Top Ten Greatest Survivor Players Never to Win

The Top Ten Greatest Survivor Players Never to Win

1 Cirie Fields Cirie Fields is an American nurse and reality TV personality who competed on four seasons of Survivor.

Cirie is undoubtedly one (if not) of the greatest Survivor players that have ever competed since her debut. It is really sad to see that she have never won the game and would be very nice to see her win. She was eliminated from the competition 4 times in unique ways as well... - Frogg

In Cirie's first two season, most people give another contestant the credit for being a "strong" player or being the mastermind. But, clearly, in Micronesia, Cirie was the mastermind. Cirie put the plans into motion and just had the other girls play them out. It's really irritating that Parvati got the credit for instigating all of the blindsides because the episodes show that Cirie talks about the plan before the plan in executed.
She controlled that alliance on the Favourites tribe after getting included, and once she was reunited with the girl, she put the Ozzy and Erik on the Jury.

Not only is Cirie one of the smartest players ever, she has such a positive, upbeat attitude in the midst of a cruel game. She is a joy to watch play Survivor. Hope she wins season 34.

As much as I love her, they need to stop bringing her back, she's coming back in February. Like she's a series regular. Survivor is fun because it's regular people not a regular cast. She can't sin, get over it.

2 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

Not only the best to never win, but the best to ever play. He was unfortunately screwed over by two bitter juries.

Master of strategy and manipulation, as well as idol hunting. You can get butthurt all you want about the way he played, but if you were a true fan of the show you would admit that he got screwed over by a bitter jury and absolutely deserved to win. Russell played to win, not to make friends.

Not even close to one of the best to never win. The only categories he is near the top for anything is the most overrated Survivor players ever (for sure) and maybe the Worst Survivor Players list (arguable). I guess best treasure hunter to credit him for the only part of the game he is truly good at (idol finding). Other than that mediocre physical game, mediocre in challenges, mediocre and erratic in strategy, awful social game, awful jury management, awful end game strategy/planning. - morrislawes

Made it to the end twice, both times completely dominating the game. However in the end, the juries from Samoa and heroes vs villains were to bitter to realize that he played a great game and truly deserved to win survivor

3 Ozzy Lusth Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

One of my favorite players. Definitely has the best physical game in survivor and his social game was good to. All though he formed storg alliances he was voted out because of his great abilities. I did liked yul, but I was rooting for ozzy all along. If he didn't lose that last immunity in south Pacific, I think he would have won the season. In both south Pacific and micro he was blindside, so he couldn't really save himself (like come on, its parvati). I do believe he would have won cook islands if his social game was a little bit better... he definitely deserved winning (at least once)

Ozzy is the most dominant physical competitor in Survivor history. The only reason he lost Cook Islands is because he lacked a strong social game while Yul had a good enough social game to gain just enough votes to win. He never really formed a strong alliance and relied on winning immunity.

His second time on Survivor he learned from his mistakes and quickly formed an alliance with Parvati, Amanda, and James. His social game was strong with his alliance, and he also formed strong relationships with people he planned to send to the jury (Erik, Alexis, and Jason). His only mistake was trusting his alliance so much that he was blindsided.

His third time on Survivor, Ozzy combined a strong physical game (thanks to Redemption Island) and a decently strong social game since he never had to blindside or piss anyone off on the jury. If he wins that last immunity, I believe he is a millionaire.

Ozzy dominated the immunity challenges, provided for his tribe, and played a good social game. He deserves to win!

Ozzy is one of my favorite players becasue I like players who have a good social game and have a strong physical game. He is the exact opposite of abi-maria and that is what I like in a player and I hope he wins a million dollars.

4 Rob Cesternino

Rob an win challenges but his mind game isn't that strong, he annoys people with his villainous charisma, plays his hand too quickly and makes himself a target. He like Russell is good at survivor up to a certain point in the game.

Rob is definitely the smartest player to never win. Flipping to the top of an alliance from the bottom of another one to taking out Christy the swing vote. And he's hilarious.

Love him but is a bit overrated due to his podcast. Sucked 1 of his 2 games. In his strong game needed Alex to tell him he was 4th in the alliance, and then set up his end game in a way he had next to no hope of winning. - feisty37

Overrated player whose game was already outdated 2 seasons later in All Stars where Rob schooled him.

