Top Ten Things Christians Are Tired of Hearing

I hate how people find the need to hate on people just because they don't agree with it. Believe in what you want to believe it.

The Top Ten Things Christians Are Tired of Hearing

1 Homophobe

If someone disagrees with what you are doing, it does not mean that they hate you.

Why? Because every SINGLE THING ON THIS LIST IS A FACT?! Stop brainwashing me into your cult!

Why? Because you can't take honesty?

Just because you disagree with something doesn't mean you hate the people who practice the lifestyle. There are plenty of nice homosexuals out there and while I disagree with what they're doing it doesn't mean you hate the people themselves. But do people realize that? No. - RiverClanRocks

2 Why Do You Pray to an Invisible Guy In the Sky?

Admittedly my Christianity substantially damaged my preference in music (including my notorious dismissing of Imagine by John Lennon. I give it a 4/5, because it's fine out of concept but I'm a little repulsed by the presentation) - WonkeyDude98

Why would someone be so disrespectful? I may be an atheist, but it is people like this that make me reluctant to declare it. - PositronWildhawk

Why don't you respect my religion? - Garythesnail

I don't know, why must you be rude? - ToptenPizza

3 God Isn't Real

I have no proof God exists, now where's your proof that he's fake? You have none? I guess that makes us even...

I believe in god, if you don't, fine. Not gonna start making judgments on who is going where. - ToptenPizza

If you can't prove his existence or his deny of existence why should you believe in a fantasy then?

You can’t prove or disprove that. - 3DG20

4 Let Me Guess, You're Pro-Life

Abortion is no where in the bible, it wasn't even invented then. Who knows what they would feel about it. It's just a common opinion. - ToptenPizza

I actually don't care anymore. - Therandom

5 Why Do You Believe In a Book Written by Some Crazy Men?

It wasn't even a book (originally) it was scrolls not even in English.

Ummm... Were YOU there? Did you witness that time period and saw there was no Jesus? If not, shut up. - ToptenPizza

I would never use that argument. But the bible wasn't written by eye witnesses. That's even according to Christian biblical scholars. The earliest writings of the New testament were made roughly 15-20 years after the events they describe with the others coming roughly every 10 years after, in another nation, by people wealthy enough to afford a very extensive education in advanced Greek composition and language. In fact, two of the disciples were explicitly stated to be illiterate. Paul explicitly stated he did not witness the events he described, and his writings were used as a basis for other gospels. - Daeralic

6 He's Not Real!

I don't really care if Christian God is not or is real.
People are allowed to have an opinion. Atheists and Christians argue too much.
Sometimes I say "God if you are real, then..." and I'm not even a Christian.

Yep I hate this when people say this espesly muslumes WE HAVE PROOF THE BIBLE JESUS HAD SEEN a ANGEL my grandma had seen lots of them because she is so closely to God and my mom dad and grandpa I love god with all my heart and he loves you to be what's to know you try going to a Christian church it will change how you think about what you call " this God is not real " try it, it will do you some good

I hate people who say " case closed " ( are they lawyers or something? ) when they can't answer or won't answer somebody's opinion. This stop word just proves how short minded they are in debates. If you believe he's real you have to prove at least why when someone asks you or doesn't agree on your opinion.

Case closed? Atheists says that Christianity is a philosophy that didn't move on to questioning some facts. It's a philosophy that is stuck for more than thousands of years now. So, if you say case closed it proves that your mind is also stucked. You believe what some people believed thousands of years ago ; that he is real. You can't admid the fact that science is becoming closer and closer to find out how the universe was really made. And that is certainly not a god or higher power.

7 Why Are Christians Always Forcing Religion On Others?

We're not forcing, we are evangelizing. It's the person who decides if he/she will believe in God and His teachings or not.

There is a big difference between forcing someone and warning someone!

I'm a Christian, and I don't try and force religion on anybody. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe. - Minecraftcrazy530

I am not forcing my religion at the very slightest!

8 God-Fearer!

OK, no Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindi, etc, should be afraid to share their religion. No one should be stereotyped as a terrorist, god fearer, greedy, weird Indian, SUPER weird Indian, just so you can shove so called "the truth" down everyone's throat then complain they shove religion down your throat when they haven't said sh*t to you. - ToptenPizza

9 Why Do You Hate Science?

I agree with you, Positron. I believe that God created science, and thus I believe in science. The Bible states that God is love; hence, love comes from God. Christianity shouldn't be a religion; it should simply be a way of living - living a life full of love for others and for the triune God. So to deny the existence of God is to deny the existence of love. We don't know if love exists; we just assume it exists because it affects peoples' lives. In the same sense, science claims to have no proof about the existence of God, but sense God has clearly affected many peoples' lives, it is impossible to deny His existence, because then you would also be denying the sole existence of those changed people. A question that I would ask an affirmed atheist is this: Do you love your father? Assuming they would respond saying yes, I would then tell them this: prove it. They cannot prove it. But they can believe it. In that sense, some "experts" claim that there is no proof of God; but ...more

Science is the exact opposite of religion, and with science people could disprove God. So why did he create it? - ARandomPerson

It's quite simple, a scientific stance is not a stance opposing religion. Science and religion share some ideas, and although never fully integrated, can still co-exist. What annoys me, as a scientist, is how people of even the smallest religious background will accuse us of being a cult against God's teachings. And even though I do not believe there is a God, I do not attack people for being believers. But sadly, this conflict is asymmetrical. We are portrayed as the blasphemous evil-doers for our background in science, which I only call shallow and ironic. - PositronWildhawk

Since when has the Bible been anti-science? Wouldn't God want you to study and understand the world he made for you?

Actually love can be proven to exist, the hormones it releases can be detected, we can see the brain patterns of love, and the actions people take, etc. - Daeralic

Charles Darwin, the man who created the theory of evolution was Christian.

10 I Wish Religion Didn't Exist

What then you wouldn't have Christmas or if you hate it then umm it's a break from school/college/work I suppose.

Why? I love how some atheists complain about religion being shoved in their fave when they want religion to die out, therefore shoving atheism up every bodies buttox. - ToptenPizza

Anyone can have whatever religion they wish to be part of. - TwilightKitsune

Danteem wish religion didn't exist. That's very smart of him. He mature in smart in most possible ways.

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11 Have You Heard Of Onision?

Yes. I have been on the internet. Stop reminding me. Because one person has an opinion, it doesn't mean I have to agree.

Yes, and he is an idiot

12 So Does that Mean You Can't Have Sex?

Yup. Sex is "of the devil". - shadomatrix

Christians can have sex if they want to, but if they want to be virgins, they can be virgins.

Yep. Absolutely. None of us have ever had sex and we never will

13 Why Do You Go to Church?
14 So he is coming when?
15 Why do you think he is real you can't prove

Yep please go to church


16 You're a Science Denier!
17 Prove It! Prove that God Exists! Prove the Bible is True! Oh Wait You Can't.
18 Why don't you believe in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy
19 It's an adults fairytale
20 Jewish Zombie
21 Triangles everywhere!
22 But you just have an ancient book.
23 Bible Contradictions
24 Is there a God?
25 Where does God live?
26 There is No God.
27 Stop believing in god.
28 Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.
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