Top Ten Things People Shouldn't Be Bullied For


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1 Religion

I shouldn't feel scared to say that I love Jesus. And most of the time, I'm not. But people jump to conclusions. Assume I'm a homophobic, anti-abortion, hate science and evidence, Bible-toting ignorant rebuker trying to shove religion down everyone's throats. Being a Christian is a big part of my identity and life, so why do atheists feel so threatened whenever I mention God's name? Just like Christians try to spread the good news, atheists grill us about why we believe in a God that doesn't exist, why we pray to an empty sky, why we read a book written by a couple crazy men. When did it become so controversial? I believe what I believe, and no one should feel persecuted by anyone for their beliefs. - keycha1n

I'm non-religious and I don't bully religious people! I leave them alone!

It's unfourtanate, I know a Muslim who is the nicest girl in the school. - ToptenPizza

2 Special Needs

Autism, aspergers, dyslexia, etc is not their fault, and by the way, you aren't so intelligent either. The world will not stop without you. Just because you are normal doesn't mean you r important - ToptenPizza

I had a job to help a special needs kid,and one day I found a kid bullying him,so I broke the bullys arm

3 Ethnicity

I'm half-black half-Indian. Indians kinda get teased a lot in my school. I don't get teased because I look more black than Indian. For some reason, I'm not sure why but Asians get teased the most which is weird. - AlphaQ

Racist people should go to hell. - ToptenPizza

No one should ever be treated differently because of their race.

To all racist hypocrites out there:
There must be 2 transmission towers at your home's balcony (I wonder how they fit in) or backyard - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 What They Wear

I like wearing chains and a cap backwards. My jeans are long and brown but not very baggy. My shirt is D.C. and I wear silver studs on my ears and gold sunglasses. I wear Air Jordan's as well. Nothing wrong with that. - AlphaQ

People have their own style - ToptenPizza

5 Personal Preferences

It's hard being a metal head! Everybody thinks you're a stupid satanist! When will they ever learn? And the fact that they all say metal sucks is the worst thing. How about you start a band if you can do so much better? - AngryByrd

People should never be bullied for liking Justin Bieber,and people shouldn't hate him either,it isn't Justin's fault he sounds bad,he was just born that way,and I'm saying this to everyone,and if you don't like what I'm saying,then so be it,and you should go to hell

I adore rap and it's not easy being a rap-fan. I don't really like metal. I defend old-NIcki Minaj, My World 2.0 and detest Led Zeppelin and Linkin Park. And that's not even a quarter of dem. - AlphaQ

I love nu metal, alternative metal, and rock. I'm worried I'll get called a "poser" or "satanist" for that. - Hanjax70

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6 Looks

Looks matters as much as dust. - ToptenPizza

Looks matter the least. Personality comes first. - Hanjax70

I hate looks bullies - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

If anyone is reading this, you are beautiful just the you are no matter what others think of you! ☺

7 Wealth
8 Sexuality

I treat others with different sexuality like a normal human being and respect them, even though I don't accept gay rights in my religion. But then again, people don't deserve to be bullied either way.

I'm nonbinary (AFAB) and more into females, I don't mind if you believe in only 2 genders but don't shove it down my throat please. And for those who think I must be after every girl in the world, I'm not. - Hanjax70

Yes! I''m bisexual and I get bullied about it! Stop bullying about this..

9 Body

You shouldn't insult someone for being fat because they could be starving themselves. You shouldn't insult someone for being thin because that could be their normal body type, or they could be anorexic. - ToptenPizza

I got bullied in my old school by this dumb fatso all because I'm skinny. I'm one of the only ines in my class who is less than 40 kg. I'm about 5'3" - 5'4". I am a pretty short guy. I guess why I'm targeted a lot. But come on, it's not THAT short. I'm sure There are shorter people. e.g. Grade 1s. - AlphaQ

10 Skin Color

I think you already put this. I'm black but my skin is a tiny bit light for a black person. - AlphaQ

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11 Being Different

I was bullied at school for being diffirent and not being "cool"

That makes me mad. And so, those people who pick on those who are different from them should be picked on and see how they like it.

12 Being a Loner

Precisely. I mean, there's nothing wrong with being a loner. I'm one and I'm not a villain. Besides, all people who hate loners are judgmental jerks.

13 Height

I was called a kindergartener and a first grader while I was in the second grade because I was born 2 1/2 months premature, and because of this, I'm short for my age. I also come from a family of short people, so piled on top of the being premature part, shortness is in my genetics. Sadly, I didn't think to tell a teacher at the time, and thus, nothing was done. I wish I could go back in time and talk to my younger self, and tell her: "Stick up for yourself, and tell someone about it.", because looking back at it now, I deeply regret it and I wish I could've told a teacher and have something done about it.

I suffer this one. But the bullies should know I have a better mind than them. - TriggerTrashKid

I was told "you're supposed to be in kindergarten" by kids on the playground in 1st grade, all because I was a little short for my age. Plus short people run in my mom's side of the family. I'm still pretty short today (5'1). - Hanjax70

14 What Technology They Use

Once in my class we had to use our phones for something. I have an android. And it seems that everyone had a problem with it - ToptenPizza

I wonder what they expected you to have. A $700 iPhone? They're idiots! - cosmo

I have a Samsung phone. In 8th grade I was told "that's a bad phone" Well what do you expect me to have, an expensive iPhone!? - Hanjax70

15 Being Disabled

It's not their fault they're disabled, so they shouldn't get picked on for that. - Hanjax70

Picking on others for being disabled is mean!

16 Being Unique

I get bullied for being different from the rest. I sigh at how pathetic it is. -MetalheadKat

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