Top 10 Strongest Heroes From Mythology

Heroes from all mythologies are allowed. Not just Greek. This is a mixture of physical strength, defense, magic, and intelligence. They must be mythological, or at least found in mythology and not in history.

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1 Heracles (Hercules) (Greco-Roman) Heracles (Hercules) (Greco-Roman)

He's the son of the most powerful god, so he should be the most powerful hero.

From defeating Giants, to subduing gods, to defending mankind, Heracles is the ultimate hero. As a demigod, he was the best of both worlds: the power of a god with the kindness and courage of a man. Indeed, he was truly worthy of ascending to Olympus.

Completed twelve impossible tasks worthy of the most powerful of the gods.

Do not forget he completed 12 impossible task without any boon

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2 Achilles (Greco-Roman-Trojan) Achilles (Greco-Roman-Trojan)

According to the Iliad, he could kill 10 men per blade swing. Till scientific research doesn't say otherwise, I believe that's true (its a joke for those who don't get jokes).

Na, just much cooler than Heracles, focusing in martial prowess instead of physical strength. Heracles may be sturdy as hell, but he could still be killed by weapons, and Achilles is top of the noch in weapons.

The greatest warrior of all mythology, outclassing karna, siegfried/sigurd, diomedes and so on.. Absolutely unrivaled in terms of speed, athleticism, battle prowess, strength, stamina.. His rage was said to defy fate, even zeus himself feared the rage of achilles.. Only killed through divine intervention as nobody could even challenge him, and he wasn't even in battle, he was praying at an alter, as it was impossible to kill him in combat.. Even his mere presence struck fear into the greatest of the trojans, hector, and forced gods such as poseidon and apollo to directly intervene to prevent the fall of troy before its time.. It was even said that diomedes (the second greatest of the achaeans) with divine power from athena to challenge and beat the immortal gods (aphrodite and ares himself) couldn't match up to achilles and didn't have the same presence and force achilles did.. There's so much to list about achilles that its not even debatable really to know that he was the greatest ...more

To be fair people should give Achilles some credit for what he was capable of. When he was a baby he was dipped in the Rive Styx making him invulnerable to any weapon. Though he did not do the 12 impossible labors like Hercules he was still an incredible warrior. As stated in Percy Jackson the Last Olympian page 133 percy said it himself "I stunk at Greek names, but even I knew THE GREATEST WARRIOR OF ALL TIME who had died from a wounded heel. Achilles". He only had one flaw but it is not his heel, also as stated in Percy Jackson the Last Olympian it was his arrogance that got him killed. In other words because he knew he was basically invincible and an incredible warrior it was over confidence that got him killed. Achilles fatal flaw is being over confident and underestimating his opponents.

Achilles could beat anyone no matter the strength unless Gods said otherwise

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3 Karna (Hindu) Karna (Hindu)

Karna. A hero so damned terrifying, that even GODS feared his power. It took two curses to hit him with bad luck at the worst possible moment (one caused his chariot to get stuck and he spent the rest of the fight trying to get it free again, the other made him forget the incantation to a spell that fires NUKES! ), a god getting him to give up his armour (that made Karna completely invincible), and ANOTHER god directly helping the second greatest hero of the time to kill Karna.

And Arjuna, the other guy? Could only manage it then by attacking Karna from behind, while Karna was trying to get his chariot free. Both actions in direct violation of the code of honour (which Karna followed perfectly in battle). Oh, and during their fight, Karna's arrows were so powerful that they pushed back Arjuna's chariot. A chariot which was being driven by the god Vishnu, and thus weighed as much as the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! AND KARNA'S ARROWS MANAGED TO PUSH THE CHARIOT BACKWARDS! Even Vishnu said ...more

Karna Could surely beat Achilles. Please read about him, you'll get my point. He was just the best warrior universe could ever produce.

