Top 10 Strongest Heroes From Mythology

Heroes from all mythologies are allowed. Not just Greek. This is a mixture of physical strength, defense, magic, and intelligence. They must be mythological, or at least found in mythology and not in history.
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1 Karna (Hindu)

He is the GREATEST Warrior of all time... He is Undoubtedly the Undisputed and Undefeated Champion in all times, He was killed by Arjuna when He was Unarmed, Karna's chariot wheel got stuck in mud, he took off his bow and arrow, and got down to help the chariot wheel come off, Arjuna targeted Karna to kill him, Karna shouted about Kshatriya Dharma and Hindu Warrior Code of Honour of not killing and Unarmed Warrior or Prisoner of War... GOD Krishna told Arjuna about Reality and The Truth about Using Cleverness in War, and told that Lord Krishna as He is Divine God, All bad warriors are already killed by him, therefore he must kill Karna without any fear... So Arjuna killed Karna., otherwise Arjuna would have easily been defeated By Karna if Lord Krishna would not have stepped in... Karna was the Mightiest, he Could take down Bheem also easily...The God's, Devas all had come down to see the Mighty Universal Fight between Arjuna and well..!

Karna the struggler is known, acknowledged and loved by everyone who knows Mahabharata. An invincible warrior with a golden armour and above all the hero of charity.

A perfect role model for every generation to follow even from people of different cultures and religions. His story will inspire everyone.

He is absolutely the strongest hero in mythology. He defeated Bhima so many times, and was a better archer than Arjuna, someone who was blessed by Krishna was was only able to be killed by Arjuna because Krishna took his armor and Arjuna killed him in the back while Karna was unsticking his chariot wheel.

Karna the greatest and legendary fighter of hindu mythology. Karna is greater than meghanath son of ravana and arjuna in many ways.
Karna could defeat arjuna one single hand.
Karna can defeated bhima at least 5 times in war and karna proved that he was more mightier than bhima.
Karna was greatest and biggest warrior in ancient times.
Karna was mightier than arjuna and kauravas duryodhan
Karna was mightiest warrior in mahabharat
Karna have three greatest powerful and mighty sons vrishasena banasena and vrishaketu. Vrishasena was greatest maharathi warrior son of legendary fighter karna

2 Heracles (Hercules) (Greco-Roman)

He is god dammed Heracles, He did the 12 labors. Each one was a full adventure for another hero. By doing so he became a god of his own right, If anyone besides Gilgamesh deserved this title. It is Gilgamesh

Easily number one. I could spend a few hours writing down his accomplishments and why he should be first, as I am a huge mythology nerd, by I don't need to do that. You have probably heard his story, and everyone knows the name, and while I could add so much to your knowledge of him, I don't need to. Why? Honestly, because I'm too lazy.

Hercules did everything in ancient Greek myths. He has done so many things that people have started to lose track of what he did or didn't fight. A good rule of thumb: it is in Greek mythology if Hercules ever came into direct contact with it. He was so great that the god that had been trying to kill him for his entire life let her husband Zeus bring him back as a god because she recognized that she had been beaten. The only reason he died was through acid literally burning away his flesh until he, get this, burned himself alive because he wanted to go honorably instead of surviving it, which he could've, and living to a ripe old age and kill more. He beat multiple gods in hand-to-hand combat, held up the weight of the sky with his own bare hands, helped the gods kill the giants which were specifically made to be unkillable, has a cloak that makes him invulnerable, and has never lost a battle. He seriously needs to be nerfed.

Hercules is considered one of the strongest heros to ever exist, maybe even the strongest. Hera induced a madness in him and he killed his sons and wife. To atone for "his" sin he had to perform twelve labors that only gods could acomplish. He was deemed the greatest hero of all times by the greeks and slayer of mosnters and savior of human kind.
But as all greek heros (except Perseus), Heracles had an inglorious death. Still, he was the only greek hero to ascend to goodhood and he became the greek god of strength.

