Top Ten Things People Need To Be More Accepting Of

It's been a long while since I have made a list, or even been on this site. The reason for this is because…well the site just isn't the same since I first started out on it.

The Top Ten Things People Need To Be More Accepting Of

1 Polyamory

This is disgusting, and should not be accepted.

Why is FaygoScuna all for it? God, that user has bad taste. Not only Faygo defends awful crossover ships but he/she also supports polyamory? That is SICK, and very wrong, too. I'm glad that some countries banned polyamory for good.

I have very mixed feelings on this subject. No, I don't think its weird. I just think I'm far too jealous to handle the idea of my future partner ever being involved with another person, even with my knowledge and consent. Though that's my issue. I just can't help but feel like love is more true when both are willing to commit the rest of their lives to only one. However, if you respect and inform everyone who is a part of this polyamorous relationship, and they are totally okay with it, who am I to judge? - keycha1n

Positive that's how you spell it. For those of you who don't know Polyamorous is when three people are engaged in a relationship. I have actually heard people call that greedy and disgusting. Though I personally believe that it's normal. - Darellfat

While I don't agree with polygamy, its not like it hasn't been there before. Men have had numerous wives for thousands of years.

2 Homosexuality

Too many people are against this. What's your reasoning? What if people banned heterosexuality? Then you wouldn't be smiling. You would live your life very depressed. Don't make other people feel that way and start being accepting of them. - UpTheIrons

People definitely need to be accepting of homosexuality because unfortunately homophobia is very common nowadays.

I'm straight, but why does it matter if you love someone of your gender? - Therandom

You heard it here. People seem too believe that homosexuahomosexuals aren't even people and are a disgrace to the society. When it's actually the exact opposite. - Darellfat

3 Other Religions

Then why is it considered a double murder when a man kills a pregnant female. It's a living thing even if you can't see it. They have a heart beat that's like looking to your brother or sister and imagine if they never existed ifyour mother decided that how much did the impact your life. Its not the babies fault

Danteem should see this list. - Therandom

4 Abortions

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I neither agree or disagree with abortion. People should look at it from the woman's point of view. Imagine what they are already going through, knowing exactly what's going to happen. But what people fail to realize is that it's THEIR choice. Nobody else's. For what reasons they get one is their business. - Darellfat

Really the baby is not her body to be honest. For god sakes it is not her body, it is the baby's body. By the time the doctor realizes there is a baby in the person's womb, the baby's heart is beating. If you get a abortion, then yeah... It's heart stops. So technically, you make it's heart stop functioning. So technically it is sentient and it is murderer. - floridiancat

A fetus is not a living thing. The second it is born is when it becomes a living thing. If someone wants to stop that from happening, the government shouldn't stop them from doing so, as it is not murder. Calling that murder is like saying popping a pimple is murder. It grows as a part of you, it's your choice whether to remove or to keep it. - UpTheIrons

I don't believe you should be a parent if you aren't going to give this baby a wonderful life. Which is my reasoning behind supporting abortion. However, I am very mixed about the idea of ending a life before its begun. - keycha1n

Abortions should be illegal. For one, when you have an abortion, your not just "getting rid of some tissue", you're destroying a life that God has made. It's strange to me that once the baby is born, and is killed, that it is considered murder, but if the baby is inside of a mothers womb, then it is ok to murder it. Each life HAS a purpose.

5 Interracial Relationships

You're kidding, this isn't accepted?! - keycha1n

What's so wired about it?

As long as you love em

I'm a white Guy and I want to bang Latina Caucasian Asian girls

6 Atheists

I'm an atheist and I respect your opinion MoonfallofShadowClan

You can have your own opinion

The only atheists I don't like of are those who aren't tolerant of Christianity( Danteem, Anonymous Chick, and a couple of others) I do like atheists who respect our opinion(Pos, gemcloben, etc) - Therandom

7 Adoption

So apparently this is actually a thing people don't agree with. I don't see the problem. I think it's better to have a parent or parents that love you rather than no parents at all. Whether those people are a different race or not even the same blood. - Darellfat

Adoption is good everyone should have a chance to be raised

8 The Deaf

Lot's of people are under the impression that the death need everything handed to them. That's not true because they can be just as good or even better than the regular person. - Darellfat

I saw a deaf person at a exceptional school play the piano beautifully by the vibrations from the notes

9 Non-Gender Roles

I don't know how too place it, but people shouldn't fall under certain roles because they are a certain gender. - Darellfat

10 Christianity

The Contenders

11 People Who Disagree with Gay Marriage

I don't know about this one. Technically, they are allowed to have their opinions, but that doesn't mean I have to agree. These people are like flat earthers if they were intolerant of what other people are doing.

12 Transgender

You should stay who you are don't be ashamed of the body you were born with

Exactly - FaygoScuna

I s
Don't wish to do it now or ever but it's someone's life. Y should you care - frankjackson

13 Ghosts
14 Creationism
15 Large People

Too many people fat shame

16 Twerking
17 Fandoms
18 Opinions
19 Fetishes
20 Mental Illnesses
21 Pedophiles
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