Top Ten Survivor Cagayon Contestants

The Top Ten
1 Alexis

OH MY GOSH! WHY?! WHY?! I had so much hope, but, I really want her to come back, I'm sure she'll do good. I still love you though! - moonwolf

Sorry, but, mine was first, I'll make sure to check yours out though! - moonwolf

Um... How is she number 1? She was a pre-merge boot and was useless at camp at in challenges. - alexcousins

What! This is so a copy of my list... - CityGuru

2 Spencer

The only male contestant left on brains. - moonwolf

Best one yet and I'm hoping he wins

3 Jerimiah
4 Woo!

Yay! He's so cool, I take martial arts, isshinru.

really fun and an awesome guy

5 Sarah

She is the best Survivor player so far

Good cop, bad cop. - moonwolf

6 Tony

He has the best llama imitation ever

He was the represinetie of BRAIN, BRAWN AND BEAUTY

DERPY the pony, laugh out loud, I'm a bronie.

How is this guy not #1?

7 Tasha

Smart sexy AND a threat in challenges... Plus she's an underdog right now.
Why wouldn't you want her to succeed?

she was great in challenges, as well as being an underdog, and good socially, too!

8 LJ

That was such a blindside with cliff! - moonwolf

9 Morgan
10 Kass

Take the 'K' away and you'll get what she really is... yeah, my dad said that... - moonwolf

Gutsy and smart.

The Contenders
11 Jefra
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