Bodu Bala Sena


A racist organisation backed and funded by the Government. They have destroyed businesses and homes on racial and religious grounds and continue to threaten the lives and properties of Muslims and Christians in sri-lanka by encouraging people to take the law into their own hands.

The world should know about the intention of Bodu Bala Sena by its name itself. They are really a racist force. Any religious people should be proud of themselves and should not be scared of another religion. If anyone wants to embrace any other religion they should be allowed to do so. If you say other religion is influencing our religion, the mistake is ours. We are not strong enough in our faith. Don't harm other religions, correct ourselves.

A well funded racist organizational in Sri Lanka whose main objective is to drive fear into the Muslim population by destroying their businesses and houses. They are worried that the local Buddhist population is decreasing while the Muslim population is increasing and also that Muslims are better at business.

They are such uncivilized uneducated terrorist ever seen... Should punish them cause they killed poor innocent Muslims in Sri Lanka... But useless government in Sri Lanka they didn't still take any actions yet...

Backed by the Sri Lankan government as they were not penalised for the evil activities. The government authorities are backbone less to stand against this whilst the innocent human beings have no security over there life.

I wish the global bodies such as the UN should come forward to protect all humans living here.

Mainly targeting Muslims to destroy their economic, property, harming their respective region and the life...

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) is a terrorist organisation in Sri Lanka, specially aiming the innocent Muslims' lives, business, property and etc. this BBS is lead by the some racist Budisht monks who do not want to keep the county peacefully; BBS has severally proved that they are against the teaching of Load Buddha. Unfortunately the present Sri Lankan government too does not take any concrete action to stop this terrorist activities in the country. This well-known BBS terrorist group must be banned in the world to keep this county peacefully.

Fighting in the name of the most peaceful religion in the world. Hiding behind politicians... Hungry for money. A truly terrible group

One of the danger terrorist group especially in Asia next to Burma monks, this terrorist group fully link with government top head and continue to killed, discrimination, robbing and distorting Muslims houses, business places as well as Muslims mosque. As Muslims are minority in Sri Lanka and this BBS monks terrorist they don't wants Muslims to live with peace and hormone.

Even a layman is Sri Lanka understand that BBS is a racist organisation backed and funded by the Government, specifically under the powerful defense ministry. For the last two year BBS is trying to create ethnic conflict and drag Muslims to direct confrontation with innocent peaceful people of Sri Lanka. This organization is funded and lead by few power thirsty individuals to divert the important issues facing Sri Lanka, specially the UNHCR war crime investigation, Killing of journalists, Economic mis-managements, inadequate law & order, abduction & killing of opponents. etc. the present government is very capable of changing any scenarios to suit the ruling elite, may it be law & order, murders, abduction, crime against humanity, spreading official lies in state media etc. Every state organization is directly controlled & manipulated by the ruling elite. The present government should be held responsible for all state sponsored crimes and racial conflicts.

Trying to spread their religion by taunting Muslims and arousing people for violation.. With government support

A hate and violence instigating group of men in saffron robes. They hold rallies inciting youth to take up arms against the peace loving Muslims of Sri Lanka.

They'll get destroyed by the evil they themselves do.. The teaching of Buddha we could a admire, but these monks are acting against almost all teachings of that great philosopher! They might think that they are big shots but no one gives a damn about them and hate them till the core!

It's a government funded organization to depress all the minority religions in Sri Lanka. No rules are applicable for them. And the police and military support them. It has boomed into a fearful factor into the minds of religous minority in Sri Lanka

The racist organisation which promotes hatred and violence among nationalities and a major threat to the the peace in Sri Lanka at the moment.

Extremist group targeting religious minority group such as Muslims & Christians. its uses Buddhism as a tool to provoke people and it has nothing to do with Buddhism. This group should be banned before it cause a havoc in Sri Lanka.

Targeting minorities and spreading racial violence. Boycotting Muslim business places.

It has done more harm to Muslims, quran, masjids, Muslim houses & Muslim owned businesses. dangerous group because it is supported by Sri Lankan Government. Anything is possible for them in Sri Lanka. They will never be prosecuted. Recently they shot 7 Muslims (2 dead) burnt hundreds of Muslim houses & shops.

The Government of Sri Lanka sponsored Sinhalese Buddhist terrorist organisation has been killing innocent minority ethnic groups in Sri Lanka with the support of the Sri Lankan Police. They have already destroyed tens of Churches and Mosques. Shot, Burnt and killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Just this month they looted and burnt Mosques, Muslim homes and businesses in Aluthgama and Beruwala (South West of Sri Lanka).

Saffron robed terrorists, who are a disgrace to buddhism and Sri Lanka. Hate speech and their violent behavior against minorities are a normal thing for them. They brainwash youngsters into thinking they have only one country in the world and they are now losing it to minorities. They have a well organized online and offline campaign against minorities. And their behavior couldn't be controlled by Sri Lankan law enforcements. Now they openly challenge ministers and other govt authorities. Their involvement in recent riots in Aluthgama, Beruwela is well known among international community, but the govt couldn't take any action against them. There are rumors of powerful figures in the country backing them up. Also there are allegations that they are operating with foreign funds, all countries should ban this terrorist organization. We shouldn't allow these terrorists to ruin this beautiful country, and turn it into another Burma. Sri Lanka just finished its course with a 30 year old ...more

A big group of nasty and arrogant mobs and thugs who are killing innocent minority people in Sri Lanka which is having illegal connection with some racist politicians who are some most powerful people in Sri Lanka.

Brutally killed some minority people, burned and destroyed some churches and mosques, rooting of millions of money, Jewell's and made too many minority people refugees.

This terrorist group never give any honor to religions even they don't follow their own religion.

But still a question remains...
Why the government in Sri Lanka didn't take any action against this terrorist group before they convert the other Buddhist as terrorists.. ?

Saffron robe terrorist.. BBS they teach racism and violence to kids.. this organisation is funded tool of a SL government.. they use anti Muslim slogan to safeguard governing family interests.. they can roam freely destroy properties belongs to Muslims.. Sri Lankan police having soft corner fr this maniacs

They are the main reason for inciting hatred against the peace loving minorities. This they are doing with the help of certain government ministers and officials. The hate speeches made by these monks are given open publicity by the media to create unrest in the whole country.

They are a group of racially radicalized group of hooligans who work against the Muslim and Christian minorities in Sri Lanka with the patronage of the Sri Lankan government namely the defense ministry of Sri Lanka. The secretary of defense has been a key supporter of this racist terrorist group.

Politicians are main reason for this cause of terrorism.

Poverty, Unemployment, Price hike of essential commodities like vegetables, petrol, diesel and so on. To divert attention of public only these types of terrorist attacks are happening.