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1 Anatidaephobia (the fear of somewhere, somehow a duck watching you)

The ducks are watching...

I'd name him Harold. - Stalin

The ducks r watching you all

In a corner somewhere

That's dumb

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2 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words)

The fear of long words, see the irony

They're not scared of the words themselves, they're scared of not being able to pronounce them

This, this is just dumb. Who, in their right mind, wuodl make a phobia of land words, using, a long word. Someone please explain this to me.

It is a long word lol

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3 Panphobia (the fear of everything)

This is highly unusual. I can imagine having panphobia/panophobia. Being scared of everything... Your house, your mom, the street, animals, food, water, light, dark, sleeping, your hands, going to the restroom, your clothes, paper, of yourself... Every single thing. How can you live through this?

your dum


Really?! Who has this?! And how can you live like this?! It's STUPID! So what do they do all day and how can they live?! Like really?! Can you even live like this?

Listen, people who have this might have an Anxiety Disorders, so please control your mouth. - GirlyAnimeLover

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4 Arachibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth)

for me, it's more of a pet peeve than a phobia

Yeah, this is stupid, (no offense to people who have this phobia) - Alpha101

Laugh out loud my friend just told me she has this phobia and ah loves peanut butter! Ironic!

This is dumb

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5 Paraskavedekatriaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th)

My nan has this

I don't have a fear of Friday the 13th just had an annoying one e.g. I had an epileptic seizure and also had lucky Friday the 13th's. But I don't believe in it everything was a coincidence.

The fear of Jason ( aka. h20 delerios ) Bam these are all made upstupid fears from the maker of this top tens list. Complete lies really. so ye

This superstition has its origins in Christianity. On the last supper that was on Friday, there were 13 people on the table ( Jesus and his 12 apostles ). One of them was a traitor ( Judas ). That's why many people still believes that this day is a day of bad luck.

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6 Deipnophobia (the fear of having a dinner conversation)

What is the point of eating with your family then? Like why would you have a phobia like that, it's so weird.

WoW you run as soon as someone starts talking

So... You don't talk at dinner? If someone starts a conversation you'll run screaming?

I know I don't want people to talk about embarrassing stories to other people in front of me...

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7 Pteronophobia (the fear of being tickled by feathers)

It's so dumb, its funny!

I guess a lot of people don't like being tickled, but an actual phobia that's something else.

I'm scared of ANYTHING touching my neck. Literally, if I'm laying down on grass I have to get up because the grass touched my neck :/ probably because I'm insanely sensitive and get extremely aroused if anyone even strokes my neck. and people wonder why I wear a scarf inside - SansTheComic

Ill have fun touching these people with my handy dandy feather

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8 Agyrophobia (the fear of crossing the street)

Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn't. I feel bad fer all of you guys who have this.

The duck does not have this

What if your mom asked you to buy drugs cause she need it, and you need to cross the street you will not follow her?

Boy isn't it a great day to be a chicken

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9 Didaskaleinophobia (fear of school)

This is a total logical fear I can see how this is an actual phobia


School is the worst

I hate school

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10 Phobophobia (fear of fear)

...How do you even stop having fear at that stage?

It's fearception!


Oh the irony

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11 Pentheraphobia (the fear of your mother-in-law)

Pretty much everyone is affraid of their mother-in-law. it's not their fault that they don't want to be eaten alive. ;D

that's ME!

Everyone is afraid of their mother-in-laws...

That is completely normal in most people

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12 Ithyphallophobia (the fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis)

I have this, in get scared when I see my teacher looking thick as hell

If I was male, I'd have one all the time - oneshot

Well men now have a bad life

I know someone who probally has this

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13 Trypophobia (fear of holes)

I have actually been diagnosed with this. So for everyone who says it's not a phobia just because you don't have it doesn't mean no one else does

If I look at a hole, I don't find it scary. But google this phobia and have a nice day my friends... if you don't have this phobia you must be sick inside...

The commentary is golden

"I am scared of shower heads"

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14 Medomalacuphobia (fear of losing an erection)

Thicker peen is my best friend. I have no one

Thicc peen is my best friend

I have spent over $3,000 in Viagra in the past 8 months, I have had an erection for the past 8 months as well, I just take like 6 of them before I go to bed each night and I wake up each morning with my erection still there.

I have this phobia and it is very stressfull. I buy more viagra than water.

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15 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of the number 666)

The number 666 is just a number there is no such thing as the mark of the beast get over it.

This is the mark of the beast of the final battle of armageddon. this is sorta of a creepy number

It's not stupid. 666 is meant to be "The number of the Devil" or as some people I remember used to call it "Hells area code" these names seem stupid but the fear is very real.

It's just a number

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16 Chrometophobia (fear of money)

I am confusion

Have this, get poor.

This is SO ironic considering the people who would do anything for money.

Seriously? Laugh out loud every people need money, and some people are willing to die just to have money.

