeatable Grand Slam tennis venue, most fun Spring Racing Carnival and the magnificent and spiritual.MCG. Need I say more. This is just the beginnings of Melbourne's attractions.

This city is father of sport. this city is very great city of sport. This city is better than sport city like London, New York, Sydney, etc. Melbourne cricket ground is world best cricket club
. Melbourne cricket ground playing every ICC cricket world cup final like 2015, 1983etc. 1976, etc. Melbourne playing all sport like cricket football WWE, hockey, golf, formula 1racracing, etc.

Venues, AFL, cricket, Grand Prix, Australian Open, Melbourne Cup,MCG,Royal Melbourne, Phillip a Island, Bell's Beach...

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2 Boston, United States

We are so lucky to have such good sports! The Patriots are always good, the Bruins just won the Stanley Cup and had the best record in the NHL last year. The celtics have been struggling lately but they are one of the most successful NBA franchises in history. The Red Sox just won the world series and the Revolution are pretty good. We don't have a historically bad team!

Best city for sports because unlike New York or Chicago or Los Angeles there's only one team for every sport (Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, NE Patriots, an NE Revolution). So unlike New York or Chicago or LA Boston sports fans all support the same teams. Not to mention the amount of passion and die hard fans in Boston. There is truly nowhere else like it.

Come on guys! We have the Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox! Not to mention the greatest fans in the world!

Best sport city and best city

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3 London, United Kingdom

Wembley, Lords, Twickenham, Wimbledon etc etc all dripping with history. Has to be The Smoke!?

No. There's a Londoner here who couldn't be less interested in who won last night. So tedious. - PositronWildhawk

4 Mumbai, India

Having all types of grounds here


5 New York, United States

New York home to the knicks, Yankees an giants

Yankees. 27 World Series Championships. Enough said.

Hub of American football, NY jets, and the Yankees, great venues like the yankee stadium - fuadmondeo

6 Berlin, Germany
7 Kolkata, India

Football city of india

8 New Delhi, India New Delhi, India New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.
9 Bangalore, India
10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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11 Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

Maple Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays, Toronto FC


12 Chennai, India


Chennai best city of India because sports cricket csk "THALA DHONI" ISL And world chess champion in viswaNathan ananth next biggest city of India chennai

13 Paris, France
14 Gurgaon, India
15 Hyderabad, India
16 Los Angeles, United States

Four of the most iconic brands in sports history with the Lakers, Dodgers, USC and UCLA. The flagship MLS team in the Galaxy, the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings, and multiple other franchises that all have great attendance (other than Chivas and the Ducks, which are in the middle of the pack.) The birthplace of snowboarding, skating, and extreme sports. - fuadmondeo

17 Manchester, England

Manchester United + Manchester City. Worldwide football (NOT SOCCER) fame and respect.

Not just football but top venue for cricket, boxing, cycling, martial arts, althletics, rugby league and union.

18 Chicago, Illinois

This city has a championship in every sport how can they go unnoticed

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19 Calcutta, India
20 Noida, India

I love noida

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