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1 Anatidaephobia (the fear of somewhere, somehow a duck watching you)

Stupidity! why ducks? They just sit waddle or fly. Why not hawks (they could get your cat or dog or baby); or owls, for that matter, if you think something is watching you!

The fact that this even exists means that somewhere, at some point in time, someone ACTUALLY HAD THIS PHOBIA, which really makes me question the real purpose of the human race on Earth. We have a long way to go before we can even begin to understand what kind of duck trauma this individual has had from their past to cause this kind of phobia to develop. It really surprises me that we, as a race, can dream of interstellar travel, but cannot overcome the fear of A DUCK eavesdropping and watching you at all times.

I would understand if there was a fear that somewhere a bird is watching you because at least that's more likely seeing as when your outside they could fly over you or be sitting on a roof staring at you etc but a duck? How often do you see those? Parks and ponds if you live in the city maybe but overall it's just ridiculous.

Its like taken all over again! Duck says from a far away place " I don't know who you are, I don't know where you come from, hell I don't even speak words, but I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. If you die from your own pending stupidity (cause you got anatidaephobia)"

2 Pentheraphobia (the fear of your mother-in-law)

Hah. This is THE stupidest phobia known to man... Yet understandable

If the mother in law was abusive then this might explain.

Its not stupid cause its pretty normal laugh out loud

Everyone is afraid of their mother-in-laws...

3 Chrometophobia (fear of money)

Seriously? Laugh out loud every people need money, and some people are willing to die just to have money.

This is SO ironic considering the people who would do anything for money.

How can that be true some one running away from money it might be though

I have a feeling that most of these phobias are fake and nonexistent

They're all exist, do some research first. Most of these are very, very rare.

4 Cherophobia (the fear of happiness)

I mean, sometimes you just think "something bad is going to happen quickly"

I feel bad for the people who have this phobia

My english teacher is Cherophobic
she said to us don't be happy, be sad

I like the saddness

5 Bananaphobia (the fear of bananas)

To the person mentioning arachnophobia in the comments, that LITERALLY has nothing to do with bananaphobia and is a NORMAL FEAR. Although, wouldn't expect any less from someone who can't even spell properly. Go back to school.

🤣 Arachnoophobia is stupid for those people who get byllird in school let alone a small spider, I mean it a spider you can just kill it.

I love bananas its just that when I eat them I throw up. So I kinda do have this cause I'm scared of throwing up.

You can dodge bullets but not bananas? I thought you could sense that with your... Peter Tingle!

6 Biophobia (fear of living things)

So like you're not scared of corpses, but you are scared of the little Girl Scout next door?

You can't be alive because you fear living things you can't even tell a doctor living thing.

But anyone who has this is scared of themselves then

This has to be the stupidest one by far

7 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words)

The irony is overly understandable, yet it makes no sense. I, believe me had this phobia. That is why I am never saying this word ever again.

Fear of Hippopotamus, Fear of Monsters, Fear of Equipping, Fear of Education, Fear of Phobias

You are going to live a sad, sad life.

This, this is just dumb. Who, in their right mind, wuodl make a phobia of land words, using, a long word. Someone please explain this to me.

Creating such name for the phobia of "long words" tells all about how considering human beings are!

8 Euphobia (fear of hearing good news)

Have you ever heard the album "Good News For People who Like Bad News" by Modest Mouse. Great for people with this phobia.

This is so stupid I would understand bad news but why a fear of GOOD news

People who have this must hate Futurama "Good news everyone"

What so so wired especially now everyone wants good news

9 Arachibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth)

This one is kind of funny not trying to be mean or anything but... you know. I mean I wouldn't want penutbutter sticking to the roof of my mouth either but that doesn't mean I'm going to be scred of it. I wouldn't even consider this a phobia actually

That has happened to me, it feels weird but not scary. It sounds like a person who has Arachibutyrophobia would be SCARRED FOR LIFE!

But... It will stick like glue! If you try to get it off with your tounge it will stick to it too and you won't be able to eat, you'll starve to death!

Laugh out loud my friend just told me she has this phobia and ah loves peanut butter! Ironic!