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17 Emetophobia (the fear of vomit)

I have this! I must not see it, smell it, hear sounds of it or similar to it, hear it being talked about, etc. When I feel nauseous, I literally act like a toddler again, crying hysterically, panicking, frantically asking my mom questions, wanting a parent with me for comfort, etc. It really is a miserable phobia to have, especially for someone like me who has severe anxiety.

I think I have this too. I hate it. In one of my schools every body got sick after lunch and I always knew it was the food but nobody cares. I am always scared and I literally want to run away. It is awful... This actually isn't dumb this is real

Believe it or not, I have this phobia and so do three of my friends. Every time I'm ready to throw up, I feel like it's the end of the world. Thank goodness I hardly ever feel nauseated, or as medically defined, an unpleasant sensation in the abdomen. - RockFashionista

I have this phobia, and its horrible! My friends sometimes sneak behind me and make a vomiting sound and laugh when I run away.

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18 Cherophobia (the fear of happiness)

I like the saddness

I mean, sometimes you just think "something bad is going to happen quickly"

I feel bad for the people who have this phobia

Worst one... - GirlyAnimeLover

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19 Homophobia (dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people)

So you hate me just because I like someone the same sex as me? Okayyy.. You don't even know me personally. Yes I know it is a sin, but the Bible says that you shouldn't judge anyone. Plus it's a hate crime. You just look at a gay person and decipher my entire like based on how you think I lived my life. But whatever dude. Have a blessed day.

This is not dumb, although its not technically a phobia, some people just dislike gays...


This isn't really a phobia. It's not like homophobes just see a gay man and run screaming. - SammySpore

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20 Mageirocophobia (the fear of cooking)

This would be terrible I'd never make my shrimp scampi again if I had this and I still need practice.

Then you will either starve or eat so much fast food you have a heart attack

How can you eat? Unless you buy your food then you will be homeless on the street!

I am gonna starve then

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21 Islamophobia (prejudice against Muslims)

This is just awful. Seriously people WHATS WRONG WITH MUSLIMS?!

Jesus Christ! Why do people hate muslims? They're actually really nicepeople!

That is so racist like not ALL Muslims are terrorists. I know one who's like 2 and so cute

I can see why this is a thing, Muslims SUCK!

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22 Ephebophobia (the fear of youths)


What if you're a kid and you have this

The youth are so unpredictable... You never know what they come up with.

Laugh out loud seriously being afraid of children?

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23 Bananaphobia (the fear of bananas)

Bananananananana banana man

You better watch out there might be a BANANA!

When you were suspended for pointing a banana at someone and pretending to be a school shooter. - SmolBean

It's a banana screams and runs

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24 Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

Isn't this ok of a phobia?

I used to have this... until today... when I discovered spider wasps *shudder*

Ron weasly has this (-; spiders are ok I guess, I'm only scared of ones that are huge and can literally kill you...

My family thinks its stupid that I hate spiders -_-

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25 Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons)

If your're afraid and you know it look at your stomach

I am afraid

Well then... What?

That's nice!

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26 Judeophobia (the fear of jews)

I don't like them
they take my money and run away.

i'm black

I think Adolf Hitler had this.

Also known as a nazi

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27 Barophobia (fear of gravity)

I think I have the fear of autism

Get a jet pack and ya good to go

,hkhsjsgdydyldgoyzgoGieyskgshmsykskgzgkskvsfszvsjcdbzykduktisyidyshkzgkxhkzhkzfzhmzkhztjzyzdnhsgnsyjwkgsgjafyksfakystkafGkstizngsgsysysgkzhatjsdgkLudupfgjsulxkydkhdmhhhzhmzkhxmhzhmzgnzgnzgjzzgkzgzyozigzkgzkzgkzgzkTkKzykzhlzkyd. Weird. _-_

Just imagine someone screaming every second every day

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28 Coulrophobia - (The fear of clowns)

I don't have the fear of clowns- I have the fear of clowns that want to kill me

I have this and personally my advice to other people who have this don't go to the circus and don't watch IT

I have this phobia and its darn scary! I can't sleep at night because I think a clown is watching me and planning to take my soul!

I'm just scared of Pennywise

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29 Neophobia (the fear of newness)

I have this fear

Just imagine a 30 year old man running around a shopping center screaming "EVERYTHING IS SO NEW, WHY"

Can you Whip can you Dab can you Hot the Folks don't Stop can you hit that Sexy Walk Leg Up Leg Down

I have Neophobia! But I don't run screaming like those people without this phobia mention - GirlyAnimeLover

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30 Biophobia (fear of living things)

This has to be the stupidest one by far

So like you're not scared of corpses, but you are scared of the little Girl Scout next door?


You can't be alive because you fear living things you can't even tell a doctor living thing.

