I'm a TopTenner, Get Me Out of Here! - Episode 1

Puga (A shot of Australia is visible on the screen)
Admin: ah, Australia. Land of kangaroos, snowless winters and Vegemite. Oh wait, that's just the coast! We're going to the outback! Land of crocodiles, spiders and llama testicles! And now it's the land of 20 unlucky TopTenners! I'm Admin!
Finch: and I'm Finch!
Admin: and we're hosting "I'm a TopTenner, Get Me out of Here!!!"
(Intro plays)
Admin: so, who are the twenty TopTenners?
Finch: well, we're gonna meet four of them now! Last night we cruised to Australia with JaysTop10List, Britgirl, Keyson and PositonWildhawk. Here's the footage.
Admin: so here we are, on our boat, waiting for the quadruple to arrive.
Finch: look! There's Britgirl and Keyson!
Admin: will the couple be double trouble?
Finch: oh great, you're gonna be Dr. Seuss now?
Britgirl + Keyson: hi!
Admin: you're the first two here!
(Finch winks at camera. Two minuets later Pos arrives)
Pos: looks like I'm an early bird!
(Then Jay arrives)
JayTop10List: what did I miss?
Admin: not much. You're the fourth to arrive here.
Jay: great!
(Boat starts)
Keyson: what the hell?
Finch: what if I told you that you lot aren't the first four to arrive, but the last four?
Britgirl: huh?
Admin: the other sixteen contestants are locked at Iat-gmooh island. They're all locked in four different cells, four in each. Whichever one any of you individuals save will be on your team. All teams will join into one gigantic team in a few days.
Pos: I'm so lost right now.
Finch: I guess you could say they're concruised! HAHAHA!!!
Jay: oh great.

(One hour later they all arrive at the island)
Finch: you will all be racing against each other to achieve your preferred team. There'll be obstacles everywhere. Whichever team wins gets a night of luxury!
Admin: in cell 1, the people to save are Turkeyasylum, Simpsondude, Garythesnail and Puga. Ready? Go!
(Pos takes an early lead)
Pos: suckers!
(Pos isn't looking where he's going and falls into a beetle bath)
Pos: GAH!!!
Admin: swim through them!
(Britgirl, Jay and Keyson come into the bath respectively)
Britgirl: rotten guy just bit me!
Jay: webs everywhere!
Pos: I'm still winni- gah!
(Pos falls over)
Keyson: I can't even take a step!
(Keyson gets a lightbulb over his head and hugs the walls to passBritgirl)
Britgirl: Oi! AHHH! A mouse! (Britgirl and mouse fight. Pos is just ahead of Jay and flinging bugs at him)
Jay: ow!
(Pos climbs out of tub)
Pos: I win!
(Admin holds out snake)
Admin: limbo!
(Pos runs into snake and falls over)
Pos: damn my tallness.
Jay: what a nice position you're in. It'd be a shame if someone were to....overtake you!
(Jay gets first pick)
Jay: I pick Gary.
Garythesnail: woohoo!
(Pos comes next)
Pos: I'm ticking Turkey.
Turkeyasylum: yes!!!
Puga: you lucky son of a-
Admin: shut up you!
Puga: dogs can't talk!
(Keyson climbs out of tub the same time Britgirl beats the mouse)
Admin: pick someone Keyson!
Simpsondude: pick me!
Puga: he smells like poop.
Keyson: I pick the dog.
Puga:get in there son!
(Jay and Gary are running when a bucket of spiders falls over them)
Gary: what are you trying to do, restart the Ice Bucket Challenge?
(Britgirl finally climbs out of tub)
Admin: you get that guy.
Simpsondude: hey.
Finch: inside Cell 2 you have to free:
Keycha1n, Mumbizz01, SuperHyperDude ands Gemcloben.

