Top 10 Signs You Need to Grow Up

You don’t need to be in a hurry to grow up, but there comes a point in everyone’s life where childish things need to be put aside, and it’s just flat out time to grow up, put on those big boy/girl panties/underwear, and get to it. No, growing up isn’t always fun, and it isn’t always fair, but it is usually necessary.
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1 You live paycheck to paycheck

So, basically, if you're an adult, and if you were to get fired today, and you couldn't pay your bills, you're living outside your means. Spending everything you have shows a lack of foresight and responsibility. There's a difference between "can't spend it when you're dead", and "I just lost my job and now I don't have enough money to pay this months bills". There are special circumstances of course, for the single moms and dads out there working hard to provide for their families, but even then, saving all you can is still a really good idea.

2 You whine and pout to get your way

If you are whining to get your way, you're immature. Period. Whining and pouting as an acceptable means to get your way should have ended when you were a child. Maybe as an immature teenager, but whining and pouting as an adult is just sad, and if someone is actually giving you what you want when you DO whine, they needs to be smacked upside the face. I don't know how much clearer I can put this: STOP WHINING, STOP POUTING. You're a grown up, act like it!

3 You think it’s okay to drive after you’ve been drinking

This is NEVER OKAY. If you're even slightly buzzed, I don't care where you are, or what you're doing, DO NOT DRIVE HOME. It's the ultimate selfish, stupid, immature act. If you didn't want to leave your car at the bar, you shouldn't have driven there and then drank. There is absolutely no excuse for driving drunk. And if you hit someone, I hope you get sued into poverty. There are always other, better options. Always. You're better off sleeping in your car than you are driving it home, no matter how "inconvenient" that is for you. And if you're stupid enough to tell yourself that it's okay, "just this once", you're probably too stupid to be driving anyways. Is maybe getting home worth ending someone's life?

4 You pass up on a career because it would interfere with your social life

If you could work a good job, maybe even turn it into a career, but won't because it requires you to work Friday nights, which is your party night, you need to grow up. If you can't handle going that long without a party, you should probably look into some therapy and try to figure out what is missing in your life that requires you to party.

5 Your idea of a normal Friday night is a rager

Or pretty much any party that ends up with you drunk at the end of the night. Needing to get drunk every weekend or more often is usually a sign that you have some more deep-seated problems you might want to get some help for. If your friends aren't fun unless you're all drunk, you probably need better friends. Partying hard all weekend well after your college years is just sad. Partying during the week is worse.

6 You’re an attention whore

Outside of being a teenager vying for attention with a throng of other teenagers, there is really no place as an adult for crying out for attention, just for attention's sake. Keeping up with that sort of behaviour as an adult is basically saying to everyone around you, "I'm uncomfortable in my own skin, validate me!" Adults have (or should have) too many better things to do that validate you as a person all day. If you can't get attention without attention whoring for it, you probably aren't worth the attention you're asking for.

7 You don't work hard at your job

hey guys I have watched a video about a grown man watching kid shows instead of doing work, his name is Dave and he likes to throw tantrums if he does not get what he wants. He was dropped on head since he was born, which makes him act extremely childish. he is obsessed with kid's stuff including, Toys, Baby Shows, Baby Pool, child like devices, anything made for young children, kid's food, dvds made for kids, etc. watching shows instead of doing your work isn't going to earn you enough money to get what you want, by the way your boss can fire you if you watch one of shows one more time at work.

8 You can’t have fun without alcohol

This could be a sign of both immaturity, or alcoholism, but there are LOTS of things you can do to have fun without alcohol, but you might want to rethink why you only have fun when you're drunk. Maybe you're hanging out with the wrong people. People that you hang out with should probably be interesting while not drunk, also.

9 You play video games for more than 3 hours per week

Not 3 hours per day, 3 hours per week!

10 You put your ego above people you consider as good targets
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11 It’s always someone else’s fault

It doesn't matter what "it" is, but "it" is almost certainly NOT your fault. "I'm in debt because my boss fired me" not, "I'm in debt because I overspent, didn't work well at my job and got fired." Or whatever the case, it's a pretty sure sign that you're emotionally immature. Emotionally immature people finger point. It's what they do. They don't take responsibility for problems in their lives. This is an extremely frustrating thing to encounter in a person, and close friends are like to be scarce because of it. No one wants to be blamed for your problems, so get yourself together. The world isn't against you, buck up, buttercup.

12 The inside of your house looks like a bachelor pad… and you’re not a bachelor

There are plenty of great places to add the finishing touches to your home at the right price. If you're really strapped for cash, but want to have a nice home, shop at TJ Maxx, Ross, Any Dollar store, Walmart… There are plenty of ways to warm up your home and make it your own. Also, if you have more beer in your fridge than food, and or your food mostly consists of ramen, cold cereal, and frozen burritos… You might need to start making a few changes.

13 You rant about stuff that is made for children
14 You make immature noises every thirty seconds

I cluck my tongue against the roof of my mouth a lot, especially when I'm reading. I really need to grow up.

15 You enjoy teen pop songs
16 You're a gamer who's over the age of 25
17 You're obsessed with pop culture
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