Top Ten Best Things About Being Home Alone As a Kid

I was just home alone a couple of days ago. It actually felt nice. I'll list the best things about being Home Alone. Be sure to check out Ace_of_Spade's counter list. As always, enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 No parents telling you what you do
2 You get to listen to your favorite music extremely loud

Especially if your favorite music is heavy metal. - Metal_Treasure

I'll just be over here reading my book and playing some Sabaton on full volume... - Merilille

Until the police calls...

*Puts on Three Days Grace and headbangs* I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT Y- *Hits head on desk* Ow... :’( - 3DG20

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3 No chores

Unless they were assigned - SmashBall

4 Running around the house naked

Pretending to be an American-Indian and going "woo-woo-woo- woo..." No? Oh, just me then... - Britgirl

I'm nearly 21 and I still do this since I got blinds on every window and I basically live alone - bobbythebrony

5 You get the TV yourself

I have my own T.V.

6 Playing video games all day long

I did that any way - QueenLiz

7 Inviting your friends over
8 You get to go on the internet all you like

And it's usually fast, and you can finally watch YouTube! Yay! - funnyuser

Me. Just me. When my dad is out cutting wood, it's just so me. - RiverClanRocks

This is all I ever do when I'm home alone. (Which is a lot.) - RockFashionista

9 Getting to do whatever you want
10 Leave the house to go to a friend's house

The Contenders

11 You get to hog all the food

I always do that! - SmashBall

Lol, yep I hate all the cake

12 You get to do nothing
13 You get to watch porn
14 Watch R Rated Movies
15 You never have to get yelled at
16 Peaceful and silent baths
17 No annoying siblings

I'm glad I am the only child in my family.

18 No parents walking in at wrong times
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1. Playing video games all day long
2. Running around the house naked
3. No parents telling you what you do
1. No parents telling you what you do
2. You get to listen to your favorite music extremely loud
3. No chores


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