Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Popular TopTenners Do When They Think Nobody's Watching

I couldn't think of anything for myself, but I could find ten from others, and ten makes a list.
The Top Ten
1 NerdyPweeps has conversations with imaginary friends

An example case is talking to Santa's elves about wanting a pony.

I too did that kind of thing in my middle school days.

2 Kiteretsunu dances randomly to high adrenaline rock songs, including kicking pillows and shaking heavily when in sleeping position

One particular song is Megadeth's "Tornado of Souls".

I hope he didn't get caught doing that!

3 BritGirl talks to herself in the voices of characters in stories

Somehow I find this really sweet. :) Maybe it's because of who does it.
And as to me, now I think of so many embarassing things I do now I see this list! For example, I love cartoons!

Hey! I told you that in confidence! Haha!
Excellent list.

4 PetSounds talks to himself when solving problems/puzzles and holds conversations with himself

I plan conversations and arguments all the time, as well as saying things like:
"what's 27+31? 58, thanks joy" when I'm doing homework. I don't know why.

I do that sometimes when I'm really stressed out!

5 Jetticus12 watches Spongebob Squarepants

On occasions, me, my mom, and my grandma (all over 20) watch this and laugh until we fall over.

Me too, but I definitely hated Jellyfish Hunter.

Me too. As long as it isn't A Pal For Gary.

6 Nintendofan126 does commentary while playing video games without a camera

If you spy on me while I'm playing video games, you can find out that this is true.

I do this when I'm playing Pokémon: "Why can't I catch this?! So now I have to go over to Sootopolis (or some other place) to do this...I need more Ultra Balls! NOO! ALL MY Pokemon FAINTED! " etc.

Why do I relate to so many of these...?

7 Ajkloth dances allegedly badly to Michael Jackson songs
8 bobbythebrony sings rock and metal songs in the shower

Today in the shower. It was Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, and Slayer

A few months ago, I got caught doing that...I was singing Devourment's Babykiller...

9 Curti2594 sings loudly with headphones in his ears

I do singing bad for 14 mins where I sing when I can't hear for 14 mins and I sound horrid.

10 Dreamformusic does headstands

You wouldn't want to see me trying to do a headstand or handstand, I also try to do cartwheels and I end up doing the crabwalk instead.

The Contenders
11 Chaotixhero voice acts to himself
12 Keyson always takes full immersion baths and practically never showers

I certainly HOPE no ones watching!

I, on the other hand, am a hardcore showerer. I would love to take baths if given the time. But when I do, I'm in the tub for hours.

I take water from the tap in a cup and pour it on myself. Yes, it's true.

I also never shower. A bath is a much nicer way to clean oneself.

13 Pug chases his tail

Laugh out loud! This list rocks

14 JaysTop10List screams in public
15 RockFashionista memorizes the number Pi just for fun
16 Animefan12 Farts often
17 DogsUnleashed dresses up and makes funny faces at a mirror
18 Funnyuser dresses up crazy, makes a video and says random things

I do that and I'm not afraid of getting caught by my dad. I'm crazier than you

This is what I do. Without the dressing up part.

I did this once on a holiday to France. :) My dad didn't find out about it until 3 years later.

19 Simpsondude pretends to play a guitar while listening to Guns N' Roses
20 KingFab Dances Horribly To Elvis
21 PositronWildhawk teaches himself Elvish
22 SammySpore sings loudly Linkin Park

Laugh out loud I posted this it's true I also sing coldplay and Metallica

23 jmepa123 makes up songs in his head and dances to them
24 PizzaGuy role-plays with himself as a Pokemon trainer

So far, I've got a Squirtle, Tepig, Sudowoodo, Croagunk, Pansage, Snorlax, and over 160 more.

25 xandermartin98 fangirls over the Mimigas from Cave Story despite the fact that he is actually a boy
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