Top Ten Biggest TheTopTens User Stereotypes

Almost every large organization has common stereotypes, let it be the people in a country or the people in a certain club or something. With this in mind, users of TheTopTens have plenty of stereotypes, too. This list will be exploring the most well known, the most common, and the most annoying.
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1 Is a big fan of SpongeBob

Maybe it's just the younger users on the site, but I know that there are plenty of grown men who are way into the show. It can't just be kids who make all these SpongeBob lists or put the show at the top of lists. Who knows?

I love the old episodes from seasons 1-3. And I'm 13.

2 Hates annoying kid shows and pop stars more than anything else

We've all seen those lists where people want nothing more than to kill Justin Bieber and Dora the Explorer. Look, I understand they can be annoying, but you are not the target audience, so go hate something else.

I like pop stars like Miley Citrus cause she got better an Ariana Grande. I also like kids shows like South Parks an kids games like Grand Theft Auto V.

I like kid shows and some pop stars.

3 Hates great movies, games, etc. and has no reason to

How many times have you seen your favorite game on a worst list? Mother, anyone? There are people who always comment, "This is the worst _____ ever! " and provide no backup. This is not with all users, but plenty. Honestly, if you're going to call a beloved thing bad, defend your position or people are not going to respect you!

I have done this before. I've said I dislike something but not said why. It's then that people judge one.

4 Is into both kid stuff and adult stuff

Maybe you'll come across a man listing his favorite shows, and lists both South Park and Doug, or something. Maybe you'll come across a guy who wants a Creepypasta character to watch a sad kid show episode. You never know where you'll find one, but you will see some.

5 Is not fully aware of every feature on this site

This mostly applies to back then, but there are still plenty of users who are not all that aware that you can comment on a post without voting for it, or create your own list.

I don't think the website's features are that hard. It's pretty easy to know about it completely. I never had any problems with it.

6 Has mediocre grammar

We all know about grammar Nazis, and I'm not trying to be one, but while long comments are usually grammatically correct, short ones aren't. Not a big problem, but pretty frequent.

7 Really expresses emotions

I know a few moderately sad things on T.V. that users have cried to, or things that have happened and make them very gleeful. This is a good thing, and it might be hard to look for one, but you will find one.

8 Creates many lists of the same topic by decades

Chances are, if you stumble across a list of the best ______ of the 1920s, the same user has created lists for the 1930s, 1940s, etc. It's more frequent than you think.

Don't bother me too much, but those lists don't get so much attention

9 Only Americans are the users here

This is shocking, vile, and racist!

10 Likes making lists about other users

Whether this is an act of friendship or just want users recognized, there are plenty of lists either about many users or one user. I don't have a big problem with it.

There are so many of these lists that they've lost their value. Some people simply do this for publicity.

I do this but that's just because the users that I make those lists about are my friends.

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11 Bad grammar

Bad grammar? Oh, I wouldn't say that; my lovely grammar is rather a dear, really. You'd like her!

That's pretty rare on this site. Grammar Nazis would be a more appropriate stereotype.

12 Justin Bieber hate

Honestly, that is a running theme on this website.

13 Hates Loud House
14 Likes to repeat lists

Lists get merged, you know. The only reason why people are accused of doing such is because of the order of the items on the list and the items themselves.

First I see Top Ten Creepypastas, then Favorite Creepypastas, then that same list again… basically, different wordings to the same lists. Either they want to start fresh, want their favorites at the top, or don't see the Your List button.

This annoys me too much. Remix, don't remake.

15 Everyone is younger than 18
16 Metalheads are ignorant

It's so a stupid stereotype.
Just most us don't like Pop Music it
doesn't mean we'd never ever heard a Pop Song.
There must be a reason why we listen for example to SUFFOCATION!

I never saw this except for a certain user who tries implying it every time.

Some metalheads on here are nice, but others are just arrogant.

17 Loves Metal
18 Hates MLP
19 Hates Dora
20 Hates Clarence
21 Shoves extremely religious or extremely atheist beliefs into peoples’ throats

TheTopTens is basically a war between all religions with atheism joining the war too. With many people shoving Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and other religions into other that do not follow their religion, some non believers or atheists also join and shoves their beliefs down religious people's throats too. This is just a stupid drama that's been circulating through this website. I don't care what people believe in, as long as they don't shove their beliefs down our throats. I'm okay if you're Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Jew, Sikh, etc. Just please don't shove your beliefs.

22 Everyone mocks famous people

Not really, many famous people who are decent aren't mocked here.

23 Every topic comes more than twice
24 Writing stupid lists
25 Hating others' opinions
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