3 Sun Wukong (Chinese)

A monkey who became an immortal through Taoist practices. When he was fated to die he fought back and defeated Hell's messengers and wiped his name and his kind's names off of Hell's registry. Afterwards rebelled against Heaven and defeated all of Heaven's best generals. Was eventually trapped under a mountain by the Buddha where he remained imprisoned for 500 years. He was eventually released and to atone for his past sins escorted a monk on a pilgrimage to India to receive the holy scriptures from the Buddha. On this pilgrimage he fought and defeated a great many demons and monsters.

Let's start with his weapon. A staff weighing 17,550 lbs (7,960 kg) that he easily wields. It can shrink, expand, and duplicated on his command. It was initially said to have been used to measure how deep the sea is. The monkey king himself was immensely strong and fast, could shapeshift into any animal (except he keeps his tail), knew how to cast various spells, and could turn each of his individual hairs into duplicates with the same ability. Feats include moving the earth, defeating armies of gods, and literally scaring death. He was the strongest god damn monkey to ever live, and should probably be at the top of this list.

Sun Wukong, Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, the Handsome Monkey King, is by far, the most interesting mythology figure to me. He started from rock bottom and ended up taking on the entire Chinese pantheon, being driven back by Erlang Shen and being trapped by the Great Buddha. With his magic beating staff and his mastery of supernatural abilities, he's nigh unbeatable and all of these other heroes on this list would be hard-pressed to take him.

Sun Wukong is EASILY the strongest on this list the guy Rampaged through heaven whooping everybody's butts and had to be stopped by Budha himself. (The most powerful being between the Buddhist and Taoist pantheons). He made himself immortal through like 4 different means, so he is like ridiculously immortal now and he has such a long list of powers that I don't have the time to even mention half of them. And to top it all off, he is the character that Goku is based on... Enough said.

4 Zeus (Grek)

Whoever wrote the list does not know that Zeus is a god, not a hero. They also don't know that it's GREEK, not Grek.

Zeus is the king of the Greek deities for a reason and is an absolute monster. He should be number one.

Big boi zeus is daddy

5 Achilles (Greco-Roman-Trojan)

This page doesn't show EVERY demigod in Greek mythology, (the only mythology I'm familiar with) but out of these, I think Achilles is strongest. When he was dipped in River Styx, his entire body except for his heel became perfect and invulnerable, so his weakness became his heel, which not many other people knew. Not only this, but he is also the most famous Greek gladiator and known to be the "Hero of the Trojan War". If every
Greek demigod was on this page, than this would be the list in my opinion:
1. Daedalus
2. Achilles
3. Archimedes
4. Perseus
5. Heracles/Hercules

To be fair, people should give Achilles some credit for what he was capable of. When he was a baby, he was dipped in the Rive Styx, making him invulnerable to any weapon. Though he did not do the 12 impossible labors like Hercules, he was still an incredible warrior. As stated in Percy Jackson the Last Olympian page 133, Percy said it himself "I stunk at Greek names, but even I knew THE GREATEST WARRIOR OF ALL TIME who had died from a wounded heel. Achilles". He only had one flaw but it is not his heel, also as stated in Percy Jackson the Last Olympian it was his arrogance that got him killed. In other words because he knew he was basically invincible and an incredible warrior, it was over confidence that got him killed. Achilles' fatal flaw is being over confident and underestimating his opponents.

I think people downvote because they never actually read up on their mythology :S but yeah, Achilles... challenge mortals and gods alike, superhuman in all fields - if you've actually read the epic cycle and not just the iliad - greatest armed and unarmed warrior in all Greek and other mythology, only Herakles comes close unarmed but that's due to his strength even though Achilles had superhuman strength as well. Better than Ares/Mars, Enyo/Bellona, Hektor, Troilus, Memnon, Diomedes... the list goes on

there's a reason why when people talk about "whos the greatest warrior" they try and say how the person will "beat Achilles" since Achilles is number one and basically the measuring stick.

