Top 10 Things People Start the Day With


The Top Ten

1 Shower

Showers don't only keep you clean it also wakes you up in the morning - 170253

Shower, then tea, then tea, then tea then tea... - Britgirl

2 Internet

I either start it with TheTopTens or video games like Mario!

The Top Tens in particular. - Metal_Treasure

3 Music

I wake up, shower, drink a lot of coffee, and put something really heavy on while I drive to school. Wakes me up perfectly - ryanrimmel

A little dose of Zeppelin every morning goes a long way - LizardKing99

I usually listen to a bit of Coldplay or Michael Jackson. - micahisthebest

Metallica all the way!

4 Kiss

I wish I started out with this every morning lol - LizardKing99

5 Breakfast

Am I the only one which breakfasts before anything else? :3

6 TV
7 Coffee
8 Sex

Marilyn Manson always does this,

9 Bathroom

To do your number 1 or to do your number 2?

10 Tea

The Contenders

11 Texting
12 Phone Call
13 Newspaper

Yup that's what I do... - Ananya

14 Going Back To Sleep
15 Exercise

First thing everybody should be doing after getting out of bed.
Just 30 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning will keep the mind fresh and makes you feel good for the rest of the day.

16 Porn
17 Brushing Your Teeth
18 Masturbate
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