He was a figure who always drew the short end of the stick, abandoned by his mother at birth, cursed by the gods for his overwhelming strength and virtues, and yet he stood tall and stuck by his beliefs till the end. Karna is without a doubt the most powerful of all the heroes in the mahabharata, yet also the most human. He got cursed by mother earth while helping a little girl, gave up his armour to a god who wanted to see him fall, and stood by his friends even though it meant he was going to die for it. Yet, with all his misfortune he was still accepted by Parashurama for his virtues, and managed to become stronger than anyone else including the other pandavas even though they had received numerous gifts and boons from the gods. Hence he is also my favourite hero, someone whom everyone in the end acknowledged.

Karna is way more powerful than any listed mythological characters,
He lifted earth by 4 inches
Pushed weight of entire universe with his every arrow by 2 feet
Posses inpenitrable armour,
Mastery in every weapon,

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4 Beawulf (Norse) Beawulf (Norse)

Beowulf is an all around badass. He deserves to be number one on this list. He ripped a troll's arm off, killed his mother, then died while battling with a dragon for his people, which he beat. Plus, the strength of thirty men in each arm adds even more to his heroism.

One of the few heroes that actually died for his people

This list is kinda offensive since there are many heroes of different religions shown as myths. - zxm

your mom

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5 Perseus (Greco-Roman) Perseus (Greco-Roman)

Slayed Medusa, the noblest of all men. )

One of the only successful heroes, come on people! Okay, maybe he couldn't beat Hercules, but he could crush heel boy with one hand tied behind his back!

Just the best has done to many good things to help time.

Perseus is well rounded, smart, strong, and full of mischief.

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6 Sun Wukong (Chinese)

A monkey who became an immortal through Taoist practices. When he was fated to die he fought back and defeated Hell's messengers and wiped his name and his kind's names off of Hell's registry. Afterwards rebelled against Heaven and defeated all of Heaven's best generals. Was eventually trapped under a mountain by the Buddha where he remained imprisoned for 500 years. He was eventually released and to atone for his past sins escorted a monk on a pilgrimage to India to receive the holy scriptures from the Buddha. On this pilgrimage he fought and defeated a great many demons and monsters.

Let's start with his weapon. A staff weighing 17,550 lbs (7,960 kg) that he easily wields. It can shrink, expand, and duplicated on his command. It was initially said to have been used to measure how deep the sea is. The monkey king himself was immensely strong and fast, could shapeshift into any animal (except he keeps his tail), knew how to cast various spells, and could turn each of his individual hairs into duplicates with the same ability. Feats include moving the earth, defeating armies of gods, and literally scaring death. He was the strongest god damn monkey to ever live, and should probably be at the top of this list.

Has a track record impressive enough to make most of the characters on this list green with envy. Defeated the armies of Heaven and Hell, and also punched out 28 Constellations and defeated 100,000 heavenly soldiers. Was eventually trapped by the Buddha, but when released took part in the epic Journey to the West.

Sun Wukong, Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, the Handsome Monkey King, is by far, the most interesting mythology figure to me. He started from rock bottom and ended up taking on the entire Chinese pantheon, being driven back by Erlang Shen and being trapped by the Great Buddha. With his magic beating staff and his mastery of supernatural abilities, he's nigh unbeatable and all of these other heroes on this list would be hard-pressed to take him.

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7 Rudra and Shiva (Hindu) Rudra and Shiva (Hindu)

I am shocked to see that Lord Shiva is not at the top of this list. He can just turn anybody to ash in just a second by opening his third eye. One more thing I will like to comment on this list that Lord Hanuman, a powerful mythological character is not anywhere on the list. I think he is 10 times more powerful than your top six characters. Lord Rama and Ravana also deserve a place in the top six characters!

Lord Shiva is actually a way who tell us where is peace. He is the best example of meditation. With the word OM you can find whole universe within yourself.

His might and power cannot be described by words nor gestures. Any list which doesn't have Lord Shiva in first place is not an accurate list.


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8 Zeus (Grek)

Zeus is the king of the Greek deities for a reason and is an absolute monster. He should be number one.

He is god, not hero or demigod

9 Krishna (Hindu) Krishna (Hindu)

Krishna is India old gods, the Krishna come to cow. Me comparison to Krishna is in series Xena: Warrior princess to 4 season, episode The Way. In Xena, episode The Way have discover to Krishna, in blue colour body, take black power and reincarnation to Xena. Krishna take four hand, s and two foot, and attacker opposite to Rama.

