Best Sumon Bass Performances

Saidus Salehin Khaled Sumon also known as Bassbaba sumon is a Bangladeshi rock musician. He is known for the bassist and lead singer of rock/metal band Aurthohin. Though he is totally underrated/infamous outside of Bangladesh but he's very popular in Bangladesh. For his extraordinary bass playing technique he's named as "Bassbaba" by his fans. His songs contain great amount of tapping, popping and slapping. He is also a finger-picking bassist. He also plays bass guitar with his teeth.

No one will ever make these kinds of lists (usually). I know this list won't be very popular. But still I thought of making one.

Btw, this list isn't only about his performances in his songs. Can also include other performances as well.

The Top Ten

1 Guti (The Finale)

Multiple bass solos. Tapping, finger-picking, slapping. That's why I though it should be on top. - zxm

2 New Year Greetings from Bassbaba Sumon

Won't have to say anything. It's already on YouTube. - zxm

3 Nikkrishto

The sample has some bass part. But the song has more bass solos/licks. - zxm

4 Teeth Grinding Bass-ing

I wasn't present at this concert. But he played his bass guitar with his teeth. Amazing. - zxm

5 Guti - Punorjonmo

The album went downhill but this song's bass performance is still very much good. At the middle part this song has as tapping lick/riff played for quite long time. After it another bass solo starts. It's with a slap bass. - zxm

6 Protirup

The intro begins with a slap bass. - zxm

7 Shurjo 2

At the middle part of this song there is a tapping/slap (not sure) lick played for about 20-30 seconds, some of the parts were covered with guitar riff and solo. - zxm

8 Cancer

At the end of the song, before the solo there is a slap has slapping and tapping bass solo. - zxm

9 Anmone

At the ending the song has a tapping/finger picking bass solo. - zxm

10 Shaat Din

Long song, has some bass solos. Mostly finger picking bass solos. - zxm

The best of them are at the beginning and at the ending. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Nikrishto 3

A totally sucking song. Awful lyrics. Was an @$$hole in this song. But the bass solo was good. - zxm

12 Aushomapto

A soft bass solo. - zxm

13 Uru Uru Mon

Has a bass solo. But the deep bass riff was best. - zxm

14 Bijoyer Gaan

The song starts with a slap bass solo. His vocals sucked. But Rafa's (second singer) vocals was good. - zxm

15 Jodi Kono Din

Has a riff. Not very good though. That's why not on top. - zxm

16 Guti (from Hell)
17 Guti 2
18 Nikrishto 2
19 Tin Deyal
20 Nirbodh
21 Dhusar Manchitro

He was with warfaze when they recorded the album. I won't say it's a very good performance of his. But it was a good match with the drum beats. Basically, there weren't much bassists in Bangladesh who could play bass guitar like this. - zxm

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