Top 10 Terrorist Groups

List of terrorist groups that have caused chaos all around the world depending on where the victim country is, their religion, their race etc.
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1 Al-Qaeda

The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is a product of a western intelligence.
Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by Western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.

Conclusion: USA is a mother of producing Terrorist Groups.

Let's be honest, all terrorist groups combined still are no where near Al Qaeda's power. Who carried out the most devastating terrorist attack of all time? Al Qaeda. Who hid from a whole countries military and wasn't found for 10 years? Al Qaeda's leader, Osama Bin Laden. And who, even when there leader has been killed and they have been overtaken by a terrorist group filled with lies and weakness, is still killing people form the cancer of 9/11? Al Qaeda. I'm a big fan of this terrorist group and it makes me sad to say that people don't know who Al Qaeda are. If they were still around today, ISIS would not exist. Think about that.

Osama bin Laden hated America because of its freedom and prosperity. He was not friends with the USA, and the USA is the most welcoming and peaceful country on Earth.

Agree with those saying its all a creation of the USA! No such thing as violent "Islamic" groups ffs! Its all a farce, look how the image of Islam/Muslims was tarnished post 9/11? No one had sympathy for the thousands that were bombed by the US in all those countries. Bin Laden? Is also a creation of the USA, no seriously think about that. On a lighter note would his name be so famous if it was something Realistic.


It's facts time -

Under the Obama administration, rebels were trained in Syria with 5the purpose of defeating Assad. Then, a portion of these rebels joined to form a group called ISIS. At first, USA was okay with this but after ISIS revealed their depraved intentions and publicly committed human rights violations, it was no longer possible for the USA to support ISIS. So the Obama administration decided to continue training rebels in Syria but this time they were trained to defeat ISIS. So essentially, the USA created ISIS. This is not surprising as the presence of a lot of terrorist groups would not have happened if it weren't for American interference. In a similar way, the USA created Taliban (to attack USSR in Afghanistan) and Al-Qaeda. Since ISIS were established fairly recently unlike Al-Qaeda, ISIS initially pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda but separated from Al-Qaeda recently. The reason why ISIS is effective and feared (compared to other terrorist groups) is that they ...more

This is fund rising group by USA and Saudi to attack Iraq and then later Iran, Syria as enimy of USA AND Saudi, But I think, Saudi will pay the price after USA join with Ireasl to control the Arab and then the power of Islam will decrease will be owned by minded Jewish... So ISIS is the start of loosing Islam in the world... In anyway Killing the oldest Christian and demolish the heritage site is non acceptable, because one day if someone attacks Saudi and destroy mecca, then world will be silent like removing old deserved Christian heritage in Iraq and Syria.. Because can't control the situations.. So any violence can be very dangerous and derive somewhere else..

They're coming closer to you... Yes, closer. You may not be safe in your homes. They'll kick down the doors, they'll smash the windows, they'll chuck molotovs in there. Prepare yourself. You're not safe in the USA, the threat's getting bigger in Europe, maybe ISIS'll attack London next! They might bomb the Houses of Parliament! They might infiltrate the crowded streets! Hell, they might bomb those dams that have been protecting London from floods for so long! You're basically not safe anywhere, whether it's in a building, in a car or running outside, no one can save you from these bastards.

ISIS is just a organization which is funded by the U.S. They are spreading hate all around the world saying Muslims are terrorists and whatnot, but in the Muslim faith you cannot do all this cruelty and evilness. They just want to make Islam look bad and ruin their reputations!

Also how the hell does ISIS get all these weapons and resources? It's all just from the U.S which is taken to Israel So it can be smuggled. U.S.A IS THE REAL TERRORIST!