5 Kelley Wentworth

When she's on the bottom she does NOT give up. She will find an idol or a voting bloc to ensure she stays in the game.

Best female dominating player in the modern survivor seasons, would be stupid to take her to the end but she deserved it for her amazing gameplay. PRAYING for her to comeback in another season

Best Survivor in a minority Position...EVER! Used idols amazingly

She was on bottom the entire post merge, and still made final 4 - JJS32503

6 Grant Mattos

Played an overall great game on Redemption Island, especialy for a guy who had never watched Survivor, and almost for sure wins the season if Ashley had not won the Final 5 immunity. A true triple threat, great in social and physial aspects, and also good in strategy. Could easily win if he plays again. - feisty37

Player with a lot of potential, who can get even better. - quackerpacker

He is hot. Would do well in a returnee season as long as they don't put Rob on it, haha.

Strong player for a recruit who barely watches the show.

7 Domenick Abbate

He truthfully deserves to win while wendell only wins because of his relationship with laurel

I was looking for him! #ROBBED

He played a way better game than Wendell, but people didn’t like him due to his success.

8 Spencer Bledsoe

Even though Spencer lost in Cambodia, I thought he improved from Cagayan as he actually did play a good social game, he had some good strategic moves like orchestrating Stephen's blindside who was the smartest player in Cambodia arguably, and he won 3 immunity necklaces. Definitely deserved more than no votes at all.

Yeah, this guy was my fave in Cambodia! His vote-out in Cagayan ruins the entire season!

If he wins Cambodia we have to take him of the list

Definitely should have won at least once

9 Jonny Fairplay

He was the best player in the Pearl Islands. He's just bad at the social game. If Lil had chosen him and the jury wouldn't be bitter he would have won. - jhunk

Jonny Fairplay will always be my favorite survivor player. He played a wonderful game in Pearl Islands going balls to the wall, which is exactly how you want to play the game. If you mention Grandma and survivor in the same sentence, Jonny will come to mind. I would hope to see him play a 3rd time!

Jon knew what he was doing the entire time. Never stopped at being a villain, and manipulated pretty much everyone.

Get this guy off the list. Now. - Blizzard

10 David Wright

Overcame many obstacles to make it to F4. Ken made huge mistake not taking him. Was on the bottom on Gen X tribe and the rock draw screwed him up. Won two immunities (by the way that's the same amount as Jay). Found two idols and played one correctly, and Adam mislead him to play the other on incorrectly. Great player, unfortunately can't win due to his first season, unless he pulls a Spencer.

I was SO MAD when Ken took him out. That ruined the entire season! I liked his idol plays and still can't understand why he voted Adam! In seasons 31-33, I instantly favored Spencer (28 and 31), Tai (32 and 34), and David (33). Hope he returns for a second time...

I will forever hate Ken for taking him out. What a jerk. So glad he got 0 votes. - morrislawes

Connected with people very well. Tricked by Adam to misplay one idol (That makes 3 idol misplays by Adam)

Would have won the game 10-0-0 over Adam, who himself won the game 10-0-0 in a different vote. That just shows what a great player he is. - morrislawes

The Contenders

11 Amanda Kimmel

She's good at everything, The social game, at challenges just about the only thing she needs to get better at is at how to work a Jury, Parvarti is overrated.

She's definitely an excellent player, but, she's terrible at final tribal counsel, when it comes to getting votes for the title 'Sole Survivor. '

Amanda might take the title of worst liar in Survivor history because it was because of her that Parvati made the double idol play

Amanda is a very good player. I think she deserved it more than Parvati's overrated ass. She is good at the game, but she isn't good at final tribal council.

12 Rick Devens

He has made it very far with his blindsiding and social skills. It think he should
of won! He made good alliances and was very funny

This dude got screwed over by a player who literally didn't make a move until choosing to go up against him in a fire making challenge. Chris did not deserve to win. This man needs to come back. He's like a better version of Russell Hantz, only with a stronger social game and better strategy.

Absolute beast, was playing most of the cast like a fiddle

The best player that season

13 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Would have won Mrqueas if she had not been betrayed

14 Yau-Man Chan

Yau-Man was an amazing player! He has to be one of my favorites. I cannot believe what Dreamz did to such a kind, innocent soul.

