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1 Reshiram Reshiram

Reshiram can learn great moves such as Draco Meteor and Blue Flare, and training the speed stat allows you to counter Zekrom.

BEAST Pokemon I traded him into all my games I have like 40! He's helped me beet Pokemon league so many times

Reshiram is an absolute beast on the battle field, and can be used to wall break any strong opponent with its amazing Blue Fare attack.

When you put dragon and fire together you get Reshiram. But it's hard to believe that he is in 1st place. but of course you have to vote for this legendary Pokemon ( dragon type is one of my favorite type of Pokemon) comment if you like dragon type Pokemon

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2 Zekrom Zekrom

My level 100 Zekrom can beat the Elite 4 on its own! I usually have Emolga, Darmanitan and Samurott at high levels too but Zekrom, with Draco Meteor, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike and Stone Edge, can beat all! Stone edge is great for beating Fire (Reshiram) and these four moves can beat ALL weaknesses of the dragon/electric type :) xx

You have high level Emolga and Samurott too? Are yours level 100 like mine? - Goatworlds

Zekrom wrecks every Pokemon that ever existed the fairy types have nothing against him seeing how he can learn moves super effective against them so I say HE IS THE BEST UNOVA Pokemon!

It my favorite Pokemon and it is really strong in omega and alpha he beat most of the Pokemon its also bulky and good attack Pokemon faster than reshiram and can learn earth power to beat a lot of Pokemon. hope you enjoyed my answer mine knows outrage draco metior bolt strike and earth power

In pokemon black it is the strongest

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3 White Kyurem White Kyurem

Statistically the best Unova Pokemon. I prefer battling with Reshiram over White Kyurem but in terms of base stats, move pools, etc. White Kyurem is the best of Unova and of any Pokemon (Megas excluded).

Amazing special attack check, good special moves check, and is it just me or does it look cool.

Why is white kyurem after reshiram? It's kyurem plus reshiram what's better than that?!?!?

It is the most powerful dragon type

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4 Black Kyurem Black Kyurem

White Kyurem is better than Black Kyurem? THAT'S RACIST

The scariest Pokemon ever. Said to eat children and other Pokemon. Even Kelsey pissed his Hoover's in the movie. I think it's scarier than Giratina.

Black Kyurem is better than White Kyurem. The fact that it actually looks better than White Kyurem.

It never fails me and always comes out strong

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5 Hydreigon Hydreigon Dark/Dragon pokemon, thought to be similar to Hydra. Drei is german for three, as in the name it relates to the head count of the stage of evolution. Do not let this pokemon near fairy type pokemon.

Strongest non legendary by miles. Its stats are the best non legendary. You check. Plus it is better than cobalion, terrakion, victini, tornadus, thundurus, landorus and virizion - GgGgGg8888

Hydregion is Unova's only pseudo-legendary, meaning it has a lot of potential in its stats, and it does with its stats being pretty equal. Added on to its brilliant move set, the only downside I can think of is how late it evolves, but then again its all worth it in the end.

Hydreigon is a boss! Hydreigon is my favorite and he haves awesome speed plus a good special att. good for sweeping

Strong,powerful,3 form every thing you need.

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6 Samurott Samurott

All rounded stats and can learn water and ice moves. This itself covers most type disadvantages. Zekrom is a legendary and its fusion bolt is very strong but can be beat using blizzard and ice beam

Samurott is amazing. Swords dance once or twice, and have fun sweeping everyone in your game. And given the right EVs, you can use him in battle spot. I do, and he actually takes down many foes. And he has the best design of the three starters, including Oshawott. I don't care if design has nothing to do with it.

Whoever hates him is stupid and blind can't you see he is the most awesome he deserves to be on the top of this list all of the other poke are just a joke

This Pokemon is amazing I chose it in White and white 2 good attacks and defense only weakness it grass and electric so amazing so chose it in black black 2 or white and white 2

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7 Kyurem Kyurem

Can combine with reshiram and zekrom to create a Pokemon that can crush arceus, yet somehow zekrom and reshiram are more highly rated, what!

Kyurem should be ranked higher

Kyurem is definintly one of the strongest Pokemon out there with it being dragon and ice. The only thing keeping me from using, are the Pokemon I have from other regions

Just use it. Best typing ever. Ice and dragons awesome and by the way purrlion sucks don't use it. It's hopeless. This is the best Pokemon ever created ever better than mew or arceus

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8 Victini Victini

Victini reminds me of celebi I don't even know why and victini is cute and it made me cry so much in the movie

Hello victory pokemon it should be the most powerful

He's in the top ten

Victini,jirachi and celebi should be a trio

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9 Keldeo Keldeo

Resolute forme is awesome! Beat my brother with it in battle

A have a ceratin respect for Keldeo. He may be a kid, but he's Badass!