3 Taliban

I hate Taliban because they ruined Afghanistan, eliminated women's rights and banned entertainment for idiotic reasons, destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Talibans are not human beings. They are wild animals, hungry, wild dogs waiting for a piece of meat... they are not Muslims.. they the the darkest side of this world, they do not follow Islamic principles, Islam tells us to kind, caring, Islam says that killing a man is killing humanity... I know one day they will suffer bitter death and cry bitter tears.. ALLAH will punish them

Previously known as the mujahideen; the Taliban has become little more than another pathetic radical Islam group that will continue to oppress the nations it exists in until the west wipes them out. They're not worthy of recognition at all. The mujahideen were... But not the Taliban.

If the Afghanistan military had trouble keeping them under control, they SHOULD be in top 3. plus, A Lot, Lot, Lot of Afghanistan Army Soldiers
died under the Taliban Fighters' guns.
oh, and not to mention they are A More LOT LOT Dangerous to the middle east then Europe.

4 Irish Republican Army

IRA are greatly equipped and intelligent group who know a lot, FBI MI5 don't have a patch on what the IRA know that's why there so effective. The IRA stood up for people when no one else would. The black and tans destroyed communities family s and lives would you like to be shot or tared and feathered, of course your going to fight back wouldn't you. And why shouldn't we our country was invaded we just wanted it back. Of course innocent people are going to die and this is always the sad side of fighting but the IRA gave better than what we got and I'm happy they did. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the IRA."

The comment section is very dumb.

1) We (The Brits) did not "fall to our knees and ask for a stalemate". They did multiple times.

2) We are not evil (grow up man, are you 5) and that was the PAST. MOVE ON. You don't see us complain about the Normans from 1066. At least I don't like my comment 19 times.

3) They were terrorists. Freedom fighters don't attack civilians without a good reason. They just bomb people, even LITTLE CHILDREN! Without our their cowardly guerrilla (Viet Cong wannabes who actually did well) they all would have died. Oh they murder people. I had relatives in Northern Ireland who did nothing and nearly got killed by these scumbags.

4) If you say " Up the ra" you are basically supported the killing of innocent lives (even babies and young children). That's like saying "Up ISIS".

Definitely the most cleverest TERRORIST group. Using bombs to kill innocents, and all you deluded people may think they were being protected by the IRA, infact, the IRA killed more Catholics than any other groups, that includes British army and the UVF. The British army are not evil, they came in on order of thatchers rule to protect all civilians and reduce trouble. And before you name Bloody Sunday, which is one incident. There were over 12 ARMED protestors, meaning the army had a right to defend themselves. The IRA famously killed the Kingsmill workers in cold blood. The IRA also bombed British soil, what have the British civilians done to them? The fact that the 1921 election shows Northern Ireland wanting to stay as part of Britian, should remain the main point. Irish republicans then moved in from areas such as donegal to try and bias the vote towards Ireland unity.

The IRA are not TERRORISTS. They are freedom fighters, if someone invaded your home country & you protect it and defend yourself & your family from the intruder does that make you a terrorist? NO. The IRA are responsible for atrocities but nothing in comparison to what the British have done in Ireland, 2 wrongs do not make a right but people should really read up on what the Brits & protestants have done to the Irish in Ireland, there HOME country. Brits OUT! Give Ireland back the the IRISH!

5 Ku Klux Klan The Ku Klux Klan (also known as the KKK) is a secret hate group formed in 1866 and is located in the United States of America. The group is notorious for their political ideologies, which include white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-immigration, anti-communism, Christian terrorism, Anti-Catholicism, more.

The Ku Klux Klan is the name of three distinct past and present movements in the United States that have advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration, historically expressed through terrorism aimed at groups or individuals whom they opposed. All three movements have called for the "purification" of American society, and all are considered right wing extremist organizations. Founded by conservative democrats (back when the Democratic Party was conservative), these bigots with condoms on their heads used to be very powerful in the 1920s, but now have some chapters left but overall are just a group that has little followers and don't pose much of a threat, besides a few murders and bombings here and there.

