Top Ten Little Signs You've Become an Adult

We're not talking about the big, life-changing events like getting married, buying a house, or having children. Instead, these are the little things in life that mark the progression from adolescence into adulthood.
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1 You think kids in high school dress like morons

I'm 15 and I agree with this. Then again, this is coming from a 2000s MySpace era emo. I've been told by a few people (who are probably those annoying Xbox live chat kids) to "get with the times", but that doesn't stop me from being myself.

You realize that the fashions you wore in high school are now Halloween costumes.
This will happen to the current fashions eventually too!

Eventually, there will be a time when you look at the upcoming class and wonder why they have absolutely no sense of dignity or style... just like the older generation looked at you when you were in school.

2 You always have a water bottle with you

Adequate water has so many health benefits it's practically a miracle elixir. But when you're a kid, you can subsist entirely on soda and juice without missing a beat. As an adult, you start to find out that without your water bottle, you get headaches, you feel tired, your kidneys hurt, your digestion suffers, your...

You know what? You're right! I have carried a bottle of mineral water with me most days from the age of about 18. Strange.

I always have many water bottles in my bedroom.

3 You pick up ice cubes instead of kicking them under the fridge

Even when nobody is looking and there are no consequences for taking the easy way out, you still do the right thing.

I'll enjoy being a kid, this wont happen for a while...

4 You care about your credit score

And not in a, "Dude, I bet my credit score is worse than yours", but in a genuine, this will affect my life type of way.

5 Getting stuff in the mail is rarely a good thing

Once upon a time, a letter in the mail meant a nice card and hopefully a little present too. But as you get older, most of the birthday cards are from local businesses who have your info on file and most of the money is in letter you're putting in the mail.

I hate getting stuff in the mail unless it's a package I ordered or a letter from family. you don't know how bad I would love to throw everything else in the shredder

I think this is true, I'm still young, but I can be very mature.

6 You fill your gas tank until it is full instead of until you run out of money

It used to be that you went to the gas station with a set amount of cash in hand and tested your skills at the pump trying to hit that number exactly. Hopefully you had a few pennies in the car in case you went over. Hopefully as you got older, you got a job where you still complained about how much money gas cost, but didn't really have to change your plans because of it.

Try to get a 50cc scooter you will only be spending $3 on gas every time you fill it up. So $9 will get you almost 400 miles

7 You limit your alcohol consumption based on how you'll feel the next day

Or you go even further and brave the party without touching a drop to make sure not to mess up your plans for the next day.

8 You count calories

When you're a kid, you eat until full, eat a little more, wait, and repeat. As an adult, over time you start to notice this behavior showing up in the mirror and your clothing size even when you are eating no more than before. Time to add yet another chore to the daily routine.

This is the only one which I still fail to do. I just consume, consume, consume. But I also exercise enough to balance it.

One time I counted... It really fluctuates widely... Its like, 900-2500. I guess it depends on how long I stay asleep!

9 You think modern slang sounds totally stupid

Words such as "yolo" or "swag" drive me crazy.

10 You look forward to Saturday morning more than Friday night

At some point, sleeping in takes priority over staying up late. Or maybe you want to get up early and enjoy the morning off without the fog of the previous night's festivities.

That is unless you're on the critical point beyond which you won't know you're drunk.

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11 You get called sir or ma'am by someone who isn't being ironic

This one usually catches you off guard. Your parents are supposed to be sir and ma'am, not you.

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