Top Ten Usernames On TheTopTens Which Could Be Music Artist Names

Thanks to Dreamformusic for the inspiration to this list.
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1 PositronWildhawk

I hate putting myself in first, but I have been thinking, and have really pictured this. But music isn't my career choice. Physics is. But if I were to go into music, I'd probably make some house records.

It would look great seeing "PositronWildhawk" in a Album. It sound like the creator PositronWildhawk would be a really amazing singer for such an album.

What great about this guy's name is that it can be used everywhere and still sound fitting. It could be a name for a band, movie, video game... ANYTHING!

2 UltimateHybridX

This would be an exceptional name for a band, I would probably listen to them.

Definitely sounds like a band my metal freak brother would listen to.

The band name would really sound cool.

3 Dreamformusic

Sounds like classical crossover (ex. - Jackie Evancho).

4 Kiteretsunu
5 Fusion Fire
6 PetSounds

Well, I'm already a song and album. Why not a band?

7 AngryByrd
8 happyhappyjoyjoy
9 MoldySock

@PositronWildhawk - probably punk and not metal.
Metal names of this type would include something rusty and not moldy, such as Rusty Sword, Rusty Hammer, or Rusty Butcher Knife.

This sounds like it should be metal. But I don't know why, it's just something about it.

10 Britgirl

Pop! I already know for Britgirl

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11 SelfDestruct
12 FasterThanSonic
13 Censorship

This should be like a hard core rapper name.

14 MatrixGuy

How could I leave out MatrixGuy, emperor of trance?

15 Rhapsody

There's already a metal band called Rhapsody - power/symphonic metal from Italy.

That makes me think of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

16 westofohio

Originally this was a band name "West Of Ohio", for my music I record. Decided my name "Andrew Schuricht" sounded more professional. Since I'm a writer too, I have an authors name. LOL

17 IronSabbathPriest
18 lovemusic
19 Turkeyasylum

Comedy Metal has finally been invented, thanks to this username.

20 PianoQueen

I guess that makes sense. I bet there actually is an artist called PianoQueen.

After all her username has music in it.

21 SmoothCriminal
22 Liam31idents

Unusual artist names make for a good musical artist.

23 istooduptoabully

I don't think I should be on this list.

24 Metal_Treasure

Hmm I can see Metal_Treasure being trash metal or heavy metal I'm not sure one of the two.

25 velitelcabal
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