Top Ten Things Most Kids Collect

Kids hoard stuff. It's just something they do. I know, I used to be one. These list items are the things you'd be most likely to find lots of in any kids' bedroom (or anywhere else around the house and yard).

The Top Ten

1 Lego

Yeah I collect these - Batmaniscole

Lego is the best of all toys


2 Toy Cars

Many who lived on the East Coast recognize these gas station Christmas toys, along with their catchy jingle. The company Celebrated 50 Years and made an awesome 50th year anniversary truck.

The Hess Truck is back and it's better than ever...

Specifically, what kind of toy cars? Transformers, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Micromachines, Go-Bots?

3 Barbies / Dolls

I had Barbie dolls everywhere in my room when I was little

4 Stuffed Animals

I have a stuffed animal that I always hug at bed time... It comforts me a lot! I hug it whenever I feel sad or lonely. Cause it will understand your feelings no matter what. And it will always be there for you! I don't really collect them but I have a lot of them sitting on my bed or some in a basket

I love them. I used to have a lot until my parents made me get rid of most or all of them (except the ones I hid lol) but I've got more since then.

I love stuffed animals!

Stuffed animals are greZat to collect

5 Movies
6 Happy Meal Toys

Mcdonalds is a rare treat for my kids that we only ever really get on a road trip so they act as a suviner for remembering the fun day we had.

7 Coins / Cash

Used to save up every penny and count them whenever I got sad... - keycha1n

I don't collect these I spend it - Batmaniscole

Its great for kids to collect money,they can save and learn to save up! What a great way to collect-9 year old Tasha

8 Pokemon Memorabilia

I just collect the cards. I have a ton of Pokemon cards. - RiverClanRocks

I have only two decks.

I just started collecting them

Kids at school have binders full of Pokémon cards

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9 Squishies

They are just...great

I love squishies there satisfying,calming and nice to feel and great for anxiety

They are sooo calming and cute!

I love squishiest
They are stress relieving and fun

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10 Nintendo Memorabilia

The Newcomers

? FlipaZoos

Cute and easy to play with

? Arrowheads

I thought this just because my sons does and ever one of his friends and my daughter with her friends

The Contenders

11 Rocks / Stones

Yep I collect these - Batmaniscole

I love rocks and stones

12 Slime
13 Pokemon Cards

I collect these but I don't play it - Batmaniscole

I'm trying to get more EX cards. - RiverClanRocks

Because I thought I was col

Love It!

14 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

You can do lots of fun tricks with them!

15 Squishys

There really satasfaying

16 Baseball Cards

I collect all sports cards - Batmaniscole

17 Action Figures
18 Bouncy Balls
19 Branded Toy Collectables

My sister used to collect Shopkins, little plastic toy creatures who were random items, I used to collect Pokemon merchandise, (Cards, Movies, Plushies, etc.). Kids today collect toys that are meant for certain things and are already branded.

20 Toys
21 Key Rings

"My little sister collects key rings everywhere we go. She loves having fun so this is the perfect way for her to remember the great places she has been when she is older.

I have loads on my bags

22 Match Attacks
23 Pets

Everyone collects songs about pets!

24 Clothes

I loved playing dress up as a kid

25 Shopkins


26 Spoons
27 Hatchimals

Really cool two play with and cute

28 Reggaeton Albums

I have 355 of these and I read a lot, so this is the perfect collection for me and other kids who read a lot too.

30 Plants
31 Pictures

It noobish stuff lol

32 POP! Bobbleheads

These bobble heads don't cost much, and they don't take up much space! Kids and even grown ups, love them!

33 Power Rage
34 Magnets
35 Cute Earrings
36 Books Books

Because its great to learn and its advertising your kids can get very intelligent just by reading did you know that!

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