Top Ten Things That Define HowToBasic In a Nutshell

Watch his videos make you wonder how he has 3million subs, his videos are pretty much the same thing but why? (Why do I use that every time seriously! )

The Top Ten

1 Eggs

Cracking eggs, Throwing eggs, Slamming Eggs, Pooping Eggs, it's pretty much a Holocaust for the eggs - SuperHyperman

If I had $1 for every eg he destroyed, I would be so rich by now

Always getting eggs and smashing it to something. AND I DO NOT CARE IF THEY ARE EXPIRED!

I avtually like howtobasic

2 Messy Kitchen

Making a mess out of the kitchen just for a sake of a stupid video - SuperHyperman

I saw that video - RockStarr

3 Tapping food
4 Toilet

*pukes* he puts stuff in the toilet, gross - BlazingParasol

Can't speak during a video, just use the toilet to show the equivalent of the videos and to throw stuff in and to pay the bills - SuperHyperman

5 Dolls

If you don't have friends, always trust the power of using dolls. - SuperHyperman

6 Violating a Chicken

Get that hands out of that chickens pouch you disgusting man - SuperHyperman

7 Sssshhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Shush at a lot of things to set the mood (or just raise the retardedness up) - SuperHyperman

8 Use Food, Super effective

Throwing foods and pouring foods like it's a pet - SuperHyperman

9 Naked

Can't see any clothes

10 Leg Slapping

The Contenders

11 Coughing to Death

He also did this on How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew and in How to Correctly Eat Sushi, he barfed out sushi smoothie, it was disgusting!

He did an annoying cough on How to open a bottle without a bottle opener

In the How to Correctly Eat Sushi only HowToBasic was doing the camerawork and supplying the sushi and any other item, and it was Anything4Views in the video (the fat guy) eating and barfing on the sushi.

12 Milk Barf
13 Misleading Thumbnails

Not just misleading thumbnails, also misleading descriptions telling you that it is an actual how-to. Even more intense than false advertising they do at fast food restaurants.

14 Dead Fish

I know him, he is a celeb - Coreforce

15 Annoying Sounds
16 Mental Hospital

He just escaped from a mental hospital and BAHM! HowToBasic was born. - SuperHyperman

17 Splatting
18 Sneezing
19 Sitting on Messy Floor
20 Wasting Big Companies' Products (Coke, Mondelez, PepsiCo, Apple, Nike, Nestlé, etc.)

A.k.a. Wasting big companies' and brands' reputations. - HowToSimplyTutorialsOfficial

21 Insanity
22 Structure of the Videos

In his recent videos they start off as actual how-tos then seconds (or even one minute) into his clip he is nearly perfect when he start to destroy things and even mix things. Then after his mess he gives a thumbs up. For example the veggie lasagna video most of it was actually teaching you how to cook it then he probably burns it on purpose then destroys the heck out of it. At then end he forces a fish to suck on a carrot.

23 Sex References
24 Weird Sounds
25 Thumbs Up
26 Naked Man Covered in Condiment
27 Destroying objects
28 Punching
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