Best Things to See In Class

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1 A girl's butt crack

Nice! 37%! I totally agree! Girls should really be weary of it, but it makes you wonder whether they do it on purpose... Just for you!

OMG I see this almost every day


Perverts. - Popsicles

2 A fight

Fight's are always interesting He's uglier than the east end of a horse headed west - Celestius

Happened in the middle of geography. It was really funny. - nic1997ps3

fight!fight!fight! this would be exciting - Flyingmidget12

When I was in 6th 2 kids were fighting and someone started playing the MK theme. - ONHOLIDAY

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3 A 20 dollar bill on the ground

MONEY! That would be hella awesome! FREE LUNCH! But then again, school lunches suck.

I GOT 20 DOLLAS IN MY POCKET! lol something my cousin's friend says like every minute. But ya, I'd rather not spend it on lunch. Eeuuughnghghgh
Maybe like a bunch of candy? A bunch of goldfish? Wait no; go to the grocery store and by a bunch of bananas! ~Mistyrain

4 A kid getting bullied
5 A teacher crying

I would like to see this I'll go and laugh at her face

6 A kiss
7 A cat fight
8 A kid getting a Wedgie
9 No Teacher
10 A kid being robbed

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11 Hot teacher's boob slip out

If tis a teacher you have liked since third grade its amazing. Just scary if it's a teacher you have always seen as ugly

12 A TV while working
13 A boy's butt crack
14 A teacher tripping
15 A kid getting stuffed in a locker

I saw that once. it was the funniest thing ever. -

16 A hot teacher
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