Top 10 Most Surprising Things That Can Happen to You In Your Life

The Top Ten

1 A girl comes up to you & kisses you

Please... there's no chance of that happening to me...

That would be gross, seeing as I am a girl. - RedTheGremlin

I've actually experienced this before and trust me, it's surprising. - Draco

2 The world explodes

Way to surprising!


3 One of your parents die
4 You meet God himself

And it would be best day ever... Wait does that mean you would be dead? - AnonymousChick

That certainly would be surprising! - Money1208

5 You're given $200 trillion

Yes! As long it's NOT A SCAM!


Yay! Time to buy front row seats to a Halsey concert!

6 You become the smartest person of all time

Oh, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed or whatever that expression is.

7 A tornado unexpectedly hits your house

Oh no!

8 You get superpowers
9 You meet Stevie Wonder

Why not Halsey instead?

I love Stevie Wonder's music so for me. This would be surprising, - Draco

10 You are sent to the Hunger Games

Good for suicideal kids - AnonymousChick


The Contenders

11 You become president
12 The girl (or boy) you like asks you out

This won't happen to me sadly. :'(

1, She's already dating someone.

2. I feel very awkward and nervous around her.

I wish that would happen. Sadly it won't because he's hot and well-liked and I'm butt-ugly and unpopular. - RedTheGremlin

So no one asks me out because I like no one? That happens every day.

13 When you are ugly your whole life and become beautiful when you are old.
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