Top Ten Things That Happened On September 10th


The Top Ten

1 Puga Born (2003)

You mean the kid's only 12?! Geez. - PetSounds

Only 12? Wow. I am old. - BKAllmighty

A dozen years for me today. Thanks Pos! - Puga

And he's still 12!
Happy birthday, James! - Kiteretsunu

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2 Large Hadron Collider First Goes Live (2008)

Yep best thing that happened on sep 10 - Toucan

3 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh (1547)

This was the first major battle between nations of the British Isles, and the greatest military loss for Scotland in its history. - PositronWildhawk

4 Arthur Compton Born (1892)

He played an invaluable role in the development of quantum wave-particle theory by studying what is now known as Compton Scattering. That derived the Compton Wavelength of a quantum particle, which is crucial for studying uncertainty in quantum measurements and quantum black holes. - PositronWildhawk

5 Colin Firth Born (1960)
6 Sewing Machine Patented (1846)

Gee, September 10 is such a boring day in history. - Puga

7 Canada Joins the Allies in WWII (1939)
8 Chris Columbus (Director) Born (1958)
9 55 Pandora Discovered (1858)
10 Last Execution by Guillotine in France (1977)
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