Top 10 Best College Majors

What did you major in? Or what do you plan to major in?
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1 Biology
2 Mathematics
3 Engineering
4 Accounting

Same thing as business although this is not an unemployable field rather you simply do not need to study 4 years on a degree that could be self taught. The worst part of this major is that it shares the same classes as the easily detestable Business degree. Why study Accounting, when learning Engineering and Computer Science is more fun and less outdated?

I would recommend that you instead become an Enrolled Agent and try to use that to fund your dream career as opposed to majoring in a field you will likely find dull. Accounting's starting salary is 45k which is lower than all engineering fields and it doesn't have Cal 2 in the curriculum which means it is over-saturated. You will also need to get a bunch of certs to make the degree work. Not worth that effort and money when Computer Science and Engineering bring much higher job satisfaction.

5 Medicine
6 Electrical Engineering
7 Statistics
8 Computer Science

Computer science will become one of the largest fields in the next century. Computers are becoming more and more advanced and there need to be people who know how to use them.

9 Business

And this major is complete garbage unless in a top school with good connections or doing it in the masters level after already being employed in a field.

Did you know that the majority of the world's richest consist of entrepreneurs and business leaders?

10 Chemistry
The Contenders
11 Law
12 Biochemistry
13 English

The English major is surely one of the most flexible and friendly majors that one can encounter, it is just so great!

14 Microbiology
15 Civil Engineering
16 Psychology

A very powerful and practical major.

17 Ecology
18 Art
19 Pharmacy
20 Physics
21 Fashion Design
22 Veterinary Medicine
23 Mechanical Engineering
24 Law Enforcement
25 Economics
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