America has always been that one country who is willing to commit unresolvable war, due to their powerful militia and the firepower they are capable of. Despite that, people overshadow the true social issues in the United States such as racial segregation and discrimination which torments the image of the most powerful country in the world. The KKK, or Ku Klux Klan is one of those groups who are by far terrorists who have a special motive to screw a diverse society with an Anti-Sentimental background against the African Americans, Native Indians and especially people of Jewish and Muslim origin. This is by far the biggest terrorist organisation still continuing to tarnish society and will still keep it that way.

They are Nazi Wannabes, committed many murders just because of either the color of their skin or if their not part of the same ethnic culture, and those who say they ain't going anywhere, well, your still around now, but looking at your numbers now, I personally think in the next 100 years, you'll be just another bad reminder of our history.

They are just as bad as al-Qaeda nothing is different they tortured hung and burned humans no matter the color size they were humans that they hung its sick please catch these sick people who think they are doing something right in there life's. What's even worse is they are already here in America in fact this is where they were founded.

6 Hezbollah

Backed up by Iran and Syria, this Lebanon based terrorist group has emerged from the Lebanese civil war of 1982 and is considered as the biggest foe of Israel and Sunni Arab countries. According to a report of Central Intelligence Agency, this organization covers the 41 percent of Lebanese population and is involved in multiple social activities.

If Iran attacks USA and demolish it's army and American stand against Iran would you call American a terrorist group? I'm a Pakistani but in my views Hezbollah is not a terrorist group they're just protecting their homeland and people.

Only foolish will say they are terrorist. The real terrorist is Haganah currently know as IDF. They are killing innocent children. Did Hezbollah killed any children or innocent people. People should know the real meaning of terrorist and I'm not a Muslim I'm a Jewish.

This army exists for the sole reason of getting rid of terrorists. They are trying to free this world from the horrors of terrorists. So many soldiers die bravely by struggling to protect their country.

7 Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam

They are basically the modern kamikaze people from what I heard, and also I think they just want to have some land for them to settle in Sri Lanka, no offense to anyone affected by them.

I am proud I was a member of Tamil Tigers, Tamil Tigers original freedom fighters not religious fighters, Tamil youths forced to take weapons only after thousands of Tamils killed and burned alive and their properties destroyed and realised one and only solution for Tamil is fighting for our separate land, no member of Tamil Tiger can harm public if they do so punishment for that will be terrible, who kill civilians when you compare with srilankan forces what tigers did was nothing, more than hundred thousands of Tamil civilians killed and thousands of our women rapped by government forces no one talk about that we killed Indian prime minister because of Indian troops he sent to srilanka killed and rapped thousands one women rapped by Indian army carried out attack on Rajeev Kandi ( Indian prime minister ) no one can even get close to Tamil Tiger's leader and Tamil's one and only leader Hon. Pirapaharan' s art of leadership and kindness we were defeated we cause we are the minority ...more

Still they are active in countries like India Malaysia Canada and uk, busy with collecting funds and reorganizing the terrorist group. The ideology of seperatism and terrorism are still being spread by so called political parties like TNA under the leader ship of R Sambandhan, and Muslim congress under the leadership of Rauf Hakeem. After the defeat of ex president of Sri Lanka mahinda rajapaksha who guided the nation to militarily defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka the abouve mentioned parties have been working on terrorism..

People say that the Sri Lankan army won because of the help of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and 40 others, but that's not true the 3 countries who helped them was Russia, China and Israel if you look at the weapons they got. Also people say that the ltte was stronger than the sl army, well then how come you lost even with the help of 50 different countries which includes the us, uk, Canada, Australia and India they wouldn't let their fellow Tamil brothers and sisters get killed. SL army is definitely stronger than the ltte. Sri Lanka won because of their hard work commitment and strength inherited by our yakka and naga ancestors and the ltte's Indian blood definitely didn't help with the yakka and naga people the sinhalese. You ltte terrorist speak of human rights in the countries mentioned above but what about the crimes that you've done killing your own Tamil people, raping sinhalese, Muslim and Tamil women using children to fight a loosing war and ruining their childhood. Please ...more

8 Boko Haram

They are much less popular due to how news has chosen to portray events across the globe however I believe more people should recognize how much Boko Haram has done, in addition to ISIS. In fact, Boko Haram has killed more people than ISIS has. But why don't more people know about this group, we may ask ourselves. Humans have become so self absorbed and selfish. The news only reports on what is most important to us and what has affected us before (ISIS) instead of reporting all news without opinions like they should be.