The greatest warrior, a person of outstanding physical strength, martial prowess, but also an unmatched philosopher and strategist, the complete hero... Who can win battles without even wielding weapon... He won the greatest battle for pandavas, without killing a single person himself...

God who maintains and protects dharma (right way) and also followers of dharma. willing to do any effort and sacrifice whenever dharma is threatened on earth

This guy had infinite power and control over creation and the universe. He's unbeatable

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10 Thor (Norse) Thor (Norse)

Thor is easily among the top contenders for this list.

With the avengers he is unstoppable!

The god of thunder should definitely be on this list

He's a god, I mean come on

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The Contenders

11 Rama (Hindu) Rama (Hindu)

He was the greatest archer in the world till now

He could destroy the whole army with only one arrow. That arrow was even more powerful than any nuclear weapon!

Rama is the strongest god

He can easily beat Hercules

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12 Theseus (Greco-Roman) Theseus (Greco-Roman)

Um son of Poseidon the most powerful god and also the Minotaur was one of the hardest monsters to kill. (HADES EVEN SAID IT HIMSELF)

He was the son of the most powerful god which is Poseidon. Most of all he slaved the Minotaur!

Because why not

He was a funny fella.

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13 Atalanta (Greco-Roman) Atalanta (Greco-Roman)

Atalanta is an excellent huntress and the fastest runner in ancient Greek mythology. She defeated Peleus (Achilles' father) in wrestling and she was the only female Argonaut. A very beautiful and independent woman.

Her skills are to be said to surpass Artemis the Greek goddess of the hunt, and one of the most powerful.

Artemis will surely beat her. She is the goddess of hunt, no one can beat her. - KingKhan75

She's really strong and fast

Atalanta is the greatest heroine in ancient Greek mythology and the most foot swifted among all mortals. She took place in Calydonian hunt and became the first to hit the boar. As Ovid said ''no one is able to say whether  she was should get more excellent praise for her foot or for her more outstanding beauty''.

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14 The Dioscuri (Castor/Polydeuces) (Greco-Roman) The Dioscuri (Castor/Polydeuces) (Greco-Roman)

They are extremely powerful. - blacku22

15 Ajax (Greco-Roman-Trojan) Ajax (Greco-Roman-Trojan)

No he didn't the fight ended with no winner and was declared a draw by zues himself

Beat Hector in single combat through sheer endurance.

Was said to be stronger than all of Greece. was a great friend to many other heroes including Achilles and Odysseus

16 Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian) Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian)

All others are mongrels and must bow before the king of heroes

"You are not worthy to gaze upon me. A worm like you should face the ground, crawl on your stomach and die."

The first hero, the best hero. Lordly among men and greater to all kings.

Original hero

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17 Cú Chulainn (Irish) Cú Chulainn (Irish)

Son of the god Lug and held off an entire army by defeating a myriad of its troops in one-on-one combat in succession until they became frustrated and attack anyway, but Cú Chulainn (whose battle-rage was legendary) killed hundreds of his assailants, erecting a wall of corpses.

He has the warp spasm what more needs to be said

"I wouldn't be a hero if I instantly died from a wound like this." - Lancer from Fate/Stay Night - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Do not forget his great feat, thunder feat.
In Táin Bó Cúailnge, he casts the fist thunder feat, which kills 100 soldiers.
The second thunder feat kills 200 warriors.
The third does 300 ones.
The fourth slays 400 ones.
The final thunder feat slaugthers 500 ones.
In the end, five thunder feats massacres 1500 soldiers. After that, he charges his chariot and kills uncountable people.

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18 Muhammad (Islam)

You can't say he is a myth I am Christian but I respect other religion and Islam is definitely not a myth it is a religion

He was not a mythological character. Remove him from this list of creepy characters. He was a real person and the greatest person in the world.

