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This is even worse than the current #1 (Disney1994 feeling guilty about liking Liv and Maddie). Yes, that's terrible, but then again, it IS an unpopular opinion, and that must feel terrible liking Liv and Maddie when it's hated like it's no better than Sanjay and Craig. I don't care for either of them, but Sanjay and Craig could DEFINITELY be worse. But to the point about THIS contemptible comment: if autism could actually kill people, Disney1994 would have died YEARS before this site existed. The only good thing about this comment is that hentai IS awful, but this comment is no better. Finally, WWII and North Korea existed YEARS before hentai. And global warming is just the climate. However, I feel sorry for Disney1994 because it's true that Liv and Maddie isn't all bad. It got TWICE as much hate because he said that. I just wish Liv and Maddie didn't have such stupid characters, especially Joey and the parents. They're what ruins the potential of the show because Joey and the parents are always idiots. I actually thought it was a pretty good show at first, but more and more Joey and the parents got on my nerves. I don't blame Disney1994 for saying it's a good show though. It used to be better. Also, the irony of this comment ending with "YOLO" like that terrible Liv and Maddie song with yolo in it. Again, that was one of the reasons I stopped caring for that show. But even though some things in Liv and Maddie are TRULY TERRIBLE, they aren't worse than THIS about anime fans loving hentai. Not all anime is hentai and the ones that aren't are usually really good, and DEFINITELY better than Liv and Maddie. I have to be honest, I DID like Liv and Maddie the first few times. Even though the parents were always stupid, I tried to live with it at first. But then I realized that it's the "parents are stupid" stereotype that children's TV tends to have. Joey wasn't always AS stupid, but he got worse. And so did the parents. Plus there was the thing with... more

2 "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"

Oh yeah? If you think their life is so easy compared to yours despite how you have a roof over your head, food, water, and other basic needs to be able to live, then why don't you go live it yourself?

This is really bad, but do you know what is even worse? Somebody said that Americans are dumb and stupid for thinking 9-11 was a big deal. Just look up "worst events in human history" and go to 9-11.

Like having different opinions is worse than starving for foods and drinks. This is hurting to the people in Africa. Why doesn't Disney go to Africa and experience it himself?

3 "BorisRule is a rapist, because he is male"

What kind of logic is that? Males are rapists? REALLY? What if they aren't? And what if a girl does something TERRIBLE? Some girls are terrible, Kim Kardashian for example!

That's so sexist.
Also I think I know who said this just by looking.
Well I have 2 guesses.

Geez, number four already. It was said like 5 months ago, that's how bad it is.

4 "I'm glad disneyanime1234 died"

I don't know if I should be disgusted or shocked that this was even considered to be comment. No matter how much you hate the person, it is NEVER wrong to be happy that they died.

Just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean you say they deserve to die, especially after dying a horrible death. Besides MontyPython's sister didn't do anything wrong.

I never knew DisneyAnime1234, but that's just cruel! To all those who were close to DisneyAnime1234, I'm sorry you had to see that.

5 "And no, it does NOT matter HOW popular or UNpopular an opinion is, it can STILL be wrong!"

No, an opinion is just an opinion, not a fact. In the case of morality and Hitler, the reason why Hitler is immoral is because things are moral or immoral with respect to goal and we have made that goal well being. Once we agree to a goal (well being) we can make objective assessments as to whether or not something furthers the goal and we can see that killing 11 million people decreases their well being which is why it is not just an opinion that Hitler is immoral. While it MAY be an opinion that we ought to have well being as the objective of morality, it is not an opinion that we do. MEANWHILE, you Disney1994 like a show *cough* Liv and Maddie *cough* that most people dislike and you realize that most of your opinions are unpopular. That does not mean that other peoples opinions are wrong because they disagree with yours. I mean how to you even determine which opinions including yours are correct and which ones are incorrect? It's completely nonsensical to say that someone liking something better than something else is correct or incorrect. For things to be correct or incorrect they have to facts about reality. However when someone says "Liv and Maddie is a good show" or "Liv and Maddie is a bad show" what they are mean by that is either "I like Liv and Maddie" or "I dislike Liv and Maddie" and since when is that a statement about reality? The ONLY way that is a statement of reality is in the sense that they actually do hold those opinions in their minds in reality. When someone says an opinion they are not making a statement about reality, they are making a statement about how they feel about a particular subject. Everybody has opinions and nobody can control their opinions. Nobody can force themselves to like or dislike something, and saying they like or dislike something is not a statement about that thing only how that thing makes them feels. I mean by definition an opinion is an analytical proposition while a fact is a synthetic proposition. While it is... more

6 "All Christians hate gays!"

