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21 Stephenie LaGrossa
22 Grant Mattos

He is hot. Would do well in a returnee season as long as they don't put Rob on it, haha.

Player with a lot of potential, who can get even better. - quackerpacker

Played an overall great game on Redemption Island, especialy for a guy who had never watched Survivor, and almost for sure wins the season if Ashley had not won the Final 5 immunity. A true triple threat, great in social and physial aspects, and also good in strategy. Could easily win if he plays again. - feisty37

He sucks. Not sure why he is on this.

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23 Ciera Eastin

Did all Wentworth's work for her. Had Jeremy not played his idol when he did, she would have been in the final four with Wentworth, Abi, and kimmi. Stephen goes, then joe, than the witches use their idol while Jeremy uses his idol to save himself so spencer goes. Then Kelly, Ciera, Keith, and abi are in the majority. Tasha goes. Jeremy plays his idol but they split the vote and eliminate keith. Vote out Jeremy in 5th place and boom. Then ciera can choose to vote out kimmi or Kelly as she will be targeted by neither of the other 3.

She was cut too soon on Game Changers. Every season that Tony is on, he cuts my favorite. first Sarah, now Ciera!

24 Jay Starrett

Could have won millennials vs gen x if he won the last 3 individual immunities

25 James Clement James Clement

He, like most people that haven't won is good up to a certain point. He is too challenge focused and while he is good in the tribe immunity stage he doesn't have a strong alliance game.

26 Woo Hwang

Woo made the dumbest move in survivor history in his first season. He did almost nothing the entire season, and then at the end when the win was handed to him on a silver platter, he just handed it over to Tony. He has now proven during his time in Survivor: Cambodia that he is completely clueless. He is most definitely not one of the best players to never win.

The homie yung woo

27 Jerri Manthey

Jerri is a terrible Survivor player. She is decent at challenges but there are plenty of women who are much better physical performers. Her strategy either does not work (flirting with Colby with Australia) or either consists of riding the coat tails of and selling her vote to a dominant male that disposes of her whenever he chooses (Lex in All-Stars and Russell in HvV). Her social game in her first two seasons is terrible as she has a terrible attitude, gets in constant arguments with her tribe mates, and is generally despised by everyone. In HvV she does redeem herself by becoming more of a hero but she still will never this game no matter how many times she plays

Everyone on the jury said that she would have won in HvV if she made it to the end. Great social game and strategic game. She showed that once she kept her emotions in check she was a great survivor player. Hop she returns a 4th time.

28 Andrea Boehlke

Andrea is a "triple threat" because she combines a strong physical, strategic, and social game in a beautiful package. Andrea is definitely a strong player that could have won Redemption Island had Rob not been so dominant and cherry picked who he wanted to sit at the finals with him. Who can forget her beating Matt, Grant, and Mike in the final Redemption Island duel?

Come back for season 34.

29 Joe Anglim Joe Anglim

In "worlds apart" he was a very strategic player, and would have made it far, if it weren't for the overpowering blue collar alliance. He was a threat in challenges, he was easy to get along with, and considering most of the jury is likely to be a lot of people who he was aligned with, he would have gotten tons of votes from the jury. He really deserved it

Joe is an amazing player and he has a knack for creating those fake immunity necklaces. I wish he had one a season - LulaKittyMeowMeow

Come back for season 34.

Yeah Joe

30 Kass McQuillen

Was very smart.
Could've won if she turned her back on Tony and flipped back to Spencer and Tasha

31 Brad Culpepper

How is he here? He was outsmarted by underdogs and thought he could be like Ronald Trump

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32 Jonathan Penner Jonathan Penner

Underrated in his time in Cook Islands, Penner played an amazing game two times, bringing him to the final seven twice. In his first season, a lot of people think Penner was an idiot for mutineering, but it was an intelligent move. If Candace was gone, that would mean he'd be voted out next if Raro lost. Then when he reconciled with the Raro Four, it was because of Yul's idol. The all-powerful idol.

In Micronesia, he was playing alongside Eliza Orlins and was almost guaranteed merge if not for his infection. If he hadn't been pulled from the game, I could see at least final nine or eight for Penner that season.

In Philippines, Penner came in with a huge target on his back. He managed to form an alliance alongside Carter and Jeff, though, and reach merge easily. He would've probably made it to the end (and if he did, I think he could win easily unless he was against Malcolm or Denise, pretty much his only threats) if he had accepted Skupin and Lisa's alliance ...more

Penner is definitely an amazing player who is fun to watch. Although he only won 1 immunity in three seasons, he was always a strong competitor during team challenges and was physically strong. He is one of the best strategic players to play the game however, he always seems to make a mistake that costs him the win. Maybe if he is able to have a fourth attempt he will be able to play a game worthy of the win and a million dollars

Come back for season 34.

33 Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Surprised everyone with his social game and hidden alliances. No one ever expected him to be a threat at the start of the season.

Worlds Apart played a great social game

Rodney should come back

Understood more then he let on. Was the reason for mike being thrown to the lions. Hope to see him return to Heroes vs Villains 2 on the heroes tribe

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34 Eliza Orlins

Great at making the game a whole lot more interesting. If she went to the finals in season 9 she would've won

35 Tom Buchanan
36 Stacy Kimball
37 Lill Morris

Why is she on this list

38 Keith Tollefson
39 Rudy Boesch
40 Erik Reichenbach Erik Reichenbach
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