Top 10 Most Hated Survivor Players

When the castaways are dropped on an island, sparks are sure to fly, alliances will form, and betrayals are inevitable. Yet, as much as we love some contestants for their cunning strategy or impressive physical feats, there are those who we just can't stand.

So, what makes a Survivor player widely disliked? It could be a host of things: their backstabbing nature, annoying habits, controversial remarks, or even their success in manipulating others to get ahead in the game. Some players are despised for their arrogance; others for their deceitfulness. Then there are those who seem to have a special knack for rubbing everyone the wrong way. Whatever the reason, these players certainly stir the pot, and not in a way that makes for beloved TV characters.
The Top Ten
1 Colton Cumbie

Absolutely no redeeming social qualities whatsoever.

2 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

Talented at manipulating people, but it's like he's using a claymore instead of a surgical knife.

3 Jon Dalton

Dead grandma. Nothing else needs to be said.

4 J'Tia Taylor

Hey, I can destroy the camp supplies and nothing negative will come from it! Clearly, Survivor was playing reverse racism here.

5 NaOnka Mixon

Could there have been anyone more outspoken about less, and who quit for a worse reason during the season? Put her poster on the wall under a huge banner that reads, "How NOT to Perform on Survivor."

Corinne once asked a finalist if someone would surgically sew their mouth shut. NaOnka deserves it!

6 Brandon Hantz

Let's see: deny your heritage, then flaunt it. When you're given a second chance, assault others and destroy the camp like a two-year-old. Yes, he's clearly one of those winners of being The Biggest Dickhead You Can Be!

7 Kelly Shinn
8 Phillip Sheppard Phillip Sheppard is a United States Army veteran and the chief executive officer of a software company, who is best known for his appearances on the U.S.

Thanks for making Survivor a little worse, you worthless old man.

Such an FBI agent that's on the pink undies prick list. What a loser.

9 Francesca Hogi
10 Vecepia Towery
The Contenders
11 Dreamz Herd
12 Erik Reichenbach
13 Rupert Boneham Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.
14 Gervase Peterson
15 Boston Rob Mariano
16 Shambo Waters

The exit door is there. Keep going, don't look back, and don't come back.

17 Natalie Bolton

Let's put together a hate checklist:

Fake lips and body? Check.
Anti-male in everything she is? Gotcha.
Desire to ride on others' coattails without being the prime focus? Yep.
Never asked back? Good.

I'd rather watch ants build an anthill than see her on television ever again.

Another one with few redeeming social qualities.

18 Sue Hawk

There's the attitude. There's the accent. And there's the arrogance. Strike three, goodbye!

19 Heidi Strobel

Let's see, she couldn't understand how more mature women could look down on her shallow, narcissistic attitude. Then she went and married a jock to live in her ivory tower for the rest of her life.

Just stay away.

20 Clay Jordan

Racist. Misogynist. Lying fool. I was actually cheering for Zbacnik when he was choking the snot out of this little rich pipsqueak.

Clay recently died. Hopefully, his real-life legacy was a whole lot better than what he showed in Thailand.

21 Tammy Leitner

Cold-hearted, cold-blooded, and just a cold personality. She had about as much chance of winning Survivor as an eel would have if the Rotu Four had survived.

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