Top Ten Best Things About Being Home Alone As a Kid

I was just home alone a couple of days ago. It actually felt nice. I'll list the best things about being Home Alone. Be sure to check out Ace_of_Spade's counter list. As always, enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 You get to listen to your favorite music extremely loud

Oof, our house is attached to another.

Yes. I blast Metalingus, Rap God, Superhuman (CFO$), and more.

Especially if your favorite music is heavy metal. - Metal_Treasure

Until the police calls...

2 No parents telling you what you do
3 Getting to do whatever you want
4 Playing video games all day long

I did that any way - QueenLiz

5 Running around the house naked

Pretending to be an American-Indian and going "woo-woo-woo- woo..." No? Oh, just me then... - Britgirl

I'm nearly 21 and I still do this since I got blinds on every window and I basically live alone - bobbythebrony

6 You get the TV yourself

I have my own T.V.

7 You get to hog all the food

I always do that! - SmashBall

Lol, yep I hate all the cake

8 You get to go on the internet all you like

And it's usually fast, and you can finally watch YouTube! Yay! - funnyuser

Me. Just me. When my dad is out cutting wood, it's just so me. - RiverClanRocks

This is all I ever do when I'm home alone. (Which is a lot.) - RockFashionista

9 No chores

Unless they were assigned - SmashBall

10 Inviting your friends over

The Contenders

11 You get to do nothing
12 No annoying siblings

I'm glad I am the only child in my family.

13 Privacy
14 You get to watch porn


15 It’s quiet
16 Leave the house to go to a friend's house
17 Going out
18 Peaceful and silent baths
19 Watching R rated movies
20 You never have to get yelled at
21 No parents walking in at wrong times
22 You can sing as loud as you want
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