He wasn't just a leader, a inspirer, the most handsomest. He was no myth. He was a true hero

Astaghfirullahaladzim. Muhammad S.A.W. is not a Myth! LOL

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19 Odysseus (Greco-Roman-Trojan) Odysseus (Greco-Roman-Trojan)

He defied the gods and got away with it how is he not at the top

He was actually a human not some demigod or immortal dude.

He ended the Trojan war.

Hey, Odysseus was the man who ENDED the Trojan War, with his Trojan Horse plot. He legit defied the gods, sailed the Sea of Monsters, survived a land of sleep, got past an island of cannibals, plotted his way out of Polyphemus's island(that scene was hilarious), survived the Sirens without stuffed ears, survived Scylla and Charybdis, got past the sorceress named Circe, ENDURED ALL THE WRATH OF POSEIDON, and murdered all the suitors invading his home! He is the cleverest hero, the highlight of the much loved poem, the Odyssey, and brilliant strategist. In the fight over the armor of Achilles, the two who helped carry back Achilles's body held a poll on who was most beneficial to their cause, AND ODYSSEUS WON(thus bringing around the suicide of Ajax)
He is a favorite of Athena, one of the most prominent heroes in the Trojan War, yet he isn't in the top 10?
Wow people, get a brain. I'm sure Athena would agree. He wasn't even a demigod, he got through all his hardships on skill, and ...more

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20 King Arthur (British) King Arthur (British)

The legendary concept of ideal king carried by a mere human being, with a divine power on their guard, represented especially by the legendary sword Excalibur.

Chosen by a weapon, he became a weapon in his own right. Fighting his enemies and serving his nation as a knight of the round.

There are no regrets. If one can be proud of one's life, one should not wish for another chance. - Saber from Fate/Stay Night - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A Brythonic/ Welsh mythological legend carried through history through Wales and evolve into a global story.

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21 Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Irish)

Is killing 3400 soldiers single handedly enough to get you on the list? Armed with two swords and two spears, one of which can cause wounds that never heal, his legend is one of love, violence, chivalry and tragedy.

*Gasps* The dual-wielding Lancer-class Servant of chivalry! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He boned a whole village

Hottie aaand strong?

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22 Arjuna (Hindu) Arjuna (Hindu)

Karna would easily defeat him.

Hero who showed all emotions and weakness of humans, a sort of emotional being among the mythical heroes. Perfect example of modern humans

Arjuna is most powerful warrior and he has the power to consume the whole world in a single arrow. Hence he is the powerful epic hero.

This guy was born a hero

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23 Setna Khaemswe (Egyptian) Setna Khaemswe (Egyptian)
24 Drona (Hindu and Greek) Drona (Hindu and Greek)

This guy controls several powerful weapons and prayers

Actually speaking, he is mainly Hindu. He is, however mentioned when Greek Heliodorus arrived as the ambassador of Greece,

True. If a person appears in both Greek and Indian legends, he just got to be great. - KingKhan75

He is the best

Guy who beat up 125 men in Greece even though Indian.

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25 Christ (Christian) Christ (Christian)

The son of God who was born as a human to save mankind from sin. He spent his life teaching and doing wonders such as healing ill and disabled people. He finally sacrificed himself and was crucified so that humans could be saved from sin. He died but was reborn and returned to Heaven. This great heroic deed was said to restore the balance so that the humans no longer were automatically doomed. Humans could then follow the example set by him - or at least believe in him - and reach heaven.

Funny how no one is asking this be removed from the mythical list and yet 14+ individuals are doing just that for Muhammad

Christ is my strongest savior

Christ should be number one.

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26 Samson (Israel) Samson (Israel)

"And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men."

27 Sigurd (Norse) Sigurd (Norse)

How did you come to the conclusion that Christ is a myth?

Was known for being called Siegfried of the undead or the immortal man. was eaten by a dragon, carved his way out, and bathed in its blood making him invulnerable except for the one spot on his back that the blood didn't touch.

Sorry I put this in the wrong block.

The viking version of Siegfried. Had a horse that was descended from Sleipnir, Odin's personal horse, had a sword that could cut through an ANVIL and was called Gram (meaning "wrath"), bathed in dragon blood which made him invulnerable except for a small spot on his back, drank dragon blood which gave him the ability to talk to birds, ATE a dragon heart which gave him the ability to see the future.