The guy that won is a dispicable human being he is a stupid man

He was a challenge beast, and had a strong social game.

but DREAMZ... dreamz!

15 Aubry Bracco

Aubry has to be up there with the best to never win, along with Cydney. She was on the right side of the vote at ever single tribal council she attended, which is an incredible feat. Convincing Tai to flip against his best interest has to be one of the best moves in years, and she did it without any of the flashy idols and trickery that is commonplace. Aubry is the type of old school player that is absent in this new age of survivor. Hopefully she will do well on season 34.

She found herself being bullied by Scot Nick And Jason but she managed to mastermind and alliance and gets robbed by Michele because the jury was salty

She found a way to flip the tide when she suffered a defeat

Please knock Kelley Wentworth off this list!

16 Candice Cody

Are you kidding me? The Flip flop player. She has 0% of winning a game like this. She is one of the worst player ever

She is one of the biggest goats of all time, except she couldn't even get close to making Final Tribal even as a goat. In other words she is a failed version of Sherri, Hannah, or Natalie T.

No matter how many bad mistakes she makes it is for her game and that is what makes a survivor the best player because they do what ever it takes to win

The ultimate flip flopper and goat. How does she have so many votes, she sucks.

17 Colby Donaldson

Colby is the definition of a hero on Survivor. He played a phenomenal physical game in Australia that only a select few have been able to match. His social game was amazing as well because Jerri was the only person on the jury that was bitter toward him. Colby took an angel of a woman in Tina with him to the finals and basically handed the money to her however, he was still only 1 vote shy of winning. He would have creamed Keith and possibly would have been the first unanimous winner

He honestly should have won in Australia

Colby was such a physical player in Austrialia that they voted him out early in All-Stars! He was the last Hero on Heroes vs Villains so he wins this, if not Survivor

I liked him in Outbacks but in hindsight his game was way overrated there. His game in All Stars sucked, and on Heroes vs Villians he sucked too, he only went near the end since he was no threat. If Jerri or Parvati were smart they vote out Sandra and try and take Colby as a goat. - fartingbum

18 Rupert Boneham Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.

He can't win, get over it.

He is an iconic Survivor figure and a Survivor legend, but in all honesty he is not a good Survivor player. At all. - fartingbum

He was the most deserving player of the season, Jonny "Fairplay" is the absolute worst

He might not have won a season, but he did win the million.

19 Terry Deitz

Awesome in challenges, one of the best ever. Pretty good socially too. Wins jury vote over all in panama, including Aras or cirie. - feisty37

Amazing, he won so many challenges and managed it all on his own after the merge

He did it all on his own. The only problem was he lost the final challenge.

Would have wrecked both Terry and Danielle in a Final 2 on Panama. - fartingbum

20 Brenda Lowe

Learned from her mistakes and played a very good game both times. If it weren't for NaOnka's erratic gameplay she could've very well won Nicaragua, she was in great position and very strategic/manipulative. However manipulation failed on her the first time so she took a whole other approach on Caramoan, which is interesting because many players play the same way every time (cough russell cough rupert). She played honest and relied on social game. Very interesting to watch.

No idea why Brenda keeps popping up in all these lists. Mediocre player, unfairly famous due to made up Dawn scandal. - morrislawes

Very smart, won competitions, could've won Caramoan if she wasn't blindsided by her own allies

She was so nice and didn't deserve to be voted off of Survivor: Cochran and Dawn

21 Coach Wade

Coach is one of the most compelling character this game as ever seen! Come back for one more. I have my greats players list and your on it my friend!

The best survivor contestant ever!

So good love him

22 Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm is a good player but luck just always seems to run out for him. First he was eliminated at final four for being a threat and then he went out in the minority. No matter how could a player is, once your in the minority, it is almost impossible to make it very far after that.

Malcolm was one of the only deserving people on the original Matsing tribe. Personally, even deserved it over Denise. Denise was just there to vote whoever people wanted. Malcolm was a game changer at many times, and if people didn't see him as a threat, he would have won

How is he only at 18? he's better than Fairplay, David, Candice, and Brenda, just to name a few. His physical game was pretty good, as he won a couple of immunities. His social game was good for all of Philippines, and until he was voted out in Caramoan and Game Changers, In Caramoan, Corrine screwed him over when Corrine told Dawn their plan, and in Game Changers, he was screwed over by the 2 tribe tribal.

