Top Ten Best Things About Being a New TopTenner

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1 Everyone is so nice to you

I've met so many great people on this site, and I've only been here 2 1/2 weeks! People are so genuine and friendly, it was certainly a surprise!

I have sent messages to some people expected that they probably wouldn't respond, but they did! And they were so nice!

Dammit, man, you're making me want to start a new account and experience all of this over again.

2 People actually follow you

I'm don't care if I don't have the most followers or if I'm popular. However, I never expected to get as many followers as I do now.

How do I even have one follower? My old account has zero and I did way more stuff on that one.

Whereas the earth-shakers of TheTopTens don't have any followers?

3 You make new friends

True, but I think it took me up until March of 2019 to actually reach out to anyone.

On this website you can make friends with people across the world.

Though I admit I was more open to new people when I first arrived...

4 Your lists get more votes than expected

For 3-4 days when I joined, I didn't get votes (I didn't make any list) but the next day, when I saw that I got 17 votes and my list was on #7 on the Hot New Lists, I dropped my jaw open.

My new lists don't get votes. Cause the subject that I chose won't get many votes. But things need to be done anyway. If I make a list like "Top 10 Musician Deaths" with different tile, then it'll come to hottest list's page

My first list was Most Underrated Oasis Songs, which was OK, but not my best job. Worst Places To Crash Your Car was my fifth, and it was an instant hit. That's when everything changed.

5 Receiving messages is fun

Really? If anyone ever wonders why I reply so fast, its because I can't stand the little # 1! I was super awkward when I first started messaging though. I like it now, but at first, I didn't know if there were any unspoken rules, so I was pretty awkward!

I just love to see the number 1 on the message icon. Only thing is that it mustn't be adjacent to the lock profile icon.

Even from admin, getting messages is fun because it makes you feel kind of special.

6 You can easily get accomplishments

When you first start, there a lot of easy accomplishment to get done like posting one comment, so your accomplishment page fills up fast.

I went fast to Level 3 "Director of WHO DID THIS". But then, I realised that it was harder to reach new levels.

Its easy to get accomplishments but accomplishing 1000 lists is getting harder than I thought.

7 Remixes

Making remixes are really easy and fun to make. And it's better when you're a member!

At first, I loved remixing lists, but I felt bored of it.

Basically all I did at first, except comment.

8 Exploring other profiles

Exploring other profiles is fun, and you learn about the kinds of people that go on this site. Plus, you get to see what to strive for as a member.

When I joined, I was too lazy to read other users' profiles but eventually after a few days, I liked reading them.
My favourite profiles are Evilangel, Angelofdarkness, Hezarioseth and many more!

I still like to do this, and I became a member in Febuary, 2014. Then I left and didn't come back until March, 2015. Anyways, I like to do this.

9 Your lists are recorded

Whenever you make a list and someone sees it, they know you made, and that gives you a great feeling.

Everyone's lists are recorded though.

10 You're recognized

I mean, kind of. I still wouldn't say I'm that TopTenner that everybody knows, but my comments are like...feet. That's what they're like. Don't ask what I was gonna put. But they're like feet in the sense that they're everywhere.

Yes, after I remixed a list, I saw my name on the top remixes of this list, and I was extremely overjoyed!

Your user name is always put after a comment, so everyone knows it's you. And you can get more popular.

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11 You're more popular

That was me when I was a new TopTenner because I spent more time on this site.

12 You don't know anything

That's debatable. I mean, TheTopTens isn't that hard of a website to figure out.

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