Top Ten Best Things About High School

Is high school perfect? No. But there are many fantastic, thrilling things that you will enjoy.

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1 Friends

in high school friends are so helpful bc if they're real you'll have more people to standup for u

It doesn't get any better than this. At the beginning of high school, you will start to find out who are your true friends. While the answer may surprise you, its always great to have buddies.

Yep friends are but some may go behind your back and betray you and go be friends with people you hates so much

Some of the friends you make in highschool will be your friends for the rest of your life

2 Friday

The 3 best things ever
1. Today its friday!
2. Wake up! It friday!
3. Tomorrow its friday!

Wheres Rebecca Black when ya need her?

Not much to say here. No matter what happened at the beginning of the week, everything appears positive on Friday.

Saturday is better because Friday there is still school.

3 Field Trips

Fun field trips my school did last year:
5 star gymnastics place
Secret life of pets 2
The playground

Boring trips my school did last year:
New York Historical Society

If I go to the local public high school, I'll go to Disney World freshman year with the band!

We're going to the Kennedy space center for our science field trip! Yeah!

My high school had field trips to NYC and Broadway every year.

4 Student Clubs

Do you like table tennis? Or military history? Are you good at chess, or do you prefer photography? Clubs give you the opportunity to do more of the things you like when your in school.

I wish my school had a lot of clubs. My selection is VERY limited. My school is so poor and small we have to ask for help from other schools and tie sports with the next town over.

I joined the Scrabble Club at my school. I also plan on joining the math & science club next year, but first I must brush up my maths.

Sneaking up to the catwalk in drama club with the prettiest girl in school will always be a treasured memory.

5 School Dances

Let the children lose it, let the children use it, let all the children boogie...

Not to me...I refuse to go to them. Even if someone asked me to a dance, I still wouldn't go. I hate dancing, I can't dance anyway, and I don't care about romance or anything else that would go on at one of the school dances.

These are horrible! I used to do these in Middle School. Fortunately I have not seen any dances coming up in my highschool (and I hope they never will).

Whether its your prom or homecoming, school dances are very exciting, especially if you go with the partner of your choice.

6 Lunch Enhancements

For many schools, elementary and middle schoolers have specific lunch requirements. But in high school, with increased servings, unlimited eating locations, and better drinks, the socializing period only gets better.

It nice you don't have to go outside when you don't want to, you can go outside when you want, abd you can talk to your friends and teachers you know that you don't have in class

In my middle school, the dinner was mush and the only drink was water...

In my High School, the dinners are the best and we get awesome drinks.

My school's cafe is awesome, we have well cooked food, 20 kinds of Ice Cream, Lots of drinks and candy, and so much more.

7 The Special Someone

I really do not care about romance, so this is not a good thing about high school to me. There are much better ways to spend your time then worrying about getting a boyfriend/girlfriend or spending all your time thinking about the person who you love. Anyway, you probably wouldn't stay in a relationship with anyone in high school for very long anyway, so it doesn't really matter much.

While some claim they really liked someone in middle school, high school is typically where you will find your first love. Will you end up marrying them. Probably not. But its nice to have someone like that next to you in school.

If you are lucky enough to have that girl or boy, it becomes so easy and relaxing. You know that person is somewhere in that building and that you could talk anytime.

High School love is a lie. Eventually, they'll get sick of you and move onto the next hottest person.

8 Hot Teachers

Who added this on the list?

I like turtles

When you have a hot teacher you wouldn't focus on test because you stare at him/her too much

My teachers have a nice ass.

9 Freedoms and Breaks

Unlike elementary and middle school pupils, the upper school student is mostly independent, which is nirvana for kids who don't like getting babied around.


10 Overall Maturation of the Student Body

The annoying guy from middle school, the stuck-up athlete, those cliques that make your blood boil; all of them it seems have grown up a little. But beware of the popular girls, who will only exploit their diva wrath even more.

The only good thing about high school was its lack of teenyboppers.

Are you serious? This ruined my Girl Friend's LIFE. Imagine what it is like for Boys when you turn 15 and your first nasty red spots and you know that you will have to Shave like your Pa for the rest of your life.
Puberty should be DESTROYED. Then life would be 1000% better.

But not the student mind.

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11 Football and Basketball Games

Not if you don't understand the first thing about football...

The two exhilarating sports are fun to watch, but even more enjoyable if you're the one wearing the uniform.

So fun, make new friends too

I like the thing

12 Fun Activities

Nothing at our school is fun its just a prison until we go home -from the student body of the Monterey wildcats

High school is a hell hole youll just be bullied soon so there's no fun in it

13 Science Experiments

I do enjoy these. But when you're at college, you'll be able to do bigger ones with lasers and superconductors. And that's better.

For many, science is a favorite among subjects. A lot of that has to do with the wild experiments you will attempt throughout high school.

They are awesome. I would replace all my subjects with science if I was allowed!

I'm afraid that I might get hurt in an experiment. Well, only if there is chemicals.

14 Sports

Best Thing Ever! I play competitive hockey and baseball and they help so much getting your head away from school and into doing something you love.


15 Marching Band

This and colorguard helped me create friends and helped me figure out who I am.

I'm going to 7th grade (currently on summer break) and I've been in a marching band before since I attended a summer music school and we get to do a marching band. It was so much fun! I can't wait to do it in high school!

Marching band is by far the best high school experience anyone can have. People who are not in marching band will never understand.

Favorite thing easily

16 No Adult Responsibilities


Teachers at my school always b like
I assume u came to tutoring
I say I didn't need it
She says then I assume u have an a in my class
Me as a matter of fact I DO so just quit assuming thing it only makes me angry and enforces my capability of speaking a certain language
It called sarcasm

17 Music Classes

Music is life

I am 13 and in the school choir.

18 Spares

I remember having a spare before lunch in my last quarter or grade 12 it was nice

19 Learning New Things
20 No Uniforms

Sadly I'll wear one because of this abomination they call don't compare with other kids

Yay! Now I can wear sweatpants 24/7

Uniforms to me is a sign of maturity, teenage and entering of the most interesting part of life.

A sign of maturity is not following orders to wear a uniform.

21 Graduation

It already 2 years since my 2017 grad time flies, and few days it already 5 years since my first day of high school, time sure flies feels like high school was yesterday and my exciting feeling of graduating

Leaving high school

Goodbye FOREVER mean and strict special ed teacher!

The sooner I can leave the better

22 Proms

Going to highschool next year

Proms suck

23 Pretty Girls

This is something every boy looks forward to!

Oh ya a bunch of them!

24 School Camps
25 Sports Teams
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