Best Things to See In Class

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1 A girl's butt crack

Nice! 37%! I totally agree! Girls should really be weary of it, but it makes you wonder whether they do it on purpose... Just for you!

OMG I see this almost every day

Perverts. - Popsicles

2 A fight

Fight's are always interesting He's uglier than the east end of a horse headed west - Celestius

Happened in the middle of geography. It was really funny. - nic1997ps3

fight!fight!fight! this would be exciting - Flyingmidget12

I always get in fights with a kid called Lewis, and I don't want to sound big heade, but I win every time, But this one time I hit my head on something so I went to the medical room and when I came back he was getting beaten up, again, by a fat speccy kid, hilarious

3 A 20 dollar bill on the ground

I found $5 in middle school once. The teachers told me to take it home when I tried to turned it in. My parents then yelled at me, falsely accusing me of selling drugs.

MONEY! That would be hella awesome! FREE LUNCH! But then again, school lunches suck.

I GOT 20 DOLLAS IN MY POCKET! lol something my cousin's friend says like every minute. But ya, I'd rather not spend it on lunch. Eeuuughnghghgh
Maybe like a bunch of candy? A bunch of goldfish? Wait no; go to the grocery store and by a bunch of bananas! ~Mistyrain

4 A kid getting bullied
5 A teacher crying

I would like to see this I'll go and laugh at her face

6 A kiss
7 No Teacher

It happens in college and the teacher cancelled class. YAY!

8 A kid getting a Wedgie
9 A cat fight
10 Hot teacher's boob slip out

If tis a teacher you have liked since third grade its amazing. Just scary if it's a teacher you have always seen as ugly

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11 A kid being robbed
12 A teacher tripping
13 A hot teacher
14 A TV while working
15 A boy's butt crack
16 A kid getting stuffed in a locker

I saw that once. it was the funniest thing ever. -

17 Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye the Science Guy Cover Art
18 Teacher being scared by screamer
19 Substitute for a teacher that you hate
20 Video Games

When I was in high school my special ed class played the Wii sometimes

21 Class reaction to the birth scene in "The Miracle of Life'
22 Disney's Hercules

In 7th grade the language arts teacher showed the class this movie. BEST. THING. EVER!

23 Magic School Bus
24 Videos
25 The Godfather The Godfather Product Image
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