Another stereotype. This one is as bad as "All Muslims are terrorists".

Yeah, and all gays hate straights. It is straight up stereotyping.

Not all Christians hate gays. Christian extremists say that.

7 "All weeaboos and people who like anime must be genocidally murdered for liking anime! Anime is the reason why we had Cold War and hentai. They are even worse than the Nazis and Bronies."

This... wow... 1. Bronies only like a show Nazis were ruthless killers and torturers 2. Anime did not cause the cold war. Hentai, yes, literally every fandom has the sexual side, But not Cold War, that's just awful. 3. Genocide is cruel and awful and it honestly shouldn't exist. Groups of people were killed just because of who they are, what they like, etc. back then. 4. You are a cruel psychopathic sociopathic lunatic pathetic excuse of a living organism hypocritical narcissist offensive loser prick who respect nobody and lacks the concept and feeling of compassion and love. I hope you really get help. Have a nice life.

8 "MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."

I can somewhat understand Disney1994. After all, I've had moments where I thought my life was complete rubbish. Not saying I defend him, but I can see his emotional direction and his viewpoint. But using the death of a user just seems... unwanted. You should have at least thought for a moment before you posted. I understand what you wanted to say (And at least you don't mean anything negative to DisneyAnime1234), but you need to consider what words you want to use. Just saying that a message like this could lead to huge trouble (Which it did).

9 "I'm glad it was humans who died [on 9/11] instead of animals"

This attack could've very well hurt or killed animals as well. Wouldn't surprise me to see at least ONE dog die during the attacks.

It COULD hurt animals too! PETA supporters cannot respect options regarding of animal rights.

Edit: well, a K9 officer died in 9/11. Crap!

What if RobertWisdom (yep RobertWisdom said this) had a family member who died in 9/11? Would he be happy? That's what I thought.

10 "All cartoons and anime suck, and all you people commenting here are pathetic losers with no lives and no friends, get a life, and start watching live action dramas instead of this"

Cartoons and live action are'nt really the same unless you combined them. You may think cartoons is for kids? Not at all. Adults also watched both shows depend on how they watched. Do you think The Simpsons or Family Guy is for kids? Get your fact straight!

This just screams "I'm insecure and I try to validate myself by acting all superior"

Childhoods ate pointless. And no I did not write this comment

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11 "All rap is dumb. Tell us something we don't know."

Person: *says all rap is bad*
Also the same person: Eminem is good
If you say all rap is bad then praise Eminem then it makes no sense since Eminem is a rapper.

I don't found Rap music bad, but isn't even a music genre to add in your top 10 music genres of all time.

Person: *says all rap is bad*

Also the very same person: *says all rap is good*

Total hypocrisy

12 "I have the worst life ever!"

You should be thankful for what you have. Be glad for what you have because karma could hit. At least you get to choose wether to live your life. You have a roof over your head, food to eat, some sort of technology to entertain you. Unlike you, there are people and animals out there, fighting for their lives against disease, cancer, starvation, lonliness, poaching and so many others. This is ridiculous. Everyone says these things at times but really take a moment to think of others and what they might be going through.

Really over liv and maddie
Someone I love HATES me and didn't care if I died.
I'm always compared to other people.
I might be forced to leave a place I grew up in because of ghetto people.
I'll never meet someone who saved my life.
I've attempted.
I understand there are worse lifes by the way and I'm thankful I have a roof over my head.
I just hate my life.
So yeah Disney1994 I'd swap with you any day.

13 "Everyone has aids! aids, aids, aids! everyone has aids, aids, aids, aids, aids,aids aids, aids, aids AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS. aids are great! :D"

That's disrespectful to Freddie Mercury and to other people who have/had suffered from AIDS!

Reading this comment except every time they say 'aids' the entire bee movie plays in one comment

And so this is the end of our story... and everyone is dead from AIDS.

(AHEM) Haven't any of you people seen Team America: World Police

14 "I'm glad it was Americans who died instead of anyone else"

So all because they live in a certain country, that makes their death better? Please tell me whoever wrote this was either only joking or got terminated.

Why would you wish death on other people? That's sickening.

