Top Ten Things In Real Life That You Never See In Soap Operas

Soaps are supposed to be based on real life. Ha! Not a chance, matey. This list is proof.

The Top Ten

1 No one ever catches their sleeves on door handles

Nearly everyday this happens to me. It would make funny viewing if this happened in soaps. - Britgirl

I am thinking of making a soap opera blog post series. I will make sure all of these things happen. - birdechosplash

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2 No one farts
3 No one uses sexually explicit words

I know a fair number of soap operas that use these.

4 No one watches EastEnders, Hollyoaks etc

Why don't the residents of Albert Square watch the goings on in Hollyoaks village of the good folk of Weatherfield take a peek into the lives of Walford? - Britgirl

5 No one masturbates

I've NEVER seen this. Yet. - Britgirl

6 Almost everyone is good looking

Not if the films portray some poor people.

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7 No one sits at a computer making lists on TheTopTens

I've wondered if they did, would they vote on my lists? - Britgirl

All they do is either use Facebook or YouTube lol

Maybe they do it behind the scenes when no one is looking. - birdechosplash

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8 No one forgets to make tea before going out so that is nicely brewed on their return
9 You never see anyone on the toilet

In some shows or movies, people last month's without going to the toilet! - birdechosplash

10 Hardly anyone owns a bike
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