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31 Euphobia (fear of hearing good news)


This is so stupid I would understand bad news but why a fear of GOOD news

People who have this must hate futurama "Good news everyone"

Have you ever heard the album "Good News For People who Like Bad News" by Modest Mouse. Great for people with this phobia. - Sepron64

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32 Xanthophobia (fear of the color yellow)

I guess I kind of have this; a certain shade of bright yellow makes me feel sick (weird, I know). But to be scared of it? Really? That's just plain stupid



No phobia of this but sometimes, bright shades of yellow hurt my eyes! )X - Lucy1402

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33 Spheksophobia (fear of wasps)

! I literately cannot stand wasps and run away. No matter how hard I try, I can't sit down and waft them away. No matter how many people tell me it's more afraid of me and like how good they are for the environment. I'm just like "No they are evil creatures sent by te Devil from hell! "

I kind of have this fear.

I have this to a point where I almost pee my pants when I see one.

I have this one too.

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34 Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean)

I have this phobia. Swimming near the shore is fine. But being in the middle of the ocean with no one around is scary. It terrifies me to think about what horrible creatures might be down there. - SammySpore

Lets hope Poseidon doesn't wake up that kraken

I always swim in the ocean alone itโ€™s really calming to me

My mom has this phobia lol

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35 Brontophobia (fear of thunder)

Thunder feel the thunder. - Ilovestephanie


I like thunder

Why does the name sound like the Brontosaurus?

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36 Atelophobia (fear of imperfection)

I have this. And, it's why I'm always anti-social at times

Case and point Death the Kid.

Its real. Just more of an extreme dislike.

I have this too,

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37 Pupaphobia (fear of puppets)

Ultron most definitely has this.

I wonder if they hated the muppets?

Dave Strider; He has a special case.

Marge:Well everybody's got a fear of something
Homer:Not everybody
Homer:What?! Where! Where (SCREAMS) so funny

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38 Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

Snakes are lovely, but this phobia isn't stupid, its reasonable for any sane person, I'm just not sane

This is completely reasonable for some people!

I HATE snakes

I think there scary because some are venomous and you don't know which are venomous or not.

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39 Anglophobia (fear of england)


I have this and my DNA is 75% British

My life is sad :(

It would suck to watch many animes or even have British decent then..

Believe me this is true, I read about it in the science museum.

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40 Ambulophobia (the fear of walking)

Why walk when you can somersault? they see me rollin'

So... how do you travel? - GirlyAnimeLover


41 Gymnophobia (fear of nudity)

I swear school dress codes have this... "OH NO! A SHOULDER! "

I have this and am afraid of myself naked.

So they have sex with clothes on?

Some people don't want sex... and they are the one who have this. I don't to get married, so yeah - GirlyAnimeLover


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42 Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes)

Level is a palindrome - mayamanga

1: Don't say a palindrome. I have a phobia of them.
2: So, you have aibohphobia? You do know that the word for the fear of palindromes IS a palindrome, right? *Smugly smiles*
1: *Cringes*

A palindrome defines the fear of a palindrome.
This is Extreme irony.

Not stupid - GirlyAnimeLover

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43 Hydrophobia (fear of water)

This fear isn't stupid. When you're afraid of water, it means your afraid to swim. You can still drink and bath you just don't wanna swim in water.

How do you drink?

What do they drink?

I actually have this fear

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44 Ommetaphobia or ommatophobia (fear of eyes)

I heard a kid has this and he dug his eyes out with a spoon

Fear of the illuminati

This one is just plain weird

How would you look at this to diagnose yourself if you hated your eyes(and had probably already dug them out)

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45 Halitophobia (the fear of bad breath)

Better brush your teeth! ๐Ÿ˜›

46 Thanatophobia (fear of death)

I have this

Did you know that most Religions were created out of fear of death? It's stupid as hell, and a reason why I'm a protestant. Basically in the past, people were scared because they didn't know what death entailed, so they made up Religions like, 'When you die you go to Heaven.' or 'When you die you come back to live on as an animal.'

Thus, learning R.E is an easier way to learn about the way the brain works than Sociology. People don't want to believe that everything they do is for nought when the die, so petty little lies are created and twisted into 'Religion.'

It's a load of bull, especially when you realise most wars are fought over these intricate little lies woven over time.

Believe me or not, I don't really give a damn.

Protestant is a branch of religion in which if you believe you go to heaven and if you don't you go to hell...
(i know I am protestant) - browncad000

I have this. Scariest feeling in the world

This is one of my phobias - blst0033

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47 Cibophobia (fear of food)

Just eat your fear awa-- oh wait

But if you eat it's like killing your fear

Why the hell is this a thing

You will always go hungry

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48 Chaetophobia (fear of hair)

I have this and it mainly only applies with hair balls

Honestly, if you have this you'd better hope you're bald...

I guess One punch man IS better than dbz

49 Zelophobia (fear of jealousy)

People are just weird these days I bet that the girls are the only ones with this phobia

I bet boys have this fear too.

You're jealous that other people don't have this phobia.

50 Equinophobia (fear of horses)

I have this. I've always been terrified of horses my whole life, strangely enough I grew up around them. An unpredictable two faced back stabbing creature!

I'm happy I don't have equinophobia, because I would die! I love horses so much and I own some! Good thing I don't have that! I would ruin my life and other's equestrian's lives

I love horses.

Mate ma'a TONGA

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