Top Ten Things to Do If You're Invited to Lil Pump' S Birthday Party


The Top Ten

1 Smash his face into the cake

*laughs hard* His hair looks like sour gummy worms alright. Splat his face into the cake and voila! You get a gummy worm cake that sings Gucci gang

This list is hilarious! It was 1AM and I had to hold my breath to contain myself from laughing - DaringXx

He's spend hours trying to get it out of his gummy worm hair. - CharismaticKat

Haha - Camaro6

2 Steal his car and crash it

Lil Pump: * throws a worse tantrum than Caillou. - CharismaticKat

If it’s a nice car, like a Lamborghini, I’ll steal it and KEEP it. - Camaro6

3 Gang up on him with Chuck Norris

He'd get chopped into a million pieces. - CharismaticKat

4 Make him listen to D Rose for 24 hours

D rose is awful and it’s just another generic modern rap song

5 Egg his house
6 Dress up as Pennywise and chase him with a balloon
7 Make him watch The Emoji Movie

Okay, That's one thing I'll do and that's about it. - MissRWBY202

8 Sing Stoopid by 6ix9ine

Hey Lil Pump...ARE YOU DUMB DUMB DUMB STOOPID! - CharismaticKat

9 Send him poop emojis

He already looks like one. - DarkBoi-X

10 Punch him in his face

Yes. - Camaro6

The Contenders

11 Destroy his gang and steal his gucci

Let's see if you get this. - DarkBoi-X


12 Call His Mother to Crash His Party
13 Give Him No Presents
14 Send Him to Jail with 6ix9ine
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