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21 Neophobia (the fear of newness)

Just imagine a 30 year old man running around a shopping center screaming "EVERYTHING IS SO NEW, WHY"

Can you Whip can you Dab can you Hot the Folks don't Stop can you hit that Sexy Walk Leg Up Leg Down

I have Neophobia! But I don't run screaming like those people without this phobia mention - GirlyAnimeLover

This is why I hate tescos

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22 Homophobia (dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people)

This is not dumb, although its not technically a phobia, some people just dislike gays...

This isn't really a phobia. It's not like homophobes just see a gay man and run screaming. - SammySpore

Some of my friend are gay and I am not scared what is so scary

I hate people who hate Lesbians, etc... what is their fault? - GirlyAnimeLover

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23 Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

A creature that has 8 legs is scary!

It isn't stupid, I have this fear

I don't find this stupid though.

I am only scared if a tarantula jumps on my face

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24 Barophobia (fear of gravity)

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Just imagine someone screaming every second every day

We can't live without it

I mean, I don't judge the people with this phobia, but...
- -
". No, just No

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25 Pupaphobia (fear of puppets)

Marge:Well everybody's got a fear of something
Homer:Not everybody
Homer:What?! Where! Where (SCREAMS) so funny

Dave Strider; He has a special case.

I have this phobia, so yeah

My biggest fear

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26 Xanthophobia (fear of the color yellow)

You'll be afraid of your own piss if you aren't the slightest hydrated. - YouShallEatPoopy

Green lantern

Be colorblind, thank me later

I am a little scared of the color but only a cetain shade... I have issues but then again I did have a traumatic experience so yeah.

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27 Atelophobia (fear of imperfection)

I have this. And, it's why I'm always anti-social at times

Its real. Just more of an extreme dislike.

Case and point Death the Kid.

*sobs* - GirlyAnimeLover

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28 Gymnophobia (fear of nudity)

I swear school dress codes have this... "OH NO! A SHOULDER! "

I have this and am afraid of myself naked.

So they have sex with clothes on?

Some people don't want sex... and they are the one who have this. I don't to get married, so yeah - GirlyAnimeLover


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29 Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons) V 2 Comments
30 Biophobia (fear of living things)

This has to be the stupidest one by far

So like you're not scared of corpses, but you are scared of the little Girl Scout next door?

You can't be alive because you fear living things you can't even tell a doctor living thing.

I hate humans - GirlyAnimeLover

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31 Bananaphobia (the fear of bananas)

You better watch out there might be a BANANA!

It's a banana screams and runs

Len Kagamine sure as heck doesn't have this fear - mayamanga

I have that I hate bannanas

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32 Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean)

I have this phobia. Swimming near the shore is fine. But being in the middle of the ocean with no one around is scary. It terrifies me to think about what horrible creatures might be down there. - SammySpore

Lets hope Poseidon doesn't wake up that kraken

My mom has this phobia lol

Just like Markiplier... :D

33 Brontophobia (fear of thunder)

This is not stupid - GirlyAnimeLover

Srry, I do have this one. Can't go to any place of crowds.

I definitely have brontophobia. It scares the heck out of me when I hear thunder, lol I immediately go to the basement for some reason

34 Euphobia (fear of hearing good news)

This is so stupid I would understand bad news but why a fear of GOOD news

Have you ever heard the album "Good News For People who Like Bad News" by Modest Mouse. Great for people with this phobia. - Sepron64

People who have this must hate futurama "Good news everyone"

Joe: Hey Bob, good news-

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35 Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13) Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13)

I had to spell this in a spelling test and I was 9

13 is an unlucky number lol - GirlyAnimeLover

This is stupid. - XX_Hydra-Virus-9860_XX

Bernards fear from the rescuers lol

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36 Cibophobia (fear of food)

But if you eat it's like killing your fear

Just eat your fear awa-- oh wait

Why the hell is this a thing

Cheese its gross all day long
Honest. I avoid it. I cannot stand
The smell of it. Would not even
Kiss someone who has eaten it
It is real. I felt this way for sixty

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37 Ambulophobia (the fear of walking)

Why walk when you can somersault? they see me rollin'

So... how do you travel? - GirlyAnimeLover


38 Chaetophobia (fear of hair)

Honestly, if you have this you'd better hope you're bald...

I guess One punch man IS better than dbz

39 Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes)

Level is a palindrome - mayamanga

1: Don't say a palindrome. I have a phobia of them.
2: So, you have aibohphobia? You do know that the word for the fear of palindromes IS a palindrome, right? *Smugly smiles*
1: *Cringes*

A palindrome defines the fear of a palindrome.
This is Extreme irony.

Not stupid - GirlyAnimeLover

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40 Islamophobia (prejudice against Muslims)

Everybody is a little bit too much racist sometimes

This is a disgusting and vile religion/cult that encourages slaughter against non-believers and treats women like objects. Don't believe me? Quit reading your buzzfeed articles and actually take a read of the Quran itself.

Stop it.

If Judeophobia is the fear of jews on this list why is islamophia not described as fear of islamists but instead predjudice. Just asking?

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