We just have to remember two things: firstly, the prophesy of Prometheus (according to another version Themis) that Thetis would give birth to a son much stronger than his father. Zeus wanted Thetis but did not know about the prophesy until he knew about it from Prometheus. So, we could speak about the new ruler of the world - if Achilles was immortal but Zeus never let that happen - dethronizing Zeus himself just like he did with his father Cronus and Cronus with his father, Uranus. Secondly, Achilles was not just a warrior or had supernatural strength as Hercules also did. Achilles was raised and taught from centaur Chiron who amongst others, he taught him astronomy, music (Kalliope was coming from Olympus to teach Achilles), medicine, patience, pain resistance but the most important for all, the rejection of the importance of the secular goods. This is hiding a whole philosophy which in the end led him not to fear "Death" but to "embrace" him. These are the reasons that Achilles ...more

6 Beawulf (Norse)

He killed 9 giant sea serpants while in a 5 day swimming much against the mighty brecca. He killed a dragon with his bare hands and in order to do so, he had to cut off his arm without the slightest sign of pain. Not only does he have unprecedented strength, he is also a master tactician and uses his vast knowledge to defeat his oppenents, finding their weakness and seizing the advantage. He killed the giant demon Grendal completley naked and with no weapons. Beowulf is truly the greatest legend of all.

He killed a dragon with only 12 bee swarms and a queen bee. He ripped off an arm from a monster that killed hundreds of highly trained warriors like nothing., killed the monster's mom, who was even scarier than her son. To top that off, he was a wise king, who brought peace for decades to his people.

Defeated Grendel and his mother, who crushed the 24 members of the House of Odin. His physical strength is equivalent to that of gods like Freyr, Frigga, or maybe even Odin or Thor.

This list is kinda offensive since there are many heroes of different religions shown as myths.

7 Perseus (Greco-Roman)

Perseus is one of my favorites. He chopped off medusa's head, killed a sea monster and killed drunk people who were going crazy. I like how he killed his stupid grandfather and didn't know he did. That guy is totally crazy. He even rested well when he literally threw his daughter into the ocean.

Great art Perseus to film (Clash of the Titans). Mythical Perseus in film beautiful face intellect hero. Perseus in film intellect warrior red costum and big zord, Perseus winning fight and kill of above werry match creature and werry match mythical mans and woman, S.

One of the only successful heroes, come on people! Okay, maybe he couldn't beat Hercules, but he could crush heel boy with one hand tied behind his back!

I think percy Jackson is the strongest hero because well... just read the books and you will understand. but out of these it is perseus besides percy Jackson is named after him.

8 Rama (Hindu)

He was the slayer of Ravana - the most powerful demon in Hindu mythology. He killed fierce warriors like Khar/Dushana, Tarka, Bali, etc. He is the lord of Hanuman who burnt mighty Lanka to ashes, husband of Maa Sita (goddess of wealth) and elder brother of Lakshman (avatar of Sheshanaga). His power can be described by the following versa of Ramayan - "Enter the city with the Lord of Ayodhya enshrined in your heart and accomplish all your business. Poison is transformed into nectar, foes turn friends, the ocean contracts itself to the size of a cow's footprint, fire becomes cool and Mount Meru, O Garuda, appears like a grain of sand to him on whom Sri Rama has cast his benign look."

My great comparison the from serial Xena: Warrior princess, 4 season, episode: the way, in Rama to Indjraktic, king of demons. Indjraktic, relative Rama, king Hindu with Krishna started fight of episode: The way. Indjraktic in episode me six hand and two foot, great comparison to biggist Beatle.

He could destroy the whole army with only one arrow. That arrow was even more powerful than any nuclear weapon!

Rama is another avatar of lord Vishnu and he was born as the son of king dhasharatha. He is the hero of the epic Ramayana in which he kills the evil ravana who steals lord Rama's wife seetha from him

9 Thor (Norse)

Thor is easily among the top contenders for this list.

I think Mjolnir is most powerful weapon ever made in history of mythology...

With the avengers he is unstoppable!