It's as if they have no knowledge about Islam. They are called 'Extremists', but an extremist Muslim follows everything in Islam. Islam strictly forbids violence, so how can they be called Muslims? They made young girls convert forcibly. In the peaceful religion of Muslims, you cannot force anyone to do anything religious. It's very sad. almost all Muslims believe in peace... but with these terrorist groups people think wrong about Islam.

Boko Haram is an a right-wing Islamic extremist group based in northeastern Nigeria, also active in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. The group's leader is Abubakar Shekau. The group had alleged links to al-Qaeda, but in March 2015, it announced its allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Since the current insurgency started in 2009, it has killed 20,000 and displaced 2.3 million from their homes. These morons also kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in April 2014. So basically, a typical jihadist group that rides motorcycles because it makes up for the size of their penises and kills innocents for the sadistic lolz.

Also, the Quran, just like the Bible, advocates for murder, genocide, homophobia, and rape. Look it up.

I'm a Muslim. I totally condemned their behavior. The holy Quran has never misguided us to kill people or kidnap girls. Terrorists as boko haram trying to put a bad picture about Islam saying jihadist.. May Allah destroy such Terri st oranisatins

9 Hamas

"Terrorism=the use of violence and intimidation for the pursuit of political aims" -taken from webster's dictionary.

What do you call him using his citizens as literal human shields? He is not protecting his people, he is using them as propaganda against Israel. He is the literal definition of a terrorist organization, you fools! HAMAS is using intimidation to force their citizens into the line of Israeli fire, so when violence is created by the deaths of their citizens, he can reach his political goal of conquering Israel through the propaganda created by the deaths of HAMAS's citizens. Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Seems Hamas is backed by Israel (and USA govts) in order to fulfil their interests and goals in Palestine and Middle East. Hamas creates reasons and Israel just proceeds with the next plans. Not only with Hamas but with other groups too, as Islamic Jahad, Brigade of Al Aqsa Martyrs, Al Fateh etc. They are no different than Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS or all other Terrorist organisations. All terrorist organisations are being benefited by the countries they (seemingly) target. Painful truth

Absolute cowards they shoot rockets and pray in mosques that they hit Israeli homes. Israeli children die and lose limbs but luckily Israel intercepts most of their rockets. Hamas are such pathetic cowards backed by Iran and they use human shields. I hope Israel wipes them all out.

How can they not be. By putting their civilians on the front line as a shield to advance into land not rightfully theirs. Using violence to gain political and religious goals - committed to destruction of Israel and refusal of peace. How is that not a terrorist group. Small scale ISIS.

10 Al-shabaab

I always wanted to contrast the Somali Pirates and the Al Shabaab organisation due to their different range of motives they have which is nihilism.

Catch em if you can? What are they Pokemon

I just hate this guys please catch them if you can

They spread nothing but hatred!

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11 Lashkar-E-Taiba

All the terrorists groups organisations created by Pakistan to attack India inevry way the Pakistan itself is not an Islamic country because it doesn't rule by Quraan and hadiths so this means they are using jehad for their own enemity brain washing the innocents and sending for jihad. First of all jehad should be done in Pakistan to bring the Islamic law.

This should be in the top 5. They've killed more people, attacked more people, and supported more terror attacks than a lot of groups in the top 10.