I flagged that comment so now it's gone

That's sick and racist

15 "Have u scene the viteo!? It's so hot and sexy so this sung sholud be nubmer one! Her butt is amayzing and she enpower big girls like me wit her sings so vote her 2 nubmer one please! SHES the best RAPPER OF ALL TIME! #VoteAnacondaPlz"

No. No. It. isn't. Kids, if your curious about this anaconda video, DO NOT WATCH IT. It is all about butts and the thumbnail is nicki showing her butt so...

I feel like nobody on this site wrote that. It was either from YouTube or someone pulled it out of their ass.

This has the same grammar and spelling quality of My Immortal... (Jumps to conclusion)

16 "Accusations of votebotting= butthurt fans of other artists who are unhappy that people don't vote for THEIR favorite. If those other artists are so great, where are their fans?"

No votebotting is when an item is over voted

No votebotting is when items are overboted like David Bowie troll.

17 “HOW THE *censored* DOES THIS HAVE NO COMMENTS YET? And also child abuse is good because I hate children.

What happens when they become adults? They have traumatic experiences that'll hold onto them forever.

How is the "squashed up bug on the floor" comment above this.

That's just insulting to people who get this child abuse unfairly.

18 "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"

Just get me a Shiny Pikachu in Pokemon Platinum and your wish shall be fulfilled.
Edit: Oh god I found a shiny Pikachu.

And this person says all this because e likes a T.V. show most people hate and this guy can't respect opinions and think they were made by the devil.This is why I hate sensitive people.They think life sucks because of jokes and opinions.

Just because one person has a problem doesn't mean you need to unleash your anger out on the whole world.

19 "Best fetish. Especially for Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans. God I love that pants pooping princess."

This is so gross and immature. I don't care for farting princesses. I like the much better princesses, like the ones in Frozen and other Disney Princess classics (especially Belle from Beauty and the Beast).

I've tried to post several harmless comments that never show up, and yet comments like this are allowed?

This literally just sounds more like something a bait account would say than an actual quote.

20 "Can I tell you guys a secret? I actually masturbate to Trina and Cat. They're that hot (this goes for Liv and Maddie too)."

While I would agree that the Victorious cast has pretty girls, this is disgusting and perverted. It makes it worse that an adult wrote it.

Considering the fact that Ariana Grande, and Dove Cameron were both 17 in first season of their respective shows, that is messed up.

Cool. I totally wanted to know that someone masturbates to whatever the hell Trina and Cat is.

21 "1. Stop making fun of the stuff I like. 2. No bad comments!!!! 3.Read My comment on the top before you begin!!!! 4. The most important,if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all!!!!!!!!! 5. ALWAYS comment and visit MY LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no obligation towards this quote. I can criticize the things that I don't like whenever I feel like it and no one will stop me.

They were trying to make their point by putting dozens of exclamation points.

But I wanna make bad comments! *has mental breakdown*

Sounds like something an 8 year old would say.

22 "Anyone who likes The Loud House should commit suicide."

I don't like The Loud House, but its fanbase committing suicide isn't going to help. This is just like when Disney1994 wanted to die because no one likes Liv and Maddie. I don't care for either of them. But they aren't worth death threats because they're popular/unpopular. These haters and fans are worse than the shows themselves are.

The Loud House's fanbase might be bad, but saying something like this... it's not acceptable under any way. Just because the fanbase sucks doesn't make the hatebase pure good and perfect in every single way possible. In fact, it's probably just as bad.

23 "2016 Bubbles is worse than Hitler, you know."

A fictional character might have done actions that can be comparable to what Hitler did if they popped out of the screen and did them IRL, but...

If anyone is wondering this comment is referring to the character Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls reboot from 2016. Dumb comparison

I also hate 2016 Bubbles but NEVER compare any character to jew-killing mass murderer! THAT'S GONE TOO FAR!

24 "Foodfight! is better than Jesus"

2016 Me: I am Christian and I AM OFFENDED!
2019 Me: This quote is so bad that it is good.

Hey, 2016 me, stop being hypersensitive and learn how to handle things, my dude.

Even if it is a joke it still is not funny. My religion doesn't even believe in Jesus, but that is downright stupid.

I am not religious but I can see how this offensive. Lol when a movie is so bad in quality it somehow offends people.

25 "Terrorists are fine because they terrorize stupid people. Thankfully they have the heart to leave the perfect, amazing animals alone."

Terrorize stupid people? So you are saying innocent citizens are stupid? This is extremely messed up. Do terrorists like animals anyway?

Terrorizing innocent people is not fine!

Certified PETA moment

Definitely feels like something a YT reply bot would say.

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