10 Xanthophobia (fear of the color yellow)

I guess I kind of have this; a certain shade of bright yellow makes me feel sick (weird, I know). But to be scared of it? Really? That's just plain stupid

I am a little scared of the color but only a cetain shade... I have issues but then again I did have a traumatic experience so yeah.

How insane would you have to be to fear yellow?

Be colorblind, thank me later

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11 Panphobia (the fear of everything)

How on earth do you survive this? I mean you would faint at the sight of your blood, gravity, fear, even. It makes absolutely no sense at ALL.

I’ve got nothing else to say except-
Why is this a phobia and who has it I kinda wanna scare them by spending the rest of my life naming things just to scare them.

Well, technically, everything CAN kill you. Pens, walls, heck, even a feather can kill you if it's thick at the Every little thing can kill the strongest of warriors if used right. Like, I could be sitting here, and little do I know that there is a knife behind me. I could move weirdly, get stabbed by the knife. Just more things to kill everyone, leaving you all alone... Defensless about who knows what's out there... Silently sitting there, missing your dead friends and family... Sorry, my monophobia is coming into this.

I just voted so I could tell you that I'm scared of the "BAD ROBOT productions" logo. Not only that, I'm scared of that childish voice saying bad robot. If you google bad robot and look for videos, you might see why I'm scared. That's my number one phobia. It should be on this list. (If your scared I don't blame you)

12 Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13)

Like, the number 13 is a bad luck number, so whenever like I think 13 is perfect volume but when the fear come kicking in, I just out the volume to either 12 or 14

ok so yeah many people say that 13 is a horror number and there are many horror short stories based on the number 13, BUT COME ON! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER, EVER BE SCARED OF A NUMBER?! I MEAN.. THAT'S JUST PLAIN STUPID ! >:(

I understand that it's a real fear, but its kinda confusing, why would someone be afraid of the number 13?

I had to spell this in a spelling test and I was 9

13 Didaskaleinophobia (fear of school)

MEEE! *Raises hand* the teachers are the worst... "Homework! 246424554467 more pages of HOMEWORK! " Soon enough I'll died of exhaustion when I'm carrying my backpack home!

If you had this phobia diagnosed by a therapist, would you have to go to school?

This is a total logical fear I can see how this is an actual phobia

If I have this can I skip school

14 Deipnophobia (the fear of having a dinner conversation)

I think I have this, my parents always want to have a chat at dinner but I freak out and start being shy but this is weird cause I’m an extrovert

What if you just communicated dish you will not speak? And instead of speaking you will just use sign language? Laugh out loud that's so damn funny.

I don't have this phobia, but I don't think it's funny becase I hate talking at dinner. I hate it, either because of my shyness or I actually have this phobia.

What is the point of eating with your family then? Like why would you have a phobia like that, it's so weird.

15 Phobophobia (fear of fear)

Don't worry about it, then you won't have to deal with it (mind-blowing). Also, would the worst superhero have this fear...

I guess Harry Potter has this. Because once Lupin told him that his fear is fear itself...

As soon as the slightest bit of fear hits you, which is instantly, it won't stop.

So your scared you get scared again and again then you are scared your whole life

16 Paraskavedekatriaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th)

It sucks though.

-My grandma's dog died that day
-The power always goes out or is close to
-There's always a thunderstorm
-Dad, please stop Jason Vorhees isn't coming to kill us
-Dad, neither is Michael Myers.

This superstition has its origins in Christianity. On the last supper that was on Friday, there were 13 people on the table ( Jesus and his 12 apostles ). One of them was a traitor ( Judas ). That's why many people still believes that this day is a day of bad luck.

I don't have a fear of Friday the 13th just had an annoying one e.g. I had an epileptic seizure and also had lucky Friday the 13th's. But I don't believe in it everything was a coincidence.

On Friday the 13 my two neighbors died, with no known reason, and my brother got arrested. I have a reason to be afraid.

17 Ithyphallophobia (the fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis)

I have this, I get scared when I see my teacher looking thick as hell

Don't even bother saying "good morning" to the men with this fear

If a man has an erection, he usually loves it. I LOVE getting one.

Rip anyone who has this phobia and watches porn

18 Ambulophobia (the fear of walking)

Why walk when you can somersault? they see me rollin'

I will walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more. Lol

How do people with this phobia get anywhere?