When some idiot finally decided to kill him in his sleep, it was with Sigurd's own sword, he still pulled it out of his back and killed his murderer.

You know the Vikings T.V. series? That lady who marries Ragnar in season 2 is his daughter.

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28 Rustam (Persia) Rustam (Persia)

He killed his own son in a battle and after he killed him he know how he is.

He should be in 5 of top hero

Rostam is a really powerful hero he beat a dragon a witch and king of demon's ( white demon ) he stop giants and kill the esfandiar (an immortal hero like achilles but his weakness was in his eyes ).

29 Diomedes (Greek) Diomedes (Greek)

The most complete hero of the Trojan war, the youngest king, smarter than Odysseus, brawny as Ajax, even the great Hector did not want to be found against him in battle, the "Aristos" hero according Homer, only he and Hercules (Diomedes uncle) faced gods in the battle and defeat... the man that goddess Athena wanted to side when he became immortal. Some say he was the patriarch of Celtic nation.

Diomedes stabbed Aphrodite with a spear, defeated Hektor, chased away Apollo, almost killed Aeneas, and nearly killed Ares in battle. Yes, Diomedes beat the god of war at his own game. And to top it off, he received absolutely no repercussion for his actions. - ShuhBanggg

The God-Slayer, One of the best Strategist of Trojan War, the only warrior that the Trojans feared, Third Highest Commander among all the Achaeans during the Trojan War, The Most Favorite Warrior of the Goddess Athena and the Youngest Ruler among all Achaeans

30 Alexander (Greek) Alexander (Greek)

Conquered the half-world as he was the greatest warrior

He just conquered the half of the world he deserves #1

You idiots he is a real king! - blacku22

That is me

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31 Hua Mulan (Chinese) Hua Mulan (Chinese)

She basically cross dress so that she could fight about... twelve or so years in war. And she also managed to do this without being caught, famous selfless heroine.

This is like one of the only heroes that is a girl and can fight with a sword. Okay, Atalanta fought a boar, but Mulan fought a war!

Many people are familiar with the Disney version of mulan right?
Mulan was not clumsy, she was graceful, adept, and courageous. She not only wielded a sword, but bows and arrows as well as be well versed in martial arts. One of the best well known Chinese heroines, Mulan earned her self the name "Hua" mulan in war. "Hua" Mean soilder. She fought for about twelve years from the age of seventeen before returning home, unscathed and unrevealed as a girl.
It was until after the war did she reveal herself as a girl. Though some stories do depict mulan of going out in full woman's clothes on the last day of war.

32 Ravana (Hindu) Ravana (Hindu)

He was the greatest scientist in his time.

Greatest king and greatest devotee of lord shiva. Mightiest warrior and great thinker was able to set the zodiac according to his will. Brought moksh to whole family by bringing death to them by hands of Lord rama. He was immortal. Even lord ram could not have killed him if vibhishan would not be on Ram's side.

Rawan was a owner of a plane built by his scientists before 10-15000 because

Ravana is the symbol of devotion. As Shiva being the greatest Guru, Ravana proved himself to be the greatest Sishya (student), he taught himself all the aspects discovered by Mahadev Shiva.

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33 Bhishma Bhishma

The greatest warrior of the Kaurav side and blessed with a boon of death according to his own will

No one of his kind who also have the ability and skills to fight with devtas also

The grand sire in the epic of mahabharath

Number 1 with out any doudt

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34 Polyphemus (Greco-Roman) Polyphemus (Greco-Roman)

He is the cyclops


Did dood be stakin

35 Meghnada (Hindu) Meghnada (Hindu)

Grelatest warrior in the war of ramayana. Fought with the devs and brought their king Indra as hostage. Even the gods prayed to bring back Indra. Who else could do that?

He was named Indrajeet (one who conquered Indra) after he defeated n captured Indra, the king of gods.