Responsible for 2008 Mumbai Attacks and other numerous attacks in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dangerous organisation which can spread jihad in south east Asia

12 Bodu Bala Sena

They're cruel & evil! Totally baseless for what they're fighting for. Organized by shallow minded government of Sri Lanka (wherein their racist & foolish president might also have contribution towards this) as well as the shameful monks who in hell does no longer look respective but, looks like devil with their orange outfit.
They're free to bad talk, hurt/kill other minorities especially Muslim in Sri Lanka & burn their properties yet they remain free, untouched, living in luxury life as they are financed by the state. Shame! They are coward, uncultured, dumb, boastful and everything that's evil!

A big group of nasty and arrogant mobs and thugs who are killing innocent minority people in Sri Lanka which is having illegal connection with some racist politicians who are some most powerful people in Sri Lanka.

Brutally killed some minority people, burned and destroyed some churches and mosques, rooting of millions of money, Jewell's and made too many minority people refugees.

This terrorist group never give any honor to religions even they don't follow their own religion.

But still a question remains...
Why the government in Sri Lanka didn't take any action against this terrorist group before they convert the other Buddhist as terrorists.. ?

Most ruthless evil minded group of thugs in yellow robes. They have got the government backing ( the defense minister himself backing this villainous group) and their mission is to wipe out Muslims and Christians totally from Srilanka. They have been destroying mosques and churches to instigate a ethnic clash similar to 1983 blood bath. But since the Muslims and Christians did not resort to violence, the BBS' s latest tacktical move is to attack the innocent civilians which they did on 15th june killing 4 and injuring many and destroying 2 main Muslim towns. Yet these culpable elements are above the law and never questioned or taken to custody. Their atrocities still continues and no one knows their next move.

This group has been promoting anti Muslim activities for a few years now. First by demanding the removal of the halal logo. Now they are openly using derogatory and hateful speech at rallies instigating violence that has thus far led to hundreds of attacks on Muslims and the death of at least eight people. This group is not only brazen in their violence but also not held accountable by the police or government. Whose to say that this raddicle movement won't start terrorising other minorities next.. We just ended a thirty year civil war.. We don't need another bunch of foolhardy extremist terrorist to rise in SL

13 Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

Pakistani military and government have moral and financial support to these terrorist groups for their own purposes. Tehrik-I-Talban is made by Pakistani Military for terrorist activity in neighbor countries like Afghanistan, India, Kashmir even in their own country to take unfair advantages and makes their favorite government and rule the country as they want.

Creation of foreign intelligence agencies for destabilizing Pakistan. They have nothing to do with Islam. They just use it as a cover for their actions.

No doubt India is pumping their backs. But we are slowly getting rid from them.

Our army is fighting terrorism against these morons of Tehrik I Taliban.

14 Anonymous

Anonymous has always been a cyber terrorist organisation. Just because they are responsible for heroic acts like exposing government corruption, digital oppression and especially revealing dirty secrets from a some specific corporation, still means they torment the rest of the Internet both physically and digitally. I do not adhere them or accredit them because they are making the way we surf dangerous and risky.

Hmm. People wear masks to hide their identity
First off they wouldn't hide them selves behind the computer screen if "they're so brave"

Is there really a terrorist group or is this a prank, because anonymous is... You know, a little bit strange

These people are nonces. Stop threatening with pictures and actually kill Trump or something.

15 Westboro Baptist Church

They're just loud-mouthed hate-mongers. Not terrorists.

They sound like a bunch of fine young homosexual men.

Spread terrorism through words

Idiots yes but not terrorists

16 Sri Lanka Thawheed Jama'ath

Fake this is not a terrorist group fools. I feel sorry for the one who added this here. Consult a good doctor first.

I agree with this explanation... Normally Shia Muslims is best peace loving Muslims and Wahhabi the worst.. I ask government to ban all Sunni radical groups,

Very dangerous terrorist group. More scary than Al Qieda or LTTE as this group work on to a hidden agenda unlike other groups.