Easily the best of Survivor: Phillippines. A little more reckless and less strategic in Survivor: Caramoan. Would love to see a victory in Survivor: Game Changers.

23 Stephen Fishbach
24 Stephenie LaGrossa

I love the fact that she is a sore loser just like myself. Fight to the death, never quit, and the added bonus: hotness! I wish she would come back to play again. The passionate competitor to ever play!

She's great

25 Joe Anglim

In "worlds apart" he was a very strategic player, and would have made it far, if it weren't for the overpowering blue collar alliance. He was a threat in challenges, he was easy to get along with, and considering most of the jury is likely to be a lot of people who he was aligned with, he would have gotten tons of votes from the jury. He really deserved it

Joe is an amazing player and he has a knack for creating those fake immunity necklaces. I wish he had one a season - LulaKittyMeowMeow

Yeah Joe

26 Vytas Baskauskas

Vytas played a great game during Blood vs Water and would have done even better without his brother who played a bad game and took his brother down with him. Vytas was brought back too soon after Blood vs Water, less than two years. He was also brought back during the "America's Vote" debacle, so the contestants thought the other contestants were pre-gaming whether they were or not and since Vytas was friends with many of them, he got painted with a brush he didn't deserve. Not getting to fight for his place after the challenge hurt him since he would have been able to sway a few votes to keep such a strong player for a while, but they went directly to tribal council. Because he was the first boot, his edit was terrible, I doubt that's how most happened. I would love to see him in ten years to see how he would play.

27 Ciera Eastin

Did all Wentworth's work for her. Had Jeremy not played his idol when he did, she would have been in the final four with Wentworth, Abi, and kimmi. Stephen goes, then joe, than the witches use their idol while Jeremy uses his idol to save himself so spencer goes. Then Kelly, Ciera, Keith, and abi are in the majority. Tasha goes. Jeremy plays his idol but they split the vote and eliminate keith. Vote out Jeremy in 5th place and boom. Then ciera can choose to vote out kimmi or Kelly as she will be targeted by neither of the other 3.

She was cut too soon on Game Changers. Every season that Tony is on, he cuts my favorite. first Sarah, now Ciera!

28 Jay Starrett

Love him so much. My favorite player ever bar none. - jayjustinbest

Could have won millennials vs gen x if he won the last 3 individual immunities

29 James Clement

He, like most people that haven't won is good up to a certain point. He is too challenge focused and while he is good in the tribe immunity stage he doesn't have a strong alliance game.

Most hilarious player ever

He was too annoying and rude in hvv

Great and unique character. Sure he was voted out with two idols in his pockets in China. But I don't think it was a "dumb" move to trust his closest ally - Amanda.
He seems to be a great guy and I wish to see him again in Survivor!

30 Andrea Boehlke

Andrea is a "triple threat" because she combines a strong physical, strategic, and social game in a beautiful package. Andrea is definitely a strong player that could have won Redemption Island had Rob not been so dominant and cherry picked who he wanted to sit at the finals with him. Who can forget her beating Matt, Grant, and Mike in the final Redemption Island duel?

31 Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Surprised everyone with his social game and hidden alliances. No one ever expected him to be a threat at the start of the season.

Worlds Apart played a great social game

Rodney should come back

Understood more then he let on. Was the reason for mike being thrown to the lions. Hope to see him return to Heroes vs Villains 2 on the heroes tribe

32 Jerri Manthey

Jerri is a terrible Survivor player. She is decent at challenges but there are plenty of women who are much better physical performers. Her strategy either does not work (flirting with Colby with Australia) or either consists of riding the coat tails of and selling her vote to a dominant male that disposes of her whenever he chooses (Lex in All-Stars and Russell in HvV). Her social game in her first two seasons is terrible as she has a terrible attitude, gets in constant arguments with her tribe mates, and is generally despised by everyone. In HvV she does redeem herself by becoming more of a hero but she still will never this game no matter how many times she plays

Everyone on the jury said that she would have won in HvV if she made it to the end. Great social game and strategic game. She showed that once she kept her emotions in check she was a great survivor player. Hop she returns a 4th time.

