Top Ten Things to Do While You're Left Home Alone


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1 Go in other people's rooms

I know this isn't nice. but haven't you always wondered what in other peoples rooms. - nintendofan126

2 Listen to music really loud

This would be awesome. I'm gonna have to try this 2. - nintendofan126

I've done it before yeah it's great. - PatrickStar3

Try Rap God (Eminem), Metalingus (WWE Edit), Superhuman (CFO$), and anything else you want to try.

Bon Jovi! - DaringXx

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3 Talk to your friends on the phone

Its pretty fun I've done this a few times. there's nobody around to make noise or anything. - nintendofan126

4 Raid the kitchen

You can eat whatever you want. - nintendofan126

I got caught when I did it. - PatrickStar3

5 Play video games

This is something you can do anytime. but when there's nobody in the house its even better. - nintendofan126

6 Make a top ten list
7 Watch a movie

There's nobody around to bother you or tell you to do something or to change the channel. - nintendofan126

YES now I can watch adult movies and horror movies without my parents interfering!

8 Run around the house while going crazy

Sounds stupid and fun at the same time. - nintendofan126

9 Watch a cartoon

There's not very many good cartoons nowadays. but I'll watch T.V. if there's nothing to do. - nintendofan126

10 Watch YouTube


The Contenders

11 Masturbate

Haha no

12 Sing rock n roll in your underwear
13 Be naked
14 Watch porn


15 Organize a huge party
16 Sleep

Nothing better to do than sleeping - riri_lol

17 Cry
18 Make A Fake VHS Opening
19 Run around the house singing theme songs from your childhood
20 Play on your mobile
21 Drink a beer
22 Ride a box down the stairs

I do this with my brother. It’s so fun! - DaringXx

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