Welcome to Lazy Town kids

19 Trypophobia (fear of holes)

This phobia doesn't exist. People who claim that they have it don't even what a phobia even is. Of course pics of trypophobia are disgusting/unsettling, but it's common sense to cringe at those pics, just like seeing people with serious physical diseases, or the Crocodyl drug effects on skin, I feel very unsettled when I see pics of those, but that's common sense.

I have actually been diagnosed with this. So for everyone who says it's not a phobia just because you don't have it doesn't mean no one else does

If I look at a hole, I don't find it scary. But google this phobia and have a nice day my friends... if you don't have this phobia you must be sick inside...

This isn't dumb, I have this. It sucks. I flinch whenever I walk by a average-sized hole. It's not like a tiny hole... unless it's deep."

20 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of the number 666)

It's not stupid. 666 is meant to be "The number of the Devil" or as some people I remember used to call it "Hells area code" these names seem stupid but the fear is very real.

The number 666 is just a number there is no such thing as the mark of the beast get over it.

Whoever named this must have just smashed their keyboard.

This is the mark of the beast of the final battle of armageddon. this is sorta of a creepy number

21 Pteronophobia (the fear of being tickled by feathers)

I'm scared of ANYTHING touching my neck. Literally, if I'm laying down on grass I have to get up because the grass touched my neck :/ probably because I'm insanely sensitive and get extremely aroused if anyone even strokes my neck. and people wonder why I wear a scarf inside

I guess a lot of people don't like being tickled, but an actual phobia that's something else.

I love that it's specifically feathers, not just being tickled in general

Ill have fun touching these people with my handy dandy feather

22 Medomalacuphobia (fear of losing an erection)

I have spent over $3,000 in Viagra in the past 8 months, I have had an erection for the past 8 months as well, I just take like 6 of them before I go to bed each night and I wake up each morning with my erection still there.

I have this phobia and it is very stressfull. I buy more viagra than water.

Thicker peen is my best friend. I have no one

It's gotta go sometime!

23 Agyrophobia (the fear of crossing the street)

What if your mom asked you to buy drugs cause she need it, and you need to cross the street you will not follow her?

Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn't. I feel bad fer all of you guys who have this.

I used to have this because I always thought that I was going to be hit by a car

This is actually so retarded, honestly this must be such a pain in the ass ngl

24 Homophobia (dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people)

It's not a fear, it's more of a hatred by moronic religious extremists who don't know that homosexuality is a natural thing of the human nature.

"Man shall not lie with man as with woman; it is an abomination." Leviticus 13:22
Translated into redneckenese: a man and a man shouldn't have feelings of love for each other like a man and a woman would. Same goes for a woman and a woman. It's a sin. But don't treat gays like scum or nothing. I have plenty of homosexual friends.

Religion is stupid. Just because some unknown man 2000 years ago said homosexuality was a sin doesn't mean It's bad. I'm going to respect a man, treat him well, love him, and make sure he lives the life he wants, not what you want. Homophobia are for kids, not grown adults brainwashed by this made up religion to distract you from dying and not existing. I respect people with religion, but that gives you NO right to try to change anyone's lives. That is injustice and Selfishness. We are loving, you are not. Have a good day.

So you hate me just because I like someone the same sex as me? Okayyy.. You don't even know me personally. Yes I know it is a sin, but the Bible says that you shouldn't judge anyone. Plus it's a hate crime. You just look at a gay person and decipher my entire like based on how you think I lived my life. But whatever dude. Have a blessed day.

It is not a "hate crime," hate crimes don't exist.

Also the title is wrong. People with prejudices are not included in homophobia, people just like to use the word in the wrong way.

This is not dumb, although its not technically a phobia, some people just dislike gays...

25 Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons)

I actually have that. Its not of belly buttons them selves but the fact of someone touching your belly button and stuf.____. I have it because of a video I saw of an ambilical coard being cut and got tromatised after that

I probably have this, I'm highkey afraid of my belly button, its basically a hole that leads to your guts. Like what if it rips...

I'm afraid of people touching it or if I touch it but seeing it isn't scary

Because we all have one and it's weird

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