(Pos and Turkey get a bucket of spiders thrown over their heads)
Pos: how original.
(Jay and Gary Shake off the spiders)
Jay: run!
Gary: I'm itchy.
Jay: I wonder why.
(Camera cuts to Keyson and Puga)
Puga: I smell spiders.
Keyson: where?
Puga: around the corner.
Keyson: great.
Puga: I also smell Britgirl and Simpsondude sneaking up on us!
Britgirl: we're coming!
Keyson: pull back the branch!
(Puga pulls back the branch and it hits Simpsondude in the face. K+P run away)
Simpsondude I saw a button on that.
Britgirl: really?
(Britgirl pulls back branch and finds button. She presses it)
Britgirl: an elevator! Hop in!
(The two zoom past Keyson and Puga)
Puga: oh, there's the spiders.
(The two zoom past Pos and Turkey)
Turkey: at least it got rid of the spiders!
Simpsondude: we're running out of gas!
Britgirl: hehe, gas.
Simpsondude: park it in front if the finish line!
Jay: looks like we've won again!
(Jay face plants into elevator)
Admin: congrats, Team Britgirl! Choose one of those four!
(Simpsondude whispers something)
Britgirl: you sure?
Simpsondude: yeah. We'd like Keycha1n.
(The trio continue to race)
Gary: break the galas!
Jay: I can't! That's it, I'm climbing over.
(When Jay goes onto the roof of the rlevator, Pos and Turkey come charging through)
Jay: fantastic! Oh, wait....
(Pos and Turkey charge through the elevator and Jay falls over)
Finch: who would you two like?
Turkey: SuperHyperDude please.
(Jay and Gary jump over the line)
Admin: what about you?
Gary: Gemcloben.
(Puga and Keyson sprint through)
Puga: which means we'll have Mumbizz01.
Admin: in Cell 3 you'll have to save DapperPickle, Therandom, CoolCat999 and Nintendofan126.

(Team Britgirl run through the jungle to find a big hill with lots of snot on it)
Keycha1n: it's a snot slide?
Simpsondude: deal with it!
Britgirl: no!
(Simpsondude pushes Britgirl down. Both come tumbling after)
(Team Positron comes around)
Turkey: I'm not going in that?
SHD: there's no time to lose!
(The three slide down and Team Jay turn up)
Gemcloben: COWABUNGA!!!
(The three slide down and Team Keyson appear)
Keyson: COWA-
Puga: stop! I smell chicken.
Mumbizz01: where?
Puga: behind that bush.
(Keyson looks behind a bush and finds not chicken, but a portal to the end of the lap the three jump inside)
Admin: take your pick.
Puga: CoolCat999!
CoolCat999: hi!
Mumbizz01: now what?
Finch: run. The finish line is right there. In the final Cell 4 you could free EpicJake, Finn_Mordecai_Gumball, Cosmo or Animefan12.
Mumbizz01: GO!!!
Keyson: I'm carrying you, Puga?
Puga: why?
Keyson: we can't rely on a slow, unathletic pug!
Puga: okay then!
(Meanwhile on the snot slide, Britgirl gets stuck)
Britgirl: help!
(Keycha1n and Simpsondude try to pull her out)
Pos: we're gonna win!
(Team Jay rolls past)
Jay: in your dreams!
(Team Jay lands first)
Gemcloben: we pick DapperPickle!
(Team Pos lands)
SHD: Nintendofan126.
(Finally, Britgirl gets pulled out and her team lands)
Admin: you'll have to get Therandom.
Therandom: hello!

