Top Ten Strongest Sternritter in Bleach

This is a list of the strongest Sternritter from Bleach. It's based on their current feats, and how they matched up with the Soul Reapers. (NOTE: There are heavy spoilers ahead within the descriptions of each of the characters, for anyone who is not completely up to date with the manga as of chapter 667.)

The Top Ten

1 Ywach (Juha- Bach) Ywach (Juha- Bach)

He is the leader of the Sternritter which is why he automatically gets this spot. His letter is "A" for "Almighty", which allows him to see from the present moment, into the far future. Any power he "knows" becomes his ally through this power. Ywach defeats the Royal Guard without breaking a sweat and breaks into the Royal Palace soon afterwards. He then proceeds to absorb the Soul King. All of these feats, especially the latter, probably put him near or at a god- like level. He also stole Yamamoto's bankai and killed the Captain General. - CurryMan21

Even without all the power ups he got, he himself specified that no other Sternrittern could use Yamamoto's Bankai but him. That's kinda implying he himself is indeed above any other Sternritterns.

That and the power to kill/take away the power of the Sternritterns just by wishing it. Should be more than enough reason to as for why he is the strongest Quincy.

That said. Almighty is nothing to laugh at. In itself, possess more than enough power to obliterate any opponent in his own universe by simply looking them funny.

Overpowered as sht, the second I saw him kill Ichibei Hyosuke like that was when I knew they had no hope to hold - Enmanu16

2 Jugram Haschwalth Jugram Haschwalth Jugram Haschwalth is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Haschwalth is Ywach's right hand man which definitely counts for something. He is sternritter "B", although the complete extent of his powers is unknown. Ywach upon meeting him, says that Haschwalth is his other half, which could mean that he possesses similar abilities. He too has the "Almighty" although it can only be activated when Ywach is asleep, although he does not have full control of the power. He defeated Bazz- B quite easily and then proceeded to kill him. - CurryMan21

3 Uryu Ishida Uryu Ishida Uryū Ishida is a fictional character and major figure in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Like Ywach, he also has the Epithet of "A", but it's unknown if he possesses the "Almighty" or a different ability. Ywach also claims that Uryu has the power to surpass him. This is why he has the third spot, but he doesn't have any feats to back up. - CurryMan21

His ''Antithesis'' ability is pretty useful, if only he was made stronger without it, he'd be formidable enough to be scary - Enmanu16

4 Askin Naak Le Vaar Askin Naak Le Vaar

Askin is Sternritter "D" for "Death Dealing". His ability allows him to calculate the level of lethality it would take something to kill, and change that amount at will, for example, if he consumes blood, he can change its lethality dosage, which makes it fatal to his opponent. With the other Wandenreich, he defeated the Royal Guard. He also defeated Yoruichi, until finally being killed by Kisuke Urahara who was even released his Bankai, which allowed him to create a path for Arrancar Grimmjow, who then killed Askin. - CurryMan21

Poison rapes people to death no matter the distance IF caught inside his poison zone or whatever it's called. I'd say he's above Lille Barron because he's a sneaky hax genius. In bleach it all depends on the type of person they are fighting this is why urahara can defeat him and many other soul reapers would fail in comparison against him. Yes they may not be a continent level destructive power but they are way more hax than even that destructive power because for one they arre far smarter than someone like Naruto Naruto characters

I wrote this list before we truly got to see Askin in action in the manga. After considering how much trouble he gave even the likes of Yoruichi and Kisuke I agree with you. I'll change the list accordingly. - CurryMan21

5 Gerard Valkyrie Gerard Valkyrie

Kenpachi Bankai+Toshiro Bankai+ 1000 swords of Byakuya= NOTHING TO GERARD... - Got6steelers

He is currently fighting and holding his own against the combined forces of Bankai Kenpachi, Toushiro and Byakuya. Gerard's letter is "M" for "The Miracle". Any damage he takes, can be converted into physical size increases, which enhance his strength and durability. - CurryMan21

6 Lille Barro Lille Barro

He was Sternritter "X" for "The X-Axis". Barro was powerful enough to take on Shunsui, who was even pushed to use his bankai. When activated, his ability allows him to make it so that when he fires his gun, everything between the target and the muzzle is pierced. All of his enhanced abilities due to the Vollstandg make hime even more powerful. He is defeated and killed by Nanao Ise after pulling a draw against Shunsui. - CurryMan21

7 Gremmy Gremmy

He had the power to imagine anything, but there is a limit, in that if he imagines himself to be as strong as his opponent, his body may not be able to contain that amount of power. On the other hand, almost every other Sternritter is afraid of him, and he grievously injures Kenpachi, but is defeated. Since he doesn't last very long, his list of feats is short, but they include: Summoning a meteorite large enough to destroy the entire Soul Society, and staying more or less on par with Kenpachi (post training + new shikai). - CurryMan21

The overly confident kid has one of the most powerful skills ever in history of manga although the way he use it is different, playing with his enemy first then severely wounding them then because of his overly confident attitude he thought he can defeat anyone underestimating them that's why he died because he thought he can match everyones power. But overall he's a beast in battle

8 Pernida Parnkgjas Pernida Parnkgjas

It was a part of the elite sternritter group arranged by Ywach. Pernida held its own against Mayuri and also gave Yoruichi a challenging fight. Pernida grievously injured Kenpachi (post training). - CurryMan21

Seriously creepy

9 Bambietta Basterbine Bambietta Basterbine

Can make everything explode like nothing

The closest Bleach got to a DBZ character - Enmanu16

10 Bazz-B Bazz-B

Overpowered and defeated Hitsugaya. His letter is "H" for "The Heat". He did have an elemental advantage against Toushiro though, and was also defeated by Haschwalth quite easily. - CurryMan21

The Contenders

11 As Nodt As Nodt

He was able to defeat Byakuya with medium difficulty and overpowered Renji as well. Nodt also held his own against post-Royal Guard Rukia, but was killed by her later on in their battle. - CurryMan21

12 Sōsuke Aizen Sōsuke Aizen

It turns out ywachs brother was sasuke all along

Strongest uchiha

He actually is the strongest Genjutsu user out there.

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13 Meninas McAllon
14 Candice Catnip

Of course the "Thunderbolt" would get a spot with that electricity she will SHOCK everyone with her Thunder power. She defeated kenpachi with other sternritter females, fight Ichigo and having a hard time againts him.

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