Top Ten Things to Give Your Boss As a Present

The Top Ten

1 A Fortune Cookie

That will impress him - jmepa123

Lol his is part of companies and products

I wouldn't want one

2 A Bottle Of Ridiculously Cheap Wine

He just can't resist... - jmepa123

3 Your Dad's Old Pair Of Patched-Up Socks

I would so do this - jmepa1234

4 An Electricity Bill

Yup! Will do. - Mesmeric

5 A Ticket To A Nicki Minaj Performance
6 An 'I 💜 1D' Badge
7 A Wind-Up Drunken Man

I've seen these in shops - seriously! - jmepa123

8 A Dead Mouse
9 A Furball
10 A Present That You Don't Like

The Contenders

11 A Punch
12 Severed Monkey Testicles
13 A Kick
14 A Dead Worm
15 Brussels Sprouts
16 Baked Beans
17 A Speeding Ticket
18 A Gun
19 Sugar Free Gummies

Laxatives in disguise!

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