(Team Keyson can see the finish line)
Puga: I smell a hotel and luxury....
(Tail starts wagging and keeps hitting Keyson in the face)
Keyson: I can't see!
(Keyson trips and the rest of the team trips over them. A web falls over them and traps them)
Puga: NOOOOO!!!!!
(Team Jay jump over and win!)
Admin: congrats! You get a free night at a hotel! Just pick your final team member!
DapperPickle: Animefan12!
Animefan12: woohoo!
(Team Pos comes second)
NF126: can we have EpicJake?
SHD: no.
NF126: please?
SHD: no.
NF126: yes?
SHD: .....no. Finn_Mordecai_Gumball.
F_M_G: okay.
(Team Britgirl come third)
Therandom: Cosmo.
Admin: which means EpicJake will join team Keyson!
(Recording ends)
Finch: that was great!
Admin: now you have to vote who'll play in tomorrow's Bush Tucker Trial, one from each team. The four competitors will go into an old aquarium full of nasty surprises. Whoever wins the most stars will get the best dinner for their team.Remember, vote one person from each team to do it. And vote whoever you most want to do it! Pick one from each:




Boy, that was a long one!


Great post. Geting excited for more. - Mumbizz01

I forgot about voting, I've just vote here.

Team Jay: Gemcloben
Team Britgirl: Keycha1n
Team Keyson: Keyson
Team Pos: SuperHyperdude - Mumbizz01

Note: you can't vote for yourself. You don't have to be part of the series to vote. Always vote if possible, bacause we need as many as possible. - Puga

I think I was the first one to vote, yay! - DapperPickle

Great episode. And I think the length is great. I hope I do good. - visitor

I got AIDS just reading that post. - visitor

And it was a good one. - visitor

Yay! I am only mentioned 3 times! Great Post... - DapperPickle

Uh, so I am supposed to pick a person for each team to do it? Well, if you say so...
Team Jay. Garythesnail
Team Britgirl. Simpsondude
Team Keyson. Puga
Team Pos. Superhyperdude
Yeah, I am sure I did the right thing. - DapperPickle

That's how you do it folks. - Puga

Great episode-I'm liking it so far! - keycha1n

I vote Finn_Mordecai_Gumball. - nintendofan126

And another one from each group? - Puga

Team pos: F_M_G
Team Keyson:EpicJake
Team Britgirl:Simpsondude
Team jay:Garythesnail - nintendofan126

Team Jay: Gemcloben
Team BritGirl: Britgirl
Team Keyson: Puga
Team Positron: Nintendofan - visitor

Team Jay : Garythesnail
Team Britgirl : cosmo
Team Keyson : Puga
Team Pos : Turkeyalysum - JaysTop10List

Nice post, Puga! - Turkeyasylum

Team Jay: Gemcloben
Team Britgirl: therandom
Team Keyson: puga
Team Pos: Turkeyasylum - Animefan12

Well what do you know, I'm in Positron's team. Well that's good. - visitor


Entertain Channel. I watch Entertainment Channel. - visitor

oh - Puga

I would love to be in this. I was mentioned in the first episode, but somehow I got off of it. Can you please add me back on? - funnyuser

Great episode, hilarious and amazing. My favorite quote:
NF126: can we have EpicJake?
SHD: no.
NF126: please?
SHD: no.
NF126: yes?
SHD:... No. Finn_Mordecai_Gumball.
F_M_G: okay.

For the votes:
Team Jay:Garythesnail
Team Britgirl: keycha1n
Team Keyson: EpicJake
Team Pos: Turkeyasylum - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Can I be in, please? - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

Can I be included, sil vous plait? ( that means please in French) - MusicalPony

That's it. WEVE GOT A BUCKET! Is the best quote ever. - RiverClanRocks

😎 10/10 - Danguy10

Can I join this, please? - xandermartin98

Team J: GaryTheSnail
Team B: Therandom
Team K: EpicJake
Team P: PositronWildhawk - jmepa1234

It'd be nice if I could join... But I'm voting for:
Dapperpickle, Cosmo, Keyson, Nintendofan. - FennikenFan9

Ah, the memories of this series. - visitor

Elite series. Rereading needed. - Puga

This was good, it isn't my favorite reality post series, I prefer Heroes vs Villains and Desert Survival more, but this was pretty good. I wish I could vote now. - Skullkid755