She wins Heroes vs Villians if she makes the end. If she is against Sandra she gets Colby, J.T, Coach, Parvati, Amanda, maybe Candice and Danielle. I know Parvati said she would vote Sandra, but I am 100% certain with her ego she wouldn't want someone else to become another 2 time winner so I would bet money in reality she doesn't, and since Russell betrayed her now that just leaves Jerri. If she is against Parvati she gets Colby, J.T, Coach, Sandra, Amanda, Candice, maybe Rupert.

Good player but she wasn’t winning heroes vs villians and here’s why
Sandara Jerri and Russel
Coach votes Jerri
Amanda votes Probably Sandara
J.T. votes Jerri or Sandara
Courtney votes Sandara
Candice votes Sandara
Danielle votes Sandara
Rupert votes Sandara
Colby votes Jerri
Parvati votes Sandara
So Sandara wins here
Parvati Jerri and Russel
Coach votes Jerri
Courtney votes Parvati
J.T. votes Probs Jerri
Amanda votes Jerri
Candice votes Parvati
Danielle votes Parvati
Rupert votes Parvati
Colby votes Jerri
Sandara votes Parvati
Parvati wins

33 Woo Hwang

Woo made the dumbest move in survivor history in his first season. He did almost nothing the entire season, and then at the end when the win was handed to him on a silver platter, he just handed it over to Tony. He has now proven during his time in Survivor: Cambodia that he is completely clueless. He is most definitely not one of the best players to never win.

The homie yung woo

34 Devon Pinto

Damn, he was robbed by a twist. Again, I hate fire challenges. - Blizzard

35 Chrissy Hofbeck

yee love

36 Brett Clouser

I was rooting for him in samoa. Wish he won that last challenge. :(

37 Lill Morris

Why is she on this list

Should’ve won Pearl Islands.

38 Jonathan Penner

Underrated in his time in Cook Islands, Penner played an amazing game two times, bringing him to the final seven twice. In his first season, a lot of people think Penner was an idiot for mutineering, but it was an intelligent move. If Candace was gone, that would mean he'd be voted out next if Raro lost. Then when he reconciled with the Raro Four, it was because of Yul's idol. The all-powerful idol.

In Micronesia, he was playing alongside Eliza Orlins and was almost guaranteed merge if not for his infection. If he hadn't been pulled from the game, I could see at least final nine or eight for Penner that season.

In Philippines, Penner came in with a huge target on his back. He managed to form an alliance alongside Carter and Jeff, though, and reach merge easily. He would've probably made it to the end (and if he did, I think he could win easily unless he was against Malcolm or Denise, pretty much his only threats) if he had accepted Skupin and Lisa's alliance ...more

Penner is definitely an amazing player who is fun to watch. Although he only won 1 immunity in three seasons, he was always a strong competitor during team challenges and was physically strong. He is one of the best strategic players to play the game however, he always seems to make a mistake that costs him the win. Maybe if he is able to have a fourth attempt he will be able to play a game worthy of the win and a million dollars

39 Kass McQuillen

Was very smart.
Could've won if she turned her back on Tony and flipped back to Spencer and Tasha

40 Brad Culpepper

How is he here? He was outsmarted by underdogs and thought he could be like Ronald Trump

41 Eliza Orlins

Great at making the game a whole lot more interesting. If she went to the finals in season 9 she would've won

42 Erik Reichenbach
43 Tom Buchanan
44 Keith Tollefson


45 Peih-Gee Law
46 Michael Skupin Michael David Skupin is an American software publisher and television personality, best known for competing on two different seasons of the reality competition show Survivor.

Again, surprised there are no angry comments about him being a child molester. - Blizzard

47 Tasha Fox

Came in 6th Place in Survivor Cagayan, which was all about Tony and Spencer and Kass.

Was Runner-Up in Second Chance and played a great strategic game.

48 Rudy Boesch
49 Stacy Kimball
50 Troyzan Robertson

The only person in his season who actually understood the game besides Kim. One of my favorite players of all time. Hope to see him return.

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