Love water types. My favorite type tied with dark. I love Greninja. It's a a magic unicorn... What isn't to like

Keldeo should have a crossover with my little pony

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10 Landorus Landorus

Landorus is great in both forms. Slap a choice scarf on it, add it's huge attack stat and you will be untouchable

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11 Serperior

I can take out just about any Pokemon with my serperior. Serperior has very high speed and defense, which means it can last a few hits especially on moves that are supper effective. My serperior is level 80 and I can beat the elite 4 with no problem.

Snivy is my first Pokemon and after playing with Serperior again I remember how awesome they are. Great speed and defense!

Serperior is awesome! It can learn great moves like Leaf Blade, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, and Outrage.

Great unova pokemon deserves to be in your team even though it has a lot of weaknesses I think it's the best pokemon in the unova region and I think it would be better that ashs snivy evolves to serperior.

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12 Zoroark

Best dark type Pokemon ever! I want him on all my teams... And I do! Plus he looks like a COMPLETE BOSS! His shiny form is awesome too :3

Amazing Pokemon not very good moves at first but level him up and he's amazing

A werewolf with illusions, And his own signature move, got 1 of these babies in black 2, BEST IDEA EVER.

I love zoroark because of the way it can change form and can actually defeat entei

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13 Genesect Genesect

Genesect should be number 1. genesect is op!

It's a diamond in the rough. ( good Pokemon in a bad region).

He is more stronger than than mega Mewtwo y and arceus a mouse for genesect

I love his design, and he has great typing and stats.

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14 Pirouette Meloetta
15 Emboar Emboar

This Pokemon is by far the best ever black or white kyurem or even both don't stand a chance not against this flaming boar it kills everything

My emboar is a beast knowing fire blast, overheat, flare blitz and head smash. He is also level 100. I can beat anyone with him.

Emboars are very strong if you can raise it right! I have a Emboar in my White 2 team and he is SUPER STRONG! Most people dislike or hate Emboar because of it's low defense, speed, and looks. But who cares about looks and it has Great Attack and HP! Plus, with Flamethrower, Head Smash, Earthquake, and Scald, It is gonna be a superb Pokemon for you're team! Plus, Emboar is my Favorite Pokemon of all time!

This Pokemon is poo so slow poo attacks and fat

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16 Volcarona

Total Boss. Defense is utter crap, but two quiver dance's and fiery dance, your enemy is doomed.

2nd best bug type I can think of (1st is Genesect, YEAH I SAID IT), sure it can faint from a STEALTH ROCK and has quite a bad learnset so you have to teach it stuff, but its worth it. With flamethrower and signal beam you can properly utilize its power!

Love valcarona because its beast I just love it though love zekrom more still one of my favorite unova Pokemon I love 5 gen in my opinion

How is this psuedo-legendary not on the list. It's so boss ven the pros use it.

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17 Purrloin Purrloin

This thing is a joke. This is the worst dark Pokemon ever. Kyurem is #1. This Pokemon is the worst ever. At least magikarp can evolve it to a sick Pokemon this thing gets worst when it evolves

How is purloin stronger then terrakion, tornadus, thundurus

Cute and deceptive, but its stats aren't great. I would rather go with something like krookodile or bisharp if I wanted a good reliable dark type.

It's evolution is beast with it's HA, or hidden ability, prankster. For all the noobs, it causes moves like thunder wave or encore to go first. It can break any sweep with thunder wave foul play and focus sash.

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18 Tornadus Tornadus

He's awesome, he could beat pikachu

What tornadus can beat samurott

Amazing that this is the ONLY pure flying type out of all 721 Pokémon

Wrecks whole teams with nastly plot + prankster by using rain dance once and then keep trowing nevermissing thunders at your enemy ;3;

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19 Terrakion Terrakion

Terrakion can just go up and sacred sword a Pokemon or rock slide a Pokemon and one shot that Pokemon most of the time, but Cobalion is way better

20 Cobalion Cobalion

Very underrated. I run a special attacking set, and it works. Good defenses and stat boosting moves to compliment it's lower attack.

My favourite Sword of Justice except for some reason it's a special attacker? (maybe it's my Cobalion's nature? )

Is there no love cobalion is a beast fighting and steel type

Cobalion is underrated in my opinion.

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