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1 Raven Raven

They didn't ruin her that much. But she used to be much deeper and she looked better. But they kept that cool sarcastic attitude which is good.

I think that Raven is pretty cool because she is half demon and half human. I also like that she can do spells. Love Ashanti

In the original she was better but she wasn't as ruined as robin.


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2 Robin Robin

In the original Teen Titans show he was cool and awesome he was the most superior of all the characters but now in Teen Titans Go! They made him a control freak they made him lame and puny but I still vote him number one because he does have a little awesomeness left in him and he is not the weakest of all them he could easily out smart every character in the show find there weaknesses and take them down if you disagree with me you didn't watch BATMAN beating the he'll out of SUPERMAN without powers BATMAN used his intelligence and skills to beat SUPERMAN Without powers most super hero's are famous by using there powers super hero's like robin who don't have powers earned his fame by hard work

Robin is the least bearable and most ruined character in the show. They turned him from a super cool karate master and great leader to a controlling mentally unstable idiot. This Robin is not even a shadow of his former self and has no character resemblance at all (excluding looks).

He is annoying and crazy - winfreyb

Number one? How? He is so annoying, has a damn huge ego and bosses everyone. - DaisyandRosalina

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3 Cyborg Cyborg

I think he is the most bearable character and bears some personality resemblance to the real cyborg

This is the 2nd best out of them really - rexprice4

I would say he is the least ruined and the most bearable and has some resemblance to his former glory.

Annoying and uninteresting. - DaisyandRosalina

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4 Starfire Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.

Starfire is cute. Her old self was a strong woman who was warrior and always had an optimistic attitude. She was struggling with learning the earth ways but that didn't mean she wasn't smart. She hasn't changed much except she has been dumbed down and is trying to hard to fit in.

Starfire is so cool funny shes my favourite character and 1 fact when say if starfire just escaped her planet and she could not speak English if she kissed robin she can speak English and that is true

She is bland, she does have some good moments but that's it. - DaisyandRosalina

The she the says the the the for the everything. The did, the u, the see, the my, the point?

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5 Beast Boy Beast Boy

In the original he had the potential to be one of the deepest characters in the show. He was strong, could fight, was always there for his friends and his jokes were funnier than they are now. Now he seems to have almost no depth in his character and isn't even that good a fighter. He seems to be more willing to eat pizza than be there for his friends and the world.

He may not be serious most of the time and he may not be the most caring and understanding Titan but in the end, he displays everything that he's learnt so far.

Trust Me Guys! He Was Much More Cooler In The Original Version Than In Teen Titans Go!

He's so cool boi. P.S. I'm 11 and I love this show.

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6 Silkie

How is he good he sucks

This silkie has a more significant role than he did before.

Silkie is cute, a bit greedy and one of THE BEST characters..


7 Jinx Jinx

I enjoy the presence of this character in the show because of her character. For some reason I enjoy sneaky characters with a dark color scheme.

I think she is cute and pretty

First off, why the heck did they pair her with cyborg?!

The only reason why I watch TTG

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8 Pain Bot


9 Rose Wilson

I hope she kills the teen titans. I love being evil and I love evil characters like Rose aka Ravager. Being good isn't what I would want to be that's why I root for evil over good. You superhero fans can bite it if you don't like what I said. Rose Wilson can kick the titans asses all ocer the place. I wish she would beat Raven to death.

She is awesome!

My favourite,before it was raven,sorry raven I still like you.rose is so cool,i always wanted to have swords as a weapon,her hair is white,my 2nd fave.

10 Brother Blood Brother Blood

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11 Gizmo
12 Terra Terra

Even though she is SUPPOSED to be a heroine now, they turned her evil. She should've slapped the crap outta BB.

13 Mammoth Mammoth

So strong totally wrecks robin

14 Trigon Trigon Trigon is a demon, a comic book character published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, having enslaved many worlds.
15 Sticky Joe


so funny

16 Batman Batman Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27.

So... dumb... - DaisyandRosalina

Why in the world did the writers make batman an optimistic and stupid hero? In every version of batman(except this one),he was darker and cooler due to losing his parents as a child,making him interesting to this one,he is weird and who laughs like ah ah ah ah ah? NOBODY!. please in the Name of Jesus,cancel this show and bring back teen titans season 6. I'm only 12 and I loved it suddenly - Addsmumba

17 Kid Flash Kid Flash
18 Billy
19 Control Freak Control Freak
20 Sticky Joan
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