This is not a terrerist group but became number one in blood donation in Sri Lanka

17 Muslim Brotherhood

Should be in the top 5 groups.

He is the warriors of Islam



18 Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA)

They cannot be a terrorist organisation to the Armenian people but heroes. Turkey committed Genocide of 1.5 million innocent people, Stealing 3/4s of Historical Armenia to what is now Turkey and claiming all this a lie.. Offcourse you will have young men angered by this, so ASALA was formed to give hope and bring the Armenian Question to the world stage. It did from 1975. Hagop Hagopian the leader and founder of ASALA born in Iraq, Mosul, witnessed the anger of his people formed ASALA, and brought Turkey to its knees. We are all Hagopians. Getseh Hayastani Azadakrootiun Hay Khagdni Panag.

The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) was an Armenian Marxist-Leninis militant organization, that operated from 1975 to early 1990s. N It is considered a terrorist organization by some sources, other sources describe it as guerrilla and armed organization. 46 people were killed and 299 injured as a result of ASALA attacks and assassinations between 1975 to early 1990s

They are not and the will never be terrorists. I can say that beacause I am Armenian and no Turkish, no Asian, no European, no Australian, no American can change that. There is and tgere will always be proof that the Armenians passed through the genocide. #102_years_of_genocide.

As a Turkish I can say that they ara the worst!

19 Kurdistan Workers' Party

Kurdish racist group, They are killing people on roads without reason. They are killing you if you hold Turkish Id and bargaining drugs and weapons between Middle East and Europe. They are kidnapping the normal Kurdish families youngsters and brain washing against the Turkish government and capitalism but they are working for capitalism such a mindless move.

PKK is the worst terror organisation on earth- their methods have inspired Al Qaeda and IS but because they largely target Turkish nationals, the EU and US have turned a blind eye on them for decades. I note that the US renamed this deadly terror organisation when they invaded the Middle East. Now this terror organisation serve the US army and western oil companies in Iraq and Syria.

Killed civilians including Kurds (that didn't help them), teachers and childs.
They adopted communism to get help/weapons from Soviet, then Islamism to gather people; now liberalism to get help from west. Their leader (Abdullah Ocalan) got arrested and first thing he said was "My mother is also Turk, you can use me". So yeah.

Kurdish+Armenian terrorist group.. Iran and Russia is controlling over the pkk..They are want defeating Turkey and controlling Mediterranean sea...Marxist Leninist, but in case the servant of capitalism

20 OLF

This is really the most forceful and the most cruel group ever. they fight for freedom of oromia region in Ethiopia. their fighting is against the dictatorship rule of Ethiopian government.

OLF is fighting for the freedom of the largest ethnic group. The Oromos are under (the Amharas & Tigreans) colony for the past hundered years

A freedom fighter not a terrorist.

I love them and what they are doing

21 Naxalite

The most filthy groups which is prevailing in India to destroy the culture and heritage of India

These groups are interrupt by the Indian growth.

They are like termites eating India.

Dangerous to the society.

22 Palestine Liberation Organization

YEs terrorists biggest.

23 Sri Lanka Muslim Congress

These guys are main supporters for Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.

A Political party working under Sri Lankan government

A Political party who are supporting it's own pockets

It's a government supported political party that's all.

24 Moro National Liberation Front

They were seeking independence from the Philippines led by Nur Misauri in mid-2013 but failed, the leader fled to the Philippines.

MNLF aren't extremists or Islamic militants, they are Moro nationalists who want to separate from the Philippines and create their own nationalistic country.

They are cowards..pretending to be a courageous warrior but used a civilian as their shield when the philippine forces arrived..they are one of the reason why the progress was so slow in mindanao


25 Houthis

Iran funded terror organization

They are cold blooded

Never heard of this,

They kill Saudis, Americans, Israelis, etc. Seem like cool fellas.

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