Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam


They carried out a series of bomb blasts in public areas, brutally killing a whole lot of innocent people. They had their own planes and submarines as well. Lot of families together with small children near war tone are was killed brutally by this group. They had employed the largest group of child soldiers.

No doubt the deadliest, well funded, most innovative and only outfit to have an army, navy and air-force. Can you think of any other that made submarines from scratch and assembled aircraft to bomb targets

I am proud I was a member of Tamil Tigers, Tamil Tigers original freedom fighters not religious fighters, Tamil youths forced to take weapons only after thousands of Tamils killed and burned alive and their properties destroyed and realised one and only solution for Tamil is fighting for our separate land, no member of Tamil Tiger can harm public if they do so punishment for that will be terrible, who kill civilians when you compare with srilankan forces what tigers did was nothing, more than hundred thousands of Tamil civilians killed and thousands of our women rapped by government forces no one talk about that we killed Indian prime minister because of Indian troops he sent to srilanka killed and rapped thousands one women rapped by Indian army carried out attack on Rajeev Kandi ( Indian prime minister ) no one can even get close to Tamil Tiger's leader and Tamil's one and only leader Hon. Pirapaharan' s art of leadership and kindness we were defeated we cause we are the minority ...more

The only Terrorist organization in the world to have Land, Sea, Air and underwater capabilities. They had airplanes which they used to attack which were stealth. They went undetected by Radar. They had a strong hold in the international crime world. Being a Sri Lankan, it was a norm to hear Bomb blasts eveyday...

They were the only terrorist organization to have their own fighter jets and submarines, and they also had children fighting on the front lines as well. It's the most deadliest and the cruelest of terrorist organizations I've come across.

These guys were absolutely ruthless. Many of the tactics used by today's Islamic terror groups (child soldiers, using women and children as human shields, and suicide bombing) were either invented by the LTTE or popularized by them. They assassinated TWO WORLD LEADERS. Not to mention they had navy, army, and even a small air force. Should be above Taliban on this list.

They used civilians as human shields and sent civilians into the battle space where shelling was occured and they accuse sri lankan army stating that they shelled civilians. It's the tamils in tamil nadu who wants a seperate state in sri lanka, tamils in sri lanka prefers the way it is.

These guys are not terrorists why are they on the list. They were just protecting their country and race...

Most deadliest terrorists, such as black tigers (suiciders), got submarines, airplanes, ships

They were well armed and equipped and instilled terror amongst many countries.

It Was The Only terrorist group Countries backed up

They trained Humans to become bombs to kill Humans

They burnt monks alive... ! Psychopaths.. !

They kill Innocent peoples including small children and they use suicide bombers.

Many Generations were lost due their ruthless war

These terrorists killed so many innocent children and women in Sri Lanka...

Ltte they did not fight for their rights. Just kill innocent public. They forget the rights and became a terror group. Finaly get punished.

Tigers is Tamils nationals foreseers. Who is forced to stared ltte? Sri Lankan government. Find out before 1976 what happened in tamils in sri lanka

Most dangerous terrorist group in the world. They killed innocent people and two world leaders R.premadasa and Rajiv Gandi, several politician they have killed both tamils and sinhalese. There soldiers wearing a cianite in their neck once they caught they eat it and suicide.

They had planes etc beacause they were a democratic country, the real terrorist are Sri Lanka AND BBS

Which Idiot added LTTE to this list? Rajapaksha was the Evil man who killed lots and lots of Tamil people. Sri Lankan Government was the root cause of LTTE to take up weapons... - mpKarthik

They were the terrorist group that killed thousands of Sri Lankans for thirty years.There motive was to have a free state for all tamils of Sri Lanka but they used the tamils living in the north as child soldiers and human shields for ironic.

First group who inventet the sucide west and belt and later modernized it. Killed two world leader. Had warplanes with misilies, tanks, battleships, submarine, had own airforce

Funded by India and the Tamil Diaspora LTTE has killed more innocent Tamils and Other nationalities before the SL Government led Sri Lankan soldiers defeat them. Apart from Sri Lanka they have managed to kill the President of India Mr. Rajive Ghandu, and several leading political Tamil leaders.

The only groups who was able to kill many politcian and world leaders like Rajiv Gandhi, Premadsa, Chandrika etc. But they are freedom figther not terrorists