He's Filthy! ( In a good way)

10 Krishna (Hindu)

Krishna is Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. Krishna is God incarnate in Human form. When Krishna's Mother was pregnant with Krishna, People could not even see her because of the brilliance that was emanating from her. He could move celestial bodies at will, example for this is krishna's willful occurrence of solar eclipse to save Arjuna. These are the characteristics of the ultimate God. If you read about Krishna, you will come to know his greatness and ISKON is doing a wonderful job of it. In his Vaman avatar, His one foot covered the entire heavens. He created a star system to kill a demon named Hiranyakasipu in his Narasimha Avatar. In the same avatar he comes out of a stone pillar by the devotion of prahalad.

Krishna is Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. When his mother was pregnant with Krishna, people could not even see her because of the brilliance that was emanating from her. Krishna could move celestial bodies willfully, his display of the solar eclipse at will, to save Arjuna in war. His one foot covered the entire heavens in his Vaman avatar. His creation of a star system to kill a demon named Hiranyakasipu to save prahalad. He is god and he existed among humans (and still exists) teaching humans the way of life.

He was a great combination of Brain, Divine Powers, Physical Strength and warrior skills. Killed n number of demons in his childhood, Lifted Govardhan Parvat(Mountain) on his baby finger, Defeated Indra (King of Gods) are some examples of his strength. He has won the great battle of Mahabharta by not even killing a single person in the battle, this was his strategical mind. He showed the entire universe in his mouth to his mother, his divine power. And last and greatest, what he told to Arjuna during the battle of Mahabharata, forms the book Geeta ( holiest and a great source of knowledge), this was his knowledge.

Krishna is India old gods, the Krishna come to cow. Me comparison to Krishna is in series Xena: Warrior princess to 4 season, episode The Way. In Xena, episode The Way have discover to Krishna, in blue colour body, take black power and reincarnation to Xena. Krishna take four hand, s and two foot, and attacker opposite to Rama.

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11 Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian)

He possesses the Chains of Heaven (Enkidu), which can hold down a god...a GOD and anyone of divine caliber aka the Bull Heaven, which was stated in the Epic of Gilgamesh as having a weight of infinity(bigger than the weight of the known universe, which is 10^53kg)...He also possesses the weapon called the "Destroyer of All Truth (Things)" in the Hyper-verse (bigger than the Multiverse and Universe! ), forged in the blood of the ancient Primordial God, Ea, which mind you is the first recorded god to show in all of human history, which was said to have first appeared in the archaeological records around 5000 because...older is more powerful...this weapon can wipe out anything in creation, so all reality would be solely devoured by this immeasurable and all omnipotent weapon). It was also stated in the near the end of the great Epic, that in his failure to attain the flower of immortality, he was stated to possess all of man kinds conceptualized riches, be it foods, clothing, and armory ...more

All hail the king of creation. He lays claim to all in his vast domain and takes what he wants from everyone, even the gods cannot defy his greed.

All should bow before the King Of Heroes, the King Of Kings, The only hero who could even come close to Gilgamesh is Karna yet Gilgamesh would still win handedly.

The first Hero from the earliest surviving great work of literature. All other heroes are just fakers.

12 Cú Chulainn (Irish)

Tied himself to a rock with his own intestines so he could die standing, and fool the enemy army of Connacht. His power was so feared, that even eviscerated and dying, his very presence was enough to prevent his opposition from making a move. Only when a crow landed on his shoulder after his passing, did any man dare approach... this man promptly lost his hand in the attempt of taking Cu Chulainn's sword from his corpse.

With the wit and cunning of Odysseus, Herculean strength, Achilles level wrath and agility, Karna level loyalty, a Spear that kills invulnerable heroes, a Riastrad that makes the Hulk look cute, and a sword of light on a level with Excalibur? I rest my case.

Son of the god Lug and held off an entire army by defeating a myriad of its troops in one-on-one combat in succession until they became frustrated and attack anyway, but Cú Chulainn (whose battle-rage was legendary) killed hundreds of his assailants, erecting a wall of corpses.

Has been described as the Irish Achilles but this would actually be Ferdiad, Cúchulainn's greatest opponent who like Achilles had impenetrable skin however unlike Achilles Ferdiad had no weak spots so after brutal fighting for 3 days Cúchulainn threw his magic spear the gae bulg up Ferdiad's anus which then pierced his heart killing him. Cúchulainn also has the warp spasm which is basically a more terrifying version of the hulk and which iirc killed 100 of enemy warriors just by looking at him, in this state of rage Cúchulainn couldn't tell friend from foe and killed all in his path and would single handedly kill multiple warriors.