If all the greatest warriors come to attack Meghnada they will lose..Indrajit or Meghanada was a prince of Lanka and a conqueror of Indra Loka (heaven). He was mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana as the son of king Ravana. Ravana wanted his son to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva and equal to Lord Shiva in warfare. As per the wish of Ravana, Indrajit was blessed to be a warrior equal to Lord Shiva. Indrajit played an active role in the great war between Rama and Ravana. He was a mighty Mahamaharathi. He is considered as the most powerful and the only warrior to ever possess the three ultimate weapons of Trimurti, i.e. Brahmanda astra, Vaishnava astra, and Pashupatastra. He acquired all kinds of celestial weapons from his Guru Shukra, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. By defeating the devas in the heaven he took their weapons and become the possessor of all kinds of divine weapons of deva, asura's and Trimurti's.He even twice defeated Rama and Lakshman, the avatars of Lord Vishnu. ...more

36 Siegfried (Norse-German) Siegfried (Norse-German)

He defeated a dragon and bathe in its blood causing him to become invincible. Not to mention with his sword, which is called Gram, he can easily take on Karna.

Got his abilities from cutting his way out of the stomach of a dragon and bathing in its blood. often called Siegfried of the undead

Was incapable of feeling fear, has a helm that he can use to shapeshift, has a ring that is more powerful that the one from LotR, has a sword akin to Excalibur, and defeated Wotan (Odin) almost easily.

37 Minotaur (Greek) Minotaur (Greek)

Has superhuman power

Theseus is the hero who played the minotaur

vs perseus

Originally from the island crete where one of the gods, probably Zeus again, took the form of a prized bull and raped the queen. the creature had the labyrinth built for it to live and would eat all men that entered the maze except for Theseus

38 Bali (Hindu) Bali (Hindu)

He had a special ability to drain half power of the opponent. He roamed keeping ravana in his armpit for several years. Even lord Rama shot him at his back. He could have killed anyone in this list in close combat without any fatigue.

To be more clear, Indra the king of gods gave him a boon according to which anyone who came at him with the intent to fight would lose half his strength to Bali. So it made him pretty much invincible in battle. And yeah once ravan challenged him for a fight and Bali, defeating him, took him around the world tied up in his tail.

39 Balarama (Hindu) Balarama (Hindu)

Elder brother of Lord Krishna. Teacher of Gadhayudha, Mallayudha for Bheema and Duryodhana

40 Loki (Norse) Loki (Norse) Loki is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor.

Bad ass god, evil and cunning but makes life interesting for the gods of norse

He was not necessarily evil, he was just a trickster. the god that was known to play both sides of Ragnarok, murderer of his best friend Balder, son of Laffy the king of ice giants, and the father/mother of many monsters. some of his children include Fenrir, the midgard serpent, and Odin's horse.loved his family but known to rebel for attention and recognition.

41 Perun (Slavic)
42 Bodvar Bjarki Bodvar Bjarki

Very great warrior, but a thief

43 Haatim (Persian) Haatim (Persian)
44 Enki (Sumerian) Enki (Sumerian)
45 Sohrab (Persian) Sohrab (Persian)

Strongest man ever lived, died only because of fate

It was really bad.
he try to kill his own father without knowing that he is his father and the greatest warior how ever live.
his father was rostam.

46 The Lady of Shalott (British) The Lady of Shalott (British)
47 Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Irish) Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Irish)

Ancient hunter-warrior of Irish mythology

48 Davy Crockett (American Tall-Tales) Davy Crockett (American Tall-Tales)

He is a real person most heroes can't say that, but I think he should be on this list because he beat a huge panther, killed or tamed thousands of bears, and killing Mexican solider upon Mexican solider in his demise at the Alamo. That is why Davy Crockett should be on this list.

49 Thoth (Egyptian) Thoth (Egyptian)

The god of knowledge. No one was as smart as him.

Creator of knowledge and the Book of Thoth. Kinda a dick to people who cross him

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50 Cadmus of Thebes (Greco-Roman) Cadmus of Thebes (Greco-Roman)

Cadmus is just an awesome hero and he fought a dragon as well. He was the first Greek hero so he has to be very powerful in terms of combat strength.

Killed the dragon Sybaris and founded the city of Thebes. Defeated over half the Spartoi.

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