Best Things About April Fools Day

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1 Pranking people

I sure have been pranked a lot but this year I'm thinking of pranking my friends

Is it just me, or am I the only person on TheTopTens that personally hates this day? - darthvadern

Ex.1 My friend tried pranking her mom. She did something like this:
1.Get some rapping things that stick and is see-through
2.Rap it on the toilet
3.Wait for mom to arrive
What happened: It was GREAT! HAHAA...
Ex.2 Another friend tried pranking her cats. She did something like this:
1.Go to the cats sleeping place when they weren't there
2.Rap the same thing as ex.1
3.Wait for the cats to arrive
What happened: The cats were scared and ran away ( oh no... ) - Hollymist

2 Getting pie in your face

At least you can eat it after!

Now that would be humiliating...come to think of it, I GOT A NEW COMIC IDEA!

Coreforce, the little devil in...PIE POWER!

*begins at home, Coreforce, our little devil has woken up on a very special day...*

Me: ! ITS APRIL FOOLS DAY! It’s the best day for a few pranks and make everyone embarrassed, I got just the thing...a classic, and simple...I will get some pies out of the freezer, heat it up so then the filling isn't too thick and will be able to ooze out easily and wait for someone to come by...hehehehehehehehahaahaha! ”

me *goes downstairs* “I think the coast is clear...let’s begin! ”

*coreforce begins to do just as planned, take the pies out of the freezer, heat it a little and wait next too a wall*

Me: aha, I hear footsteps...lets do this...

mom: “AHA! ” *throws pie in Coreforce’s face* “APRIL FOOLS! ”

Me: *splat* “AGH! ”

Mom: “you know that we can hear you upstairs in your room ...more - Coreforce

3 Putting whoopie cushions on your teacher’s chair

I've done this so many times the teachers aren't surprised anymore. - AlphaQ

And getting detention!

4 Getting pranked

As someone who pranks people a lot, I also fall for pranks pretty often. - AlphaQ

Because it's fun to play pranks and you laugh

5 An excuse to pour cold water on your enemies

Know wha's better? Pouring gasol-no wait, that's too far...pouring paint! - AlphaQ

6 Eating leftover Easter candy

Unless, of course, you had Easter after. Or in 2018, they are the same day.

7 A new month starts

Meaning a new Best TopTenner Of The Month list!

8 Spraying water at people
9 Watching people get mad when you prank them

That reminds me of Bart Simpson. 😂

10 The holiday is in animal crossing: new leaf

The Contenders

11 Rick Rolling people

I once sent the link to my girlfriend, who was supposed to receive a love song from me and got this instead. After that she dumped me, best breakup ever LOLOLOLOLOL - AlphaQ

Better than All Star.

Wow, just wow.

That is old. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

12 It brought back Toonami

Adult Swim is truly the cable network king of April Fools stunts. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 April fools gifts

Nothing like the prank gifts.

14 It’s warm out

Eh, it gets colder in where I live. - AlphaQ

FALSE! In Australia it's cool!

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