He's basically the Irish Achilles and was terrifying. He'd have eaten Theseus's minotaur and picked his teeth with Perseus.

13 Muhammad (Islam) Muhammad (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arabian Prophet, best known as the central figure (and last prophet) of the Abrahamic religion of Islam and is amongst the most revered and important historical figures in the world.

I am so surprised to see that Muhammad's Uncle Amir Hamza is nowhere on this list. He slayed a dragon with his bare hands and routed an entire army with only one sword blow. He can surely crush Hercules.

He was not a mythological character. Remove him from this list of creepy characters. He was a real person and the greatest person in the world.

The general, The Politics Leader, The Religous Leader, Judge and teacher. The greatest existed worrior not just by strengh and weapon but also with heart and mind..

He just wanted peace in mankind and after all not like other god or prophet who always catch up fight others.And he always respect religions.

14 Christ (Christian)

The son of God who was born as a human to save mankind from sin. He spent his life teaching and doing wonders such as healing ill and disabled people. He finally sacrificed himself and was crucified so that humans could be saved from sin. He died but was reborn and returned to Heaven. This great heroic deed was said to restore the balance so that the humans no longer were automatically doomed. Humans could then follow the example set by him - or at least believe in him - and reach heaven.

When he was a 1 year old he outsmarted of wisest of men. He saved all of humanity through his death he gave life. He has a giant cross which is his weapon. He only used 1% of his power during the crucifixion. He is limitless he is the lord. It is known that he fought beowulf, achilles, karna, and hercules at the same time by himself blindfolded using only his pinky finger.

Sorry, I wrote "reborn". I meant "resurrected"

Christ should be number one.

15 Arjuna (Hindu)

Arjuna was the Best Archer in the Whole Universe... He was the Greatest student if Drona, and was so sharp that he could hit a birds eye easily...!

For all the people who think Karna would've slayed Arjuna easily, know your facts.
Bhismapitama himself told that he wasn't 1/12th of the pandavas. True pound for pound in terms of skills karna might've been a bit better but you should know that his dharma would never allow him to acheive victory.

If you consider the unabridged Mahabharat, Arjun was the greatest of them all. Except Bhisma, he defeated karna drona n duryodhan during the virat war. While in heaven, even Indra the king of gods assured him that all of the kaurav warriors including karna was not even 1/8 th of Arjun on the battlefield. So yeah he was the greatest second only to Bhisma and could have defeated karna in a fair fight.

Arjuna is most powerful warrior and he has the power to consume the whole world in a single arrow. Hence he is the powerful epic hero.

16 Theseus (Greco-Roman)

I've always enjoyed Theseus due to his intelligence and open mindedness. He was the only Greek hero who actually stuck around for his friends. When Heracles was driven to madness by Hera everyone but Theseus abandoned Heracles, but Theseus stopped Heracles from going through with it. (even breaking an Ancient Greek stigma by making himself dirty by having contact with Heracles) Heracles lived with Theseus for a long period of time (months or years I'm not quite sure) before going off to complete his famous 12 Labors.To add onto this Theseus was a total badass able to fight his way through miles of bandits and capable of holding Heracles' famous strength in check. He's also one of the only mortals to escape Hades. Put this together with his Odysseus level smarts and you get one of the best heroes in mythology.

Theseus lifted a boulder when he was young to obtain his father Aegeus's sword and sandals. He had the option to take the route to Athens by sea, which was the safer choice but he chose the land route with monsters and robbers cause he's just badass.
He also on his journey beat the greatest wrestler Cercyon and then killed him because again he's just that badass

A well rounded hero, Strong like Hercules, smart like Odysseus, Loyal to a fauult. He is considered the father of democracy. He seeded power as a king to the people and went off to destroy dangerous monsters.
In the end they betrayed him for it.

