Top Technologically Advanced Cancer Centers


The Top Ten

1 Integrated Health Systems

IHS provide patients with a gene therapy treatment that will restore the natural cells and could be safely combined with traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy to increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment plan. - devinporter112

2 Oceania Oncology

This radiotherapy specialist center, medical professionals use Varian and Elekta linear accelerators in conjunction with treatment planning software from Varian, Elekta, Mosaiq and Monaco to provide accurate and effective treatment for a variety of cancers. - devinporter112

3 MacArthur Cancer Service

The Macarthur Cancer Service is a network of three high-tech cancer centers in New South Wales that provides radiotherapy via both linear accelerators and brachytherapy. - devinporter112

4 James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute

The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute features a unique combination of facilities �" a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center, a high-quality academic cancer program, and a freestanding cancer hospital on the campus of OSU. - devinporter112

5 Peter Maccallum Health Centre

Peter Mac provides unique treatments like apheresis, which allows clinicians to filter malignant components from a patient’s blood. - devinporter112

6 University of Washington Medical Center/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

This focus on teamwork carries through to patient care, which is multidisciplinary by design and has produced new techniques in palliative care, infection control, and personalized therapies - devinporter112

7 Oslo Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Centre operates an Institute for Cancer Research with more than 320 employees and seven unique research departments. - devinporter112

8 Vall D’Hebron Institute of Oncology

This top cancer center has steadily grown its clinical trial program since 1999 to include over 800 patients last year. The hospital itself is the largest in Barcelona and includes a medical school, public health facilities, and other complementary facilities �" including recreational areas and a beauty salon! - devinporter112

9 Institut Gustave Roussy

The hospital is home to a translational research platform to help clinicians draw on basic research knowledge in developing treatment protocols. - devinporter112

10 Epworth Radiation Oncology

Epworth HealthCare operates several high-tech cancer hospitals in and around Melbourne. The Radiation Oncology center offers every type of external beam radiation therapy, including image-guided radiation therapy and 3D planning computer systems. - devinporter112

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