He was the son of the most powerful god which is Poseidon. Most of all he slaved the Minotaur!

17 Odysseus (Greco-Roman-Trojan)

He was not a demigod and yet defied gods and monsters, winning through cunning what he could not win through strength alone. He ended the siege of Troy, a feat that not even the migthy Achiles accomplished. He went to the underworld and returned with life, he killed the son of Poseidon and avoided the god's revenge. He suffered for 10 years to return to his home, denying immortality and the love of godesses to return to his family.

Hey, Odysseus was the man who ENDED the Trojan War, with his Trojan Horse plot. He legit defied the gods, sailed the Sea of Monsters, survived a land of sleep, got past an island of cannibals, plotted his way out of Polyphemus's island(that scene was hilarious), survived the Sirens without stuffed ears, survived Scylla and Charybdis, got past the sorceress named Circe, ENDURED ALL THE WRATH OF POSEIDON, and murdered all the suitors invading his home! He is the cleverest hero, the highlight of the much loved poem, the Odyssey, and brilliant strategist. In the fight over the armor of Achilles, the two who helped carry back Achilles's body held a poll on who was most beneficial to their cause, AND ODYSSEUS WON(thus bringing around the suicide of Ajax)
He is a favorite of Athena, one of the most prominent heroes in the Trojan War, yet he isn't in the top 10?
Wow people, get a brain. I'm sure Athena would agree. He wasn't even a demigod, he got through all his hardships on skill, and ...more

Odysseus be werry mightny heroes, king of Ithaka. My compare to Odysseus from Odysseus of serial Xena: Warrior proncess od 2 season. This is be episode name Ulysses, Ulysses his sleng Odysseus. In this episode Ulysses, by Ulysses, (Odysseus) strong man in blue costum. Episode exit of alliance Odysseus and Penelope, here woman.

He was actually a human not some demigod or immortal dude.

18 Atalanta (Greco-Roman)

Atalanta is an excellent huntress and the fastest runner in ancient Greek mythology. She defeated Peleus (Achilles' father) in wrestling and she was the only female Argonaut. A very beautiful and independent woman.

Atalanta was overpowered as hell. The only reason people don't know her was because the ancient greeks and romans were very misogynistic and find the notion that a woman can be so strong to be ridiculous.

Atalanta is the greatest heroine in ancient Greek mythology and the most foot swifted among all mortals. She took place in Calydonian hunt and became the first to hit the boar. As Ovid said ''no one is able to say whether  she was should get more excellent praise for her foot or for her more outstanding beauty''.

Her skills are to be said to surpass Artemis the Greek goddess of the hunt, and one of the most powerful.

19 King Arthur (British)

The legendary concept of ideal king carried by a mere human being, with a divine power on their guard, represented especially by the legendary sword Excalibur.

Chosen by a weapon, he became a weapon in his own right. Fighting his enemies and serving his nation as a knight of the round.

Forged England into one nation from hundreds of fighting land owners, setting it onto its future course.

There are no regrets. If one can be proud of one's life, one should not wish for another chance. - Saber from Fate/Stay Night

20 Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Irish)

Is killing 3400 soldiers single handedly enough to get you on the list? Armed with two swords and two spears, one of which can cause wounds that never heal, his legend is one of love, violence, chivalry and tragedy.

Plus those 3400 warriors were from the otherworld so possibly gods?

*Gasps* The dual-wielding Lancer-class Servant of chivalry!

He boned a whole village

21 Drona (Hindu and Greek)

They had to tell him his son died and kill him while he was unarmed and meditating while he was grieving in order to kill him because he was so strong that the Pandavas couldn't kill him armed. And the Pandavas are very strong warriors, the best of the best as well.

He is the son of 2 common people in India, recieved a boon and went throughout the world. He defeated a demon with his weapons and defeated 125 greek bandits who tried to steal his weapons made of gold. He was a honored guest in Greek court of Heliodorus. After he returned, he taught Kauravas and Pandavas in India. He shaped their weapon skills and made them even more powerful than himself. He was forced by duty to fight on Kaurava side in the war.
Even in the war, he was like a blazing fire. No arrow could touch him, no sword could wound him. Even Bhima lost to him. He survived till the last day of the war, When he was told that Ashwattema died. Ashwattema was the name of Drona's son. Drona enquires to Yudishthra, who never lies. He says yes, because and elephant of that name died. Then he is very sad and gets killed by Bhima.
He is known to recieve moksha (salvation) and lives in heaven.

There are no words to describe this great teacher. Search on google for teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas you get him. Search for general of Kaurava army you get him. Search for student of Parashurama you get him. Search Records of Heliodorus you get him. Search the teacher of Arjuna you get him. Search father o Ashwattema you get him. Now, there are a lot more things, but I gotta stop now.

He is more powerful than Karna on this list. Karna is more powerful than anyone on this list except Bhisma, Krishna, Mohammed and Christ. He also defeated 125 Greek men without a single weapon. So he is very powerful. Drona for the win!

22 Ravana (Hindu)

Greatest king and greatest devotee of lord shiva. Mightiest warrior and great thinker was able to set the zodiac according to his will. Brought moksh to whole family by bringing death to them by hands of Lord rama. He was immortal. Even lord ram could not have killed him if vibhishan would not be on Ram's side.

The Lord of Demon Kings himself he could control the planets AT WILL. He should be in the top 5 or top 10.
Arguably one of the greatest all rounders of the old era of gods and demons, he held his own against the avatar of lord vishnu (lord ram). People who don't vote for him or other strong hindu gods and warriors need to GET THEIR FACTS RIGHT and stop being partial to their religion and not be so ignorant

The most powerful person on earth in hindu mythology.Had 10 heads which he got from lord Shiva. Died because kidnapping his own daughter sita (wife of lord rama)

Ravana is the symbol of devotion. As Shiva being the greatest Guru, Ravana proved himself to be the greatest Sishya (student), he taught himself all the aspects discovered by Mahadev Shiva.

23 Meghnada (Hindu)

Everyone talks about Karna and his vasavi shakti from Indra. Well, this guy had vasavi shakti and Indra's Vajra as he defeated him. He took all the most powerful weapons from the heavens. The only atimaharathi to ever exist, his power is at least 12x greater than Karna.

Grelatest warrior in the war of ramayana. Fought with the devs and brought their king Indra as hostage. Even the gods prayed to bring back Indra. Who else could do that?

Greatest warrior, had all kind of weapons described in Hindu scriptures.

24 Hua Mulan (Chinese)

Many people are familiar with the Disney version of mulan right?
Mulan was not clumsy, she was graceful, adept, and courageous. She not only wielded a sword, but bows and arrows as well as be well versed in martial arts. One of the best well known Chinese heroines, Mulan earned her self the name "Hua" mulan in war. "Hua" Mean soilder. She fought for about twelve years from the age of seventeen before returning home, unscathed and unrevealed as a girl.
It was until after the war did she reveal herself as a girl. Though some stories do depict mulan of going out in full woman's clothes on the last day of war.

This is like one of the only heroes that is a girl and can fight with a sword. Okay, Atalanta fought a boar, but Mulan fought a war!

Mulan was a warrior. She was also a symbol of feminism, which is great. She hardly had any training, but excelled anyway.

She basically cross dress so that she could fight about... twelve or so years in war. And she also managed to do this without being caught, famous selfless heroine.

25 Setna Khaemswe (Egyptian)

Is there more to say? A modern character to match him up will be Loki. Setna was smart, brave and powerful. His greatest weapon is people underestimating him. He outwitted the Dead Prince. His magic is powerful since he survived demons sent by the Ennead with some of their power. Just one of those demons ccan wipe out a civilization from the face of the Earth.

Of course this dude should be higher. He could battle guys like Thoth who had beaten beings like the eye of Ra who was planetary and could destroy eath's population. Heck, even ancient Egypt's avengers then(Ennead) couldn't stop him. Classic villain

Legendary magician who outsmarted Thoth, the dead prince Neferkaptah, Ptah, and even defeated demons powered by the Ennead, making him at par with gods like